Atlanta Guide: What to Do During Your Extended Stay

If you are fortunate enough to be booked into Atlanta corporate housing during an upcoming business trip or long-term stay in this city, you will be glad to learn that there are many wonderful things to do during your Atlanta extended stay. Before listing some top destinations and attractions, though, let’s take a moment and consider the things to do right at your Atlanta corporate housing!

Corporate Housing Atlanta

After all, you are booked into a much more home-like setting and can enjoy simpler things that may not even require you to hop in the car or take local transportation to a unique activity. For example, some of the best Atlanta corporate housing is within walking distance of good parks, restaurants and shops. Most have yards or exercise areas, and most also have high end entertainment systems and outdoor spaces that are the ideal retreat at the end of a day.

Getting Out and About

If, however, you prefer to use your Atlanta corporate housing as a base from which to explore the city, some of the best activities for those in an Atlanta extended stay include:

Room Escape Games – Located in a few different spots in the city, this is the latest fad and involves entering a room that has been designed like a giant puzzle. You, and your family or team will be tasked with figuring out how to break out of the room, with everything from hidden panels to unique logic puzzles needed to complete the challenge.

Piedmont Park – If you are more of an outdoors person, the amazing Piedmont Park features gorgeous scenery as well as the city’s popular botanical gardens. If you are a big fan of the cable show “The Walking Dead”, you can also take one of the many guided walking tours, with some starting in the park as well as other points of the city.

Georgia Aquarium – Enormous and often ranked as one of the best in the country, it is also one of the top things to do in Atlanta.

Turner Field – Take in a classic American baseball game with a visit here during your Atlanta extended stay.

Zoo Atlanta – In addition to the aquarium, the city has a wonderful zoo that is also consistently rated as one of the finest.

You might also hit the Coca-Cola Museum, Jimmy Carter’s Library and Museum, the Olympic Park, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Atlanta History Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ponce City Market or take one of the amazing food based walking tours that are all of the rage in this wonderful city. An Atlanta extended stay opportunity can be full of fun, and this list is just the beginning of the many things to see and do.

Bathing Beauty: Tips on Creating a Spa-Like Bath Space

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Kerrie is back at it again. She is here to share how to take a typical bathroom and make it a spa like setting. Introduce a few of these tips to your furnished rental and wow the next customer.

Furnished Bathroom

Whether it’s through a full remodel or by adding a few chic accessories, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like retreat is perfect for attracting new renters. Creating a sanctuary with natural finishes, clean palettes and spa accessories is a timeless way to update a bathroom while keeping your space neutral. Before listing your property, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite tips on how to turn your space into an inspiring hideaway. Potential renters will never look back!

Introduce Natural Materials

Introducing natural finishes and textures is a sure way to transform your drab bathroom into a spa hideaway. Simple additions like teak shower benches, bamboo vanity accessories and natural fiber towels are all affordable ways to update the space. Warm wood in vanities, benches and accessories can easily transform a space into a tropical oasis or Zen sanctuary. If a remodel is on the table, choose natural, textured materials—think pebbled floors, warm natural stone, concrete and wood.

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Why to Invest in the Real Estate Corporate Renting Business

Most of us understand that businesses are run on “business models”. There is not a lot of room for flexibility within many business models, and once a company or enterprise gets started along one path, switching its approach can be detrimental. That, however, does not apply to corporate rental real estate, and it is one of the finest business models available. When looking for a solid investment with a nearly guaranteed return, corporate rental real estate is the model to consider.Investment in Real estate business

Experts talk about this approach to the “land-lording business” as capable of generating eight to ten times the earnings of standard rental models. In other words, converting your traditional long-term rental units into corporate rental real estate can boost earnings by that enormous amount.

Not only does this higher quality short term housing already have a proven record, and is now seen as a valid alternative over extended stay hotels and other similar properties, but it can also be customized to the owner’s specific region.

Customization Makes It More Profitable

As a prime illustration of this concept in short term housing, a property may be a single-family dwelling in an upscale neighborhood around 25 minutes from a bustling downtown or business district. This makes it a good choice for an executive seeking short term housing that offers a high level of comfort, privacy and amenities all within easy reach of corporate headquarters or a client’s offices.

