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Vancouver Corporate Housing

Vancouver Corporate Housing

Vancouver is both Canada’s most densely populated city and one of the largest industrial centers in the country and by virtue of these factors spawns a continuing demand for furnished housing in Vancouver, BC to meet the influx of travelers. Those individuals associated with the Port of Vancouver, the country’s largest and most diversified as well as those involved in software development, biotech, aerospace and the film industry all clamor for quality turn-key accommodations which (CHBO) has been dealing in since 2006. The design of the search engine allows a visitor to find both quality and reasonably priced lodgings, many in more residential type settings. There is no charge to search the comprehensive database of furnished rentals and find the right place to rent during your stay.

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Register today at CHBO and learn about the benefits of tapping into the corporate housing market. Off the Quick Links section of the owner's dashboard under the Tools and Resources link, find the CHBO Handbook, take the time to look over the wealth of valuable information it contains to help you succeed in the business. There are a number of listing packages you can select from and prior to listing we can do a free property evaluation to give you a sense of an appropriate rent for your property. On a one year contract if you have not secured a lease within the first 30 days of making your property available, we will extend the contract for 6 months for no charge.

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