City Spotlight: Annapolis, MD Corporate Housing

As part of the Baltimore-Washington metro area, the city of Annapolis, MD is very popular with those in need of regional and Annapolis corporate housing. Home to the U.S. Naval Academy, it is also where such major corporations and employers as The Home Depot, AT & T and Verizon Maryland are located too. Because of this, and the many universities and medical centers in the city, there is a large demand (and supply) of high quality Annapolis furnished housing and Annapolis corporate housing.Annapolis, Maryland, USA

In fact, there have been several firms in the city that have been recognized as some of the fastest growing in the United States. PharmAthene, Inc., Zenoss, Towne Park, The Squires Group, NMR Consulting, Tray, Convergence Technology Consulting and Vision Technologies are among the 27 firms identified in the region. There are many technology and research firms and groups within Annapolis too. Key employers in this area include Millenial Media, WeddingWire, RainKing Solutions, Novavax, Motionsoft, Origene and Optoro. With thousands of employees and projects conducted with other groups around the country these firms and others, help to create a need for quality Annapolis corporate housing

Those in need of Annapolis furnished housing may also be coming to enjoy the different universities, museums and historical sites of the area. These include the Banneker Douglass Museum, Preble Hall, the Hammond Harwood House, the Alex Haley memorial, Paca House and Garden, St. John’s College, the U.S. Naval Academy, the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and others.

Regardless of the reason that you are in Annapolis, MD – whether for a short-term stay, or even an extended visit, the use of furnished corporate apartments or housing is a smart choice. Electing to rent your accommodation through a “by owner” arrangement also makes a great deal of sense, because you have an opportunity to choose from furnished homes or apartments, quiet neighborhoods or downtown locations in the heart of it all.

Whether you are someone working on a project connected to a university, the military, or one of those amazing, and fast growing firms that call Annapolis home, and you need a true home away from home, you will be delighted by the great options you have in Annapolis corporate housing and furnished rentals. From apartments ideal for the individual business traveler to full-sized family homes in residential neighborhoods close to shops, parks and attractions, the city has everything available.

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City Spotlight Knoxville Furnished Housing, TN

If you are on a search for Knoxville corporate housing, it should not surprise you to learn that the third largest city in Tennessee is booming. In 2011, it was given a rating by Kiplinger as a best value city, and Forbes has noted it several times for its impressive business and career opportunities. There are more than 19,000 businesses actively in the city, and several national and global companies keep their headquarters in the region. Thus, a search for Knoxville corporate housing and Knoxville corporate apartments turns up a lot of good leads.Furnished apartments in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA downtown at World's Fair Park.

The major corporations currently in the city include the Tennessee Valley Authority, Regal Entertainment Group (a national firm known for its thousands of movie screens), the Scripps Network, and Team Health. The national truck stop chain, Pilot Flying J is found here as well as H.T. Hackney (a digital advertising giant), Tombras Group, Sea Ray (boat company), and restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday too.

There are many technology and research firms and groups within Knoxville, also creating demands for quality Knoxville corporate housing. The University of TN, National Science Foundation, National Institute for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Transportation Research Center are but a few. With thousands of employees, ongoing projects conducted with other groups around the country and world, this activity also creates a need for quality Knoxville corporate housing and/or Knoxville corporate apartments.

As a city well-known for its culture, particularly the musical culture, it is a place appealing to travelers too. Many visitors elect to stay for longer periods, and they also seek out such high-end settings as corporate and furnished rentals in Knoxville. Historic and close to some impressive parklands, the city also draws a lot of visitors who like to use it as a base for their broader exploration of the Smokey Mountains and its many parks and attractions.

Regardless of the reason that you are in Knoxville, TN – whether for a short-term stay, or even an extended visit, the use of furnished corporate apartments or housing is a wise decision. Opting to choose your accommodation through a “by owner” arrangement makes a great deal of sense, because you have an opportunity to choose from furnished homes or apartments, quiet neighborhoods or downtown locations in the heart of everything.

Whether you are someone working on a project connected to a university or the Technology Corridor, a corporate employee on a lengthy project, or a family seeking a true home away from home while in Knoxville, you have chosen a great place and would enjoy it even more in corporate or furnished housing available by owner.

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Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments Are The Key Element of a Great Relocation

Whether you’re an individual relocating to a new city for work or you’re in charge of facilitating employee relocation for your business, you should be aware of the key elements for a successful relocation. You already know about compensation and other factors, but have you considered corporate housing? When employees move from one area to another, staying in a furnished apartment can be a more hospitable way to ease the transition and save money at the same time.

furnished apartment

How Employees Benefit From Corporate Housing

On the employee side, staying in a furnished apartment is a lot more comfortable than staying in a hotel for several weeks (or even months). Instead of staying in a tourist district or another inconvenient location, you’ll get to stay in a nice neighborhood that’s close to work, where you can easily get to know the area and learn about where you want to live.