On the other hand, your corporate rental real estate might be a luxurious studio in a center city high-rise. This too holds the potential for enormous earnings as executive or corporate short term housing, and both are easily converted to turnkey properties available for twenty days or more and with full services at all times.

Remember That It is Cost Effective

Of course, another reason that you will want to think of investing in corporate rental properties is that they are more cost effective for those who require them. As one expert wrote, corporate housing is “40% to 50% less expensive than the benchmark hotel” over the course of a 30-day visit. Along with the lower pricing, your investment property gives the traveling professional a far more home-like, comfortable and appealing setting.

Because your investment will appeal to clients willing to pay for any premium services or amenities, it means you can do much more than monetize ownership. You can quickly earn on any corporate housing investments if you choose wisely and market accordingly.

Why You Should Consider Walk Score Before Selecting a Temporary Apartment

If you are shopping around between different corporate apartments for an upcoming business trip or extended stay, it is likely that you are looking at different factors. You are probably considering the number of bedrooms, the kinds of services and amenities within the temporary apartment and its surrounding buildings, and even at issues like the distance from your office or destination. Did you also look at the “Walkability” of the different corporate apartments under consideration?

Wallkscore in Corporate housing

What Is Walkability?

The simplest definition of walkability is basically how “friendly” any area is to walking. This is not all about leisure walking, though, but also about walking for things like errands, exercise and simply getting out and about. Some of the best corporate apartments get that sort of descriptor (“best”) because of their amenities, décor, layout and features. However, most corporate apartments with high ratings also get that distinction because of their locations. If a temporary apartment is in a great neighborhood, and it has a high walkability factor, it means you can live there and count on your own two feet to get you easily, safely and comfortably to almost any other location.

While you will want to consider a walking score before choosing any temporary apartment because it lets you know just where you are in the city itself, there are a few other things you should consider.


Let’s say that your temporary apartment is a bit outside of the busier, downtown areas. This might put you closer to a corporate headquarters, or not, but it probably also means you will have to count on public transportation or take a rental car during your stay.

Is this realistic? Is it inconvenient? After all, if your temporary apartment has no parking or parking that is fee-based, it can become a bit of an added hassle. You may not like driving in cities and this too can mean that having to have a car might prove an unwelcome frustration.

Consider too that being able to walk everywhere means you get optimal exercise each day. You’ll really enjoy making your way to work or to your various errands, and if you do need transportation, most spots with higher walkability scores also have high scores in terms of their access to buses, cabs and subways.

There are so many benefits to a higher walkability score, and if you are about to choose between one or more corporate rentals, really consider the added value that being a pedestrian in a new city brings.

Seattle Mid Century Modern Furnished Apartment – CHBO Property Spotlight

Seattle Corporate Housing

This fully furnished apartment consist of a one-bedroom, one-bath basement in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge puts you close to the heart of downtown in one of the nation’s best neighborhoods.

The company car will be needed strictly for your commute – this neighborhood is very walkable. The home is just one and a half blocks from Phinney Avenue, a hip and eclectic area replete with eateries, coffee shops, and boutiques. This is a welcoming and family friendly area full of successful professionals. Just further afield from the home are Greenlake, Woodland Park and the Woodland Park Zoo, Fremont, Wallingford, and the University of Washington. Major highways I-5 and 99 are easily reached as well.

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Why Are Furnished Apartments Preferred Over Hotels?

Anyone who often finds themselves in need of corporate rentals is far more likely to find what they need in a furnished apartment. Rather than booking a classic hotel room, taking a furnished apartment will ensure many different needs are met. Let’s consider just a few of them:

Much More Room

While you may not feel you need a lot of space for a lengthy business trip or long-term project, there is a difference between space and “room”. After all, it can get quite tedious to eat, sleep and relax all in one big space. A hotel room is generally going to have that studio-type layout, and business travelers find themselves feeling a sense of “cabin fever” because there is not much room.

Luxury Home

A furnished apartment, on the other hand, has a kitchen, living room, and at least a single bedroom – sometimes more. While corporate rentals average around 190 square feet, your typical apartment is well over 500 square feet.

