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New York Corporate Housing

New York Corporate Housing

New York the city of superlatives, the most populace in the US, the financial and cultural center of the world, a media, art, fashion, research ,education and entertainment mecca. The need for corporate housing in New York, NY in the city is constant. Blessed with one of the world’s largest natural harbors and home to headquarters of 45 Fortune 500 companies individuals for a myriad number of reasons are drawn here and those staying for extended periods need quality furnished housing that is comfortable, convenient and that makes economic sense. (CHBO) is an important resource when your plans entail a month or more stay in the Big Apple. You’ll find a selection of properties in one of the 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

The metropolitan area surrounding the city of New York including Long Island, parts of Connecticut, New York State and New Jersey are also represented as their close proximity to the city can make them attractive alternatives.

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Properties listed with us benefit from the fact that CHBO is the most actively trafficked site on the internet for those seeking corporate housing. This exposure, yours quite economically, and with an assurance that should you not achieve occupancy within 30 days of initial availability you’ll benefit from our guarantee. The first step is to register, requiring no financial commitment until you are ready to advertise. From the owners dashboard you’ll find a number of valuable, downloadable documents that will prove helpful as you enter the corporate housing arena and there are additional services you can access at a discount. An additional resource you will not want to be without, The Corporate Housing Handbook is free to registered users.

I used to advertise solely on Craigslist, and it worked great for awhile, until more and more scammers starting taking advantage of people on that site. Now, most respectable tenants won't trust landlords that advertise on Craigslist and, in turn, I'm tired of weeding out the scammers. On CHBO, I find that tenants are less nervous, because they know that the landlords have had to go through some serious checks and balances to be accepted on that site. And, in turn, the quality of potential tenants is much greater than the random people who show interest from Craigslist. Now, I solely advertise on CHBO and, because they have partnered with so many reputable sites, I no longer need to advertise anywhere else. CHBO comes up in the top search engines, so there's no reason to go elsewhere. I highly recommend it to any landlord, or potential tenant looking for a professional and trustworthy business interaction. Athena - Property Owner, New York, NY

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