Not only that, but you won’t have to move all of your furniture twice when you go from your rental to the house you decide to buy. Instead, you can keep all of your large belongings and furniture in storage and only move them once. In the meantime, you’ll be staying in a furnished apartment or house that has plenty of room for you and your family so that you’ll all have your privacy and space.

How Corporations Benefit From Corporate Housing

At the same time that corporate housing helps make relocation easier for employees, it’s also a great option for corporations, as well. When compared with traditional hotels (and even extended stay hotels), a furnished apartment is actually less expensive while giving better amenities. So, your corporation can save money on your relocation budget, and you can impress your new employees, too.

Relocation doesn’t have to be difficult, and staying in a furnished apartment makes it that much easier for people moving from one city or state to another. Whether you’re paying for your own relocation or using a relocation stipend for your move to another area, consider a furnished apartment instead of an extended stay hotel. If you’re in charge of helping employees relocate to your area (or to another part of the country), consider partnering with CHBO to find the best furnished corporate housing for your employees at prices that will make relocation a breeze for your corporation.

Now you can see how corporate housing is an essential part of relocation and how it helps everyone involved. Book your stay today!

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The 4 Step Process to Delight Your Tenants

How can you attract more tenants, reduce your vacancy rate, and decrease your turnover rate, all at the same time? Learning what it takes to delight any tenant from the moment they see your property online until they pack their belongings and leave will help you get incredible reviews and bring in more long-term tenants than you ever thought possible. So how can you make your corporate housing property irresistible? Just follow these steps.

Housing Real Estate Concept

Plan a Delightful Destination

Your short-term rental could be the most beautifully decorated place in the world, but in general people don’t fly to a destination just for their lodgings. They go because there’s something attracting them to that area. If you can provide information about vacationing in your area, relocating there, the best neighborhoods, places to eat, etc., you’ll be doing your tenants an incredible service that they won’t forget.

Create a Detailed Listing and Always Respond Promptly to Queries

As prospective tenants look for properties, they tend to get frustrated and move on quickly when they don’t see the information they need immediately or when the landlord doesn’t respond fast enough. If you make sure that your property listings are very detailed, you’ll be halfway there. Stay connected and respond to messages and questions quickly, and you’ll be head and shoulders above other short-term rental landlords.

Make Booking Effortless

If booking is too complicated and difficult, it’ll not only discourage tenants from continuing, but it may make them think that you’re actually running a scam. If you do your booking through CHBO, you can make it a lot easier, which will build your tenants’ confidence in you and your corporate housing property.

Have a Welcome Package Waiting for Them

When your tenants arrive, have a welcome package waiting for them that includes some complimentary snacks and bottles of water, as well as information on places to dine out and order in, upcoming events, and all of the other information they could need or want.

If you do this, you’ll really wow your tenants from the moment they walk in the door because you’ll take advantage of the relief they feel as they arrive at their destination and are finally able to kick off their shoes and relax.

Do these four things, and be sure to be easily accessible and to follow up with your tenants after they check out, and you’ll be on your way to truly delighting them every step of the way.

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City Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale, FL Furnished Housing

With award-winning beaches, a great economy, and lots to offer residents of all ages, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most beautiful places to live or visit in all of Florida. Those looking for Fort Lauderdale corporate housing can enjoy more than just a day at the beach when they visit this sunny city, though.Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals

If you’re traveling with kids or you’re a big fan of science yourself, you won’t want to miss the Museum of Science and Discovery. Those who want to get outside and see some nature for themselves will want to take a Florida everglades airboat tour, where you’ll be sure to see some alligators up close (but at a safe distance, of course).

Nestled in the middle of it all, you’ll find Villa Tunis in Victoria Park. This residential neighborhood so close to downtown Fort Lauderdale is upscale, quiet, and gorgeous, and Villa Tunis is itself is made up of five of the most gorgeous Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals in the area.

Located right on the beach, Villa Tunis is also half a block from Holiday Park, which is a beautiful location for taking a leisurely stroll or heading out for a run to get your heart pumping while you breathe in the soothing sea air. Plus, as you leave Villa Tunis, you won’t be able to help but notice the incredibly stylish mansions lining the tree-shaded streets. And you’ll be only walking distance from a beautiful canal where you can enjoy seeing all kinds of wildlife, including parrots, peacocks, ducks, and more.

Living in Victoria Park also means feeling safe at all hours of the day or night, as friendly police officers patrol the area on horseback. They’re always ready with a smile to help with directions, local information, or just to take a picture of you that you can post on social media later.

