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Fresno Corporate Housing

Fresno Corporate Housing

Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is the center of the food basket for much of the country and because of its climate, moderate real estate prices and workforce it will continue to attract individuals for numerous reasons and produce a continuing need for furnished housing in Fresno. (CHBO) is dedicated to building an inventory of accommodations for those traveling to the Fresno area, now and in the future. CHBO has found that the demand for quality corporate housing comes from a variety of arenas. Business travel is a mainstay but medical professionals on temporary assignments, insurance claims that require vacating a home while work is completed, military TDY, finding a home while a new home is being finished, stays during medical care and extended visits with family all contribute to the need for monthly upgraded lodgings ready for immediate occupancy.

Your Property is Needed to Serve Corporate-Type Travelers to the Central Valley

To begin the corporate housing landlord adventure register today, without obligation, and explore the many resources CHBO provides to help you on your journey. From the owner’s dashboard check out the items under the Quick Links heading.  Pay particular attention to the CHBO Handbook under Tools and Resources, it’s your guide to a successful entry into this market. There are a number of listing packages you can choose from when you have made the decision to advertise and if you are unsure as what to ask in rent, we can help you determine that. On a year listing, read about our guarantee.

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