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Richmond Corporate Housing

Richmond Corporate Housing

The historic city of Richmond, Virginia, the state capital, draws an influx of state legislators, lobbyists, and associated professionals needing longer term furnished housing in Sacramento during their stay. Further adding to this demand are those that have dealings with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit. (CHBO) has been positioned to serve this need since 2006; assisting property owners with presenting their listings to the corporate traveler via an easy to use search engine. Additional contributors to the prospective tenant list for turnkey rentals are from many of the large law firms located in the area as well as companies located in the Virginia Bio Technology Park, several Fortune 500 companies and visiting professionals associated with Virginia Commonwealth University. We are always seeking new properties to meet the needs of those journeying to the Richmond area.

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Registration at CHBO can be accomplished in just a minute or two and when completed, a significant amount of valuable information will be just a click away. This information can be found under the Quick Links section of the owner’s dashboard. The Corporate Housing Handbookaccessed by clicking on the Tools and Resources link, will open up the world of corporate housing and what being a corporate landlord involves. There are a number of listing packages that offer you an opportunity to present your property in its best light. Want assistance in determining the right rent for you property? We can do a free property evaluation. On a one year contract, if you have not secured a lease within the first 30 days of making your property available, we will extend the contract for 6 months for no charge.

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