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Baltimore Corporate Housing

Baltimore, one of the most historically significant cities in the US, home of Edgar Allen Poe, Fort McHenry, is a city on the rebound and has spawned a renewed need for furnished housing.The port that built the city initially, still contributes to its vitality with its position as the 2nd largest seaport on the East Coast and 6th fastest growing port on the Atlantic. Roughly 30% of its employment base is centered on science, technology and engineering. Johns Hopkins University and Hospital is the largest single employer and the operations of Under Armour, Cordish Co., Legg Mason, McCormick & Co., T. Rowe Price, ASR Group and many smaller service companies are the underpinnings of the economy. It’s an important partner in the Baltimore Washington corridor, home to 8 million. Its airport alternatives contribute to the influx of corporate travelers that, when their stay requires it, need a good source of furnished housing that meets the demands for quality accommodations.

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Find out about the many benefits of CHBO, from a Landlord’s perspective, when you register with no obligation. New to the business? The CHBO Handbook found off the owner’s dashboard can provide practical guidance on all aspects of the corporate housing opportunity. There are a number of ways to use CHBO to advertise your property to our international audience of travelers. We also offer a free evaluation service to help you decide on a rental figure right for your property. To assure you of our interest in providing an effective service we do offer a rental guarantee, should you not rent your property within the first 30 days of making it available.

I'm very happy with CHBO because we put on a ad to rent my house and my house was rented in 2 weeks . My tenant is great... he liked my house and decided to stay for 3 months. The site is very easy to use..... I'm very, very happy with CHBO. Thanks - Property Owner, Baltimore, MD


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