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The Walt Disney Company and especially the Disneyland Resort is most closely associated with this Orange County city and rightfully so as it is the biggest single employer in the area. Travel associated with this venue brings in vacation travelers but corporate housing Anaheim is also needed for business assignments for the Disney Company and the 2600 businesses located in Anaheim Canyon Business Park. Major firms have operation in the park including AT&T, Extron Electronics, Fujitsu, General Dynamics, Hewlett Packard, L3 Communications, Panasonic, Raytheon, Seagate, Toyota and many others. Although there are many hotels that can accommodate travelers there is a continuing need for well-appointed extended stay lodging especially in more residential type settings that the seasoned corporate traveler prefers. This is the kind of product the (CHBO) offers on its website.

You Can Offer Your Property to These Travelers to Anaheim

CHBO offers you an effective means to present your property to those traveling to Anaheim requiring longer term furnished housing during their stay. To explore this opportunity in more depth your first step is to register this will give you access to the resources designed to help make your entrance into the corporate housing field more successful. Under the Tools and Resources section off the owner ‘s dashboard you will find the Corporate Housing Handbook, this document is full of valuable information. Getting your property online involves a very reasonable investment and we can, for no charge, help you determine an appropriate rental rate.  If you don’t rent your listing within 30 days of making it available we’ll provide a 6 month extension (the CHBO Guarantee) to your contract at no cost to you.

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