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Hawaii Corporate Housing

Hawaii Corporate Housing

Hawaii has long generated incredible tourist traffic, much of this has been short term stays but increasingly there has been a demand for furnished housing that can accommodate stays for months at a time. Although the Islands have implemented some codes that must be adhered to by individual property owners (CHBO) has been successful in helping these owners secure quality tenants. Individuals seeking relief from mainland winters, military personnel, long term vacationers, and business people, especially those associated with the agricultural fields, have generated a need for comfortable, nicely appointed housing in turn-key status. We do not anticipate this need slackening and indeed increasing and CHBO will continue to be available as an effective marketing tool for property owners wishing to tap this market.

Let CHBO Help You Attract Longer Term Tenants to Your Property

To get an idea of how CHBO can assist you in becoming a successful corporate landlord your first step would be a no obligation registration at the site. Once this is accomplished, from the owner’s dashboard you can access a wealth of support information and rental documents. The Corporate Housing Handbook is an excellent place to start learning the ins and outs of the business and it can be found under the Tools and Resources section. You can approach the actual listing of your property by using one of the listings packages that are available to you. If you are having difficulty determining the right rental figure, we would be pleased to perform a free evaluation to assist you. With a year contract we offer a guarantee that indicates our desire to see you succeed as a CHBO owner. 


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