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Nashville, the capital of Tennessee and the center of the largest metropolitan area in the state with a population of approximately 1.6 million also wears the crown of “Music City” and deservedly so. Visitors needing to stay for longer periods look for furnished rentals in Nashville. All the Big Four record labels are based there and the music industry has been a major part of the vibrancy of the city for decades and there is no end in sight. However, Nashville labeled the 5th Best City for Business and Careers by Forbes magazine in 2013, has also become a center for the healthcare industry with over 300 companies in the field located there, the largest being the Hospital Corporation of America, the country’s biggest. In addition, because of Nissan’s huge manufacturing presence nearby, Nashville has attracted associated Japanese firms. Dell and Dollar General also have a significant presence there. Vanderbilt University and Medical Center and the national headquarters of 3 large churches add to the demand for well appointed corporate housing to accommodate longer term stays needed for the travelers on assignment to these entities. (CHBO) provides a means for these visitors to find high quality lodgings in properties owned by local individuals.

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It takes just a minute to register at CHBO. This will open the door to a valuable source of information and support materials that can get you on your way to enjoying the marketing benefits of CHBO and the corporate housing landlord opportunity. From the owner's dashboard, off the Quick Links area, the CHBO Handbook can be found by clicking on the Tools and Resources link. Take advantage of its insight into the business and its practical guidance. There are a number of listing alternatives that you can choose from and you can also get advice as to what to ask for rent by requesting a free property evaluation. Our guarantee comes in to effect if, on a one year contract, you have not secured a lease within the first 30 days of making your property available.

I have been impressed with all the features that CHBO offers on their website. From an owner perspective, it is very user-friendly and easy to list our rental condos. I appreciate the space for photos and information. We have been renting our condo out for almost 2 years, and just added a new one to the CHBO website. From a tenant perspective it is very easy to navigate, search and compare properties. I recommend this site to other property owners frequently. - Property Owner, Nashville, TN

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