Property Spotlight: Richmond Furnished Housing in Historic Fan District

Richmond furnished housing

With its streets forming a fan-like shape, the Fan District of Richmond, VA is beloved for its beautiful homes, array of fantastic cafes and historic monuments. Part of the City Beautiful period in the 1800s, it is a wonderful residential spot and home to this remarkable option in Richmond furnished housing. With its location, though, this Richmond temporary housing also puts you within easy reach of Capitol City and its long list of companies and offices.

In fact, guests in this Richmond furnished housing option are within minutes of many medical centers and universities as well as major employers that include the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Sun Trust Bank, Capitol One, the Federal Reserve, and more. So, this Richmond temporary housing option is ideal for the extended stay worker or executive, the family in the middle of relocation, or even a set of corporate travelers eager to enjoy a luxurious and home-like setting while visiting for business.

And though the location of this Richmond furnished housing is appealing, there is much to love about the two-bedroom, two-story property itself. First and foremost is its tremendous curb appeal. A classic brick structure, it is a multi-family home with large porches on both main and second floors.

Lots of original features and charm have been preserved in this Richmond temporary housing and you will love the style and beauty of your private entry. Though there is an elevator available, the gorgeous foyer and stairway is sure to delight. Enter into the large and bright living room and savor the beautiful décor, the large fireplace, and the French doors to your covered balcony. Gaze out to the small park that fronts your home and enjoy one of the many monuments of the area as you start each day!

This Richmond furnished housing has a full dining room, large, gourmet kitchen, private laundry facility, butler’s pantry, and those two nicely size bedrooms. Each has ample closet space and a private bath. There is also a rear terrace and views of the gardens in the backyard. Feel free to use the fire pit area and outdoor lounge on the ground level! Parking, Wi-Fi, maid services and local phone service are all part of the experience of this CHBO Complete Richmond temporary housing. Enjoy the best that Richmond has to offer from this historic and charming location.

Consider Corporate Housing for Rent During Your Move or Relocation

Corporate housing

Everyone who LOVES to move, raise your hand! Right, not a single hand went up because no one enjoys the packing up, unpacking, lifting and hauling, and other hassles of a move or relocation. This is why corporate housing for rent has become a popular choice for those who are in the midst of any sort of move or relocation. Whether for business or personal reasons, it can be difficult to find short-term housing that meets your needs. That means if you are a property owner, you will want to market your corporate rental as a better alternative. Of course, you’ll want to understand why short-term housing can be a hassle and corporate housing is not…let’s look at that.

Book Furnished Rental from CHBO

Whether you are seeking a rental for yourself or you have corporate housing for rent, you know that it has a major advantage over many other rentals – it is fully furnished. Turnkey housing is a dream to those whose lives are up in the air due to a move, relocation or temporary assignment, and when you market your corporate rental, one of the key factors to emphasize is the fact that it is move-in ready. For those looking at corporate housing for rent, location is a major issue, but the idea of going out and renting or buying furnishings, linens, kitchenware and other items is also of concern. The basic fact that corporate rentals are ready to move-in is a huge bonus.

Of course, another point that stands out whenever you market your corporate rental is that it can be taken for much longer periods of time than most short-term or extended stay options. And because corporate housing for rent is meant as a home away from home, it offers amenities (at no additional charge) that other solutions do not. Private, secure or even garage parking is common, as are laundry rooms with all of the necessary gear. Wi-Fi and internet access as well as streaming services or entertainment systems are also part of the deal. Cleaning services are also an option, and if this is part of the arrangement in a rental you own, make sure you market your corporate rental to those seeking such a pleasant amenity.

Corporate housing for rent

There are many ways to find accommodation during a relocation or move, but if you want something that is comprehensive, comfortable, turnkey, conveniently located and a better solution in general, it is corporate housing for rent that is the right choice. Turn to reputable sites offering CHBO properties whether seeking a rental or listing one you own, and optimal experiences are almost guaranteed.

Tips for Finding Baby-Friendly Apartments Near You

Kids friendly apartment

Whether you are seeking fully furnished apartments in which to reside during a move or relocation, as part of an extended business project, or to explore living options in a specific area, you may also need baby-friendly apartments as part of the deal. There are a lot of differences between homes well-suited to kids and those that won’t fit the bill. Yet, if you are eager to find fully furnished apartments that are also baby-friendly apartments, you need to start with a few basic concepts:

  • What neighborhoods do you prefer? Don’t begin with a search for places already setup for kids. Instead, consider where you are going to live. You need it to be a good spot for commuting, but you’ll want to be close to shops, parks or outdoor spaces, schools and daycare facilities, as well as restaurants and other activities. Do you want a waterfront location, one with views or something else? Be sure you choose fully furnished apartments in areas you enjoy.
  • Consider what issues baby-friendly apartments must address. Any of the fully furnished apartments available might say they are “kid friendly” but if they don’t have entries suited to strollers and parents with armloads of bags and “stuff”, they aren’t really kid-friendly at all. Also look at things like the numbers of staircases you have to climb, the safety in the overall design of the space (i.e. floating stairs, lofts with open railings, and so on). Generally, if you have an infant or toddler still learning to walk and navigate stairs, you’ll need to be very attentive to such issues
  • How convenient are the bathrooms? Truly baby-friendly apartments have bathrooms or at least half-baths on each level. Parents do a lot of handwashing and cleaning up, and you don’t want to trek up and down a lot of stairs just to keep yourself and your child tidy
  • Are there neighbors? It may not seem like an issue, but if you have kids unused to the sounds of neighbors above, below or alongside you, life in an apartment can be a challenge. The same goes for general street noise and even smells from shared spaces.
Kids friendly apartment

Take time to choose your ideal location, explore spaces truly safe for babies and toddlers and even figure out how noisy, smelly, convenient or inconvenient the options are and you should be able to find a corporate rental friendly to kids and parents!