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Indianapolis Corporate Housing

Indianapolis Corporate Housing

The Indianapolis 500 and other road races have attracted people to Indianapolis for years but this area, with it population of approximately 1.8 million, attracts visitors needing corporate housing for a number of other reasons. There are numerous major corporations that have found this area’s focus on manufacturing, finance, science, technology, transportation and warehousing ideal for establishing operations. Just to name a few Eli Lilly, Wellpoint, Republic Airlines, Roche Diagnostics, DOW Agro-Sciences, Allison Transmission employ thousands and are the source of considerable demand for quality turn-key properties for business assignments to their Indianapolis operations. (CHBO) has positioned itself to provide these properties, offered by local property owners, to this audience. Forbes magazine has in the past classified Indianapolis one of the best downtowns in America and this kind of appeal will continue to be an incentive for future businesses to establish branches in Indianapolis and this will ensure an increasing need for additional extended stay alternatives.

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If you feel you have a property that would make an ideal corporate rental, CHBO can help you optimize your income by placing it before thousands of potential national and international corporate travelers.  You can start your investigation of this opportunity by registering with no obligation. For a sense of how to proceed from there go to the Tools and Resources section off the owners dashboard and access the Corporate Housing Handbook. This is a comprehensive look at how to prepare and make the most of your property offering.  When you are ready to list you will be presented with the various marketing packages offered and if you are unsure as to what rent to ask for your rental CHBO can help with a free rental assessment. The CHBO guarantee is offered to assure you of its commitment to your success.

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