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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Bathroom with Accessories

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Today, Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer shares her insight about spicing up your  corporate rental bathroom with accessories.

Bathroom in Corporate House

Though not traditionally viewed as the most glamorous room in the home, the bathroom has become a personal oasis—a haven for health, beauty and general rejuvenation. Privacy, comfort and a bit of surprise can help take a bathroom from simply functional to high design. To truly make your bathroom space stand out, we suggest adding some awe-worthy accessories.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets often sit behind the vanity mirror, providing extra storage in a convenient location. Consider dressing them up with trim, paint or special hardware. Or, install an antique wall-hung cabinet that might have graced a hall or entryway. For added function, choose a medicine cabinet with built-in lighting for swiping on your mascara bright and early in the morning!


Mirrors, too, can be simply utilitarian or great style elements. If you have two sinks, adding an individual framed mirror over each will give your room a more updated and upscale image. To set your bathroom apart, consider a mirror with a specialty frame, whether it’s made from branches, bringing in a natural look, or colorful gems glued around the edge for more glamour.

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Property 14724 Spotlight: Stunning Leshi Furnished Home

Tucked into a coveted Seattle waterfront neighborhood, this Seattle furnished home is part of a high-end community within walking distance of Lake Washington. Savor the delights of formal bicycle trails and walking paths right along the waterfront, and yet take comfort that you are two blocks from the nearest Metro Bus stop, and only two miles from Madrona. Here you can find every sort of shop needed, including groceries, the post office, and your local Starbucks. A true Seattle corporate home, it is within easy reach of two five-star restaurants and offers a newly-renovated space for a long term stay.Seattle Cityscape. Seattle Washington Downtown. United States.

Those enjoying a stay in this Seattle furnished home will also be able to take in views of Mt. Rainier, the Cascade Mountains and the famous I-90 floating bridge. In fact, there are views from almost every room in the house. In addition to this, it is also just ten miles from the main Microsoft Campus and five miles to the heart of the city. SeaTac Airport is also just 20 minutes by car.

Why This Seattle Corporate Home?

Although a great location is key to choosing the perfect Seattle furnished home for your needs, this property is also remarkably well appointed. It is a three-bedroom gem with each of the bedrooms offering a luxurious king-sized bed, entertainment system and gorgeous views of lake and surrounding area.

The premium master suite of this Seattle corporate home is furnished with a fireplace and a large, private ensuite bath that features everything from a large tub to a heated toilet!

Naturally, this Seattle furnished home is not just about the luxurious bedrooms. The shared living spaces are remarkable too. The lower floor features the kitchen and living areas. There is a formal living room and a second sitting room. Both have fireplaces and lovely views. The kitchen is a modern, gourmet space with gas appliances and a welcoming dining area.

Seattle Corporate Housing

This Seattle corporate home also provides you with a private, two care garage along with plenty of on-street parking for company and entertaining. The driveway for this large and luxurious Seattle furnished home, however, is a gated drive with a private alarm code for each renter to choose. The property also has a security alarm.

Those who choose to rent this stunning Seattle corporate home can enjoy the inclusion of their wireless Internet service, cable TV and weekly cleaning services as part of the rental payment. However, there are no pets or smoking in this premium home.list-your-property-with-CHBO

Whether you are coming to Seattle to explore work in the city or surrounding areas, for a long-term business trip or for medical care, you will find this home-like property ideal. In a coveted neighborhood that is as close to nature as it is to the delights of Seattle, it provides the perfect setting for a family or small group that requires a comfortable accommodation. Don’t overlook a peaceful and quieter setting as the perfect choice for any visit in the city of Seattle.

City Spotlight: Miami, FL Corporate Housing

The need for Miami corporate housing has always been strong, and is just getting stronger. The list of large or global companies with headquarters in the city is enormous, and comprised of active firms in the world of finance, commerce and industry.  Fortune 500 firms appear on the list in addition to a surprising number of Latin American firms and multinational corporations. Names such as AIG, Cisco, Exxon, FedEx, Sony, WalMart, Microsoft, Univision, Carnival Cruise, Perry Ellis, Symantec and many others help to create a constant demand for Miami corporate apartments and housing.

Miami corporate housing

Of course, the city is also a center for entertainment, tourism and international trade, and this too will create the need for Miami corporate housing of all kinds. Of course, it is not just any convenient Miami corporate apartment or basic housing that most clients will require. As major players in global affairs, the quality of the Miami corporate housing has to meet the demands of clients, and this means that properties have to be within premier neighborhoods and close to the many appealing destinations that make it such a dynamic city year round.

Modern Miami

It is too simple to think that the economy of Miami is limited to just a few main industries. It is a place of global activity, and this too can mean that a Miami corporate apartment or Miami corporate housing will be required by those involved in such industries as television production, which has a major center in the city, as well as music, the building industry, real estate, shipping, and travel. The Port of Miami alone has more than 175,000 employees and is the 11th largest port of its kind in the United States; it is also where more than four million passengers traveled in a single year alone.

However expansive business and industry might be in the city, there is a major or central business district. The geography of Miami shows that there are four key districts – Downtown, North, South and West Miami. The Downtown area (which is the eastern area of Miami) is where the central business district is located. It features the largest collection of international banks in the entire nation, and there is a high demand for Miami corporate housing in this area. Yet, the neighborhood is also home to many major tourism areas, and so a Miami corporate apartment will be in demand here and nearby.

Just consider that the Downtown area is also where you find the South Beach location and the city’s major medical and research areas too. Historic areas are in the southern part of the Miami, and many more residential areas are found to the west. North Miami is where the Midtown district is located, and it is a region of many residential properties too. Here is where you can easily find a Miami corporate apartment among the many high rise properties.

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Whether you are visiting Miami for a business purpose, visiting for the long term or exploring it as a potential site to relocate, the use of “by owner” rentals is a wonderful way to enjoy premium housing throughout your stay.

City Spotlight: Furnished housing in Jersey City, NJ

As the second most populated city in New Jersey, Jersey City has long stood as a commuter town for those working in Manhattan. However, though it does seem to fall beneath the shadow of the “Big Apple,” it has been growing into its own prominent location too.

Newport Marina (Jersey City)

After all, the Jersey City waterfront and central business district are truly thriving and play home to some of the world’s most recognized company names. Chase Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, ADP, ICAP, Verisk Analytics and UBS are but some of the firms operating there, and part of the reason behind the growing demand for Jersey City corporate housing.

Interestingly enough, the demand for Jersey City furnished housing may not come only from the larger companies with executives traveling to visit their headquarters there. There is also a tremendous amount of retail activity in this region, and the demand for Jersey City corporate housing might also easily be due to the enormous shopping districts flourishing in the city.

Finance is also a huge cause behind any increase Jersey City furnished housing demands and options, with Lord Abbett and Fidelity Investments both operating as major players in the city. Goya Foods is another firm that can create the need for Jersey City corporate housing, especially with the creation of a second headquarters and massive distribution network in nearby Secaucus.

A 2014 announcement that a 95 story building project is in the works also means that anyone with the need for Jersey City furnished housing is likely to find more and more opportunities. This project is supposed to include a major casino and help to grow the city exponentially. So, those who are involved in temporary construction and engineering jobs relating to this project will find they have a good array of short term rentals nearby.

The Geography of Jersey City

The city is divided into three major areas with many smaller neighborhoods scattered throughout. When looking for Jersey City corporate housing or a corporate rental, it is quite easy to find spots in the most convenient areas. The historic district is in the downtown area, and is full of charming low-rise buildings, but you can find Jersey City furnished housing in almost all of the neighborhoods – including Bergen-Lafayette and the Heights too.Whether you need it to commute across the water, preferring to stay in a more residential area than deep within New York, or you are working on a project within Jersey City itself, there are apartments, duplexes and condos, and private homes readily available. Furnished and prepared for short-term travelers, they are superior to any hotel or long-term business option.list-your-property-with-CHBO

In fact, if you are hoping for a home-like setting while working in the city or across the river in New York, paying a visit, or exploring your options for professional relocation, you will want to opt for the “by owner” rentals and Jersey City corporate housing. Comprised of actual homes within the safest and most convenient areas, Jersey City furnished housing is a perfect solution.