Luxury Corporate Housing in Fort Lauderdale

Interested in seeing all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer while staying in a luxurious Fort Lauderdale corporate housing? Check out one of these incredible Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals owned by one of our quality property owners. His properties are flawless, and guests love their wonderful location. Whether you’re looking for a one-, two-, or three-bedroom rental, you’ll find spacious and luxurious accommodations here. Book your stay in Fort Lauderdale at one of these gorgeous rentals today!

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Find the Best Corporate Rentals in USA While Finding Pokémon

Chances are, you don’t need anyone to tell you that Pokémon Go is a new game that seems to have taken over the world. But, what you may not know is just what on earth it actually is, AND how it can help real estate professionals with furnished rentals or corporate rentals.

First, the game uses the familiar Pokémon characters, and the goal of the game is for the app user to capture and train the figures to fight others. The app actually blends Google Maps and a game to force users to walk about and explore the area in order to find and capture the characters.Pokemon Go - Corporate Rentals

Because the biggest audience for the game is the “millennial” generation – people currently in their late teens to late twenties, and because this is also one of the largest audiences for furnished rentals, it is easy to see how you might want to consider using the app to get attention from your strongest audience.

Of course, the big question then becomes “How do you use Pokémon Go to draw attention to furnished and corporate rentals?”Pokemon Go

Here are some very easy ways to achieve this goal:

Use Pokémon Go terminology in your social media and online descriptions. For example, you can use your regular bullet pointed list of features such as “Updated bathrooms” and “Hardwood flooring”, but then throw in that the neighborhood has several “Poke Stops”. You obtain the information about Poke stops, attractions, and even if some rare creatures were captured in the area by downloading the app.

Encourage neighborhood visits – When you have an inventory of furnished rentals and you know your audience is likely to be using Pokémon Go, simply enticing them to neighborhoods with your listings can introduce them to the appeal of that region. This works wonders when you have potential renters who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood and when you know that it is an appealing area that should help sway their opinion.

Link to businesses already using this trend – On social media, most urban businesses have started updating their social media sites with details about creatures found on their premises. Share or retweet these to your audience to get them interested in the furnished rentals in a city or neighborhood.Pokeball

There are so many ways to get “on trend”, but if you have corporate rentals and furnished openings, one of the simplest ways to draw attention is to piggy back on the widespread use of Pokémon Go updates and spots.

3 Reasons to Stay at 500 Granby Street in Norfolk, VA

Whether you’re traveling to Norfolk, VA for business or on a vacation with your family, you can’t go wrong when you stay at 500 Granby Street. When it comes to Norfolk furnished housing, this is one of the most charming and delightful properties you could ask for. Here are just a few of the many reasons we love this city and this corporate housing property in particular.

Furnished 1BR NorfolkEnjoy a Gorgeous and Stylish Loft in the City

If you’ve always dreamed of living in one of those beautiful New York-style lofts with interior brickwork, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and granite counters, then you’ll love this Norfolk furnished housing property. Along with all of these features, it also has a flat screen 3D TV with all your favorite streaming apps, including Hulu+, Netflix, and more. And high-speed wireless Internet is included, as well as an on-site laundry room with a full-size front-loading washer and dryer.

It’s Across the Street From the Scope Arena

Of course, the beautiful loft isn’t the only reason to choose this Norfolk furnished housing property. If you’re in Norfolk for a big concert, music event, festival, or sports event, then chances are good that you’re headed for the Scope Arena. Why choose from other Norfolk corporate apartments when this one is right across the street? And, if you want to grab a bite to eat or check out the rest of the nightlife in Norfolk, this property is located right in the middle of it all.

When you walk out your front door, you’ll be just a short stroll away from Waterside Drive, and you’re only a block from McArthur Center Mall, as well.

Lots of Dining and Shopping Opportunities Nearby

When you stay here, you’ll be in the middle of downtown Norfolk with nearly 100 delicious dining options. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for a dinner date or you’re planning a lunch meeting with some high-power executives, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect restaurant for the occasion. Plus, with McArthur Center Mall within walking distance, as well as numerous shops within walking distance on Granby Street, you’ll be able to shop to your heart’s content.

So, if you’re planning a business trip or vacation to Norfolk, or you’re relocating here soon, check out the best that the city has to offer in one of the most attractive Norfolk corporate apartments around.

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Jacksonville, FL Corporate Housing: City Spotlight

Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. With a growing business center, more and more corporations are recruiting talent to this great city. Between the incredible career opportunities, the amazing weather, and so many beaches within easy driving distance, it’s no wonder that more people are moving to Jacksonville than ever before.Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline.

Need to Know Info about Jacksonville

Visitors and people relocating here can enjoy a great experience with Jacksonville corporate apartments instead of staying in hotels or attempting to find a good place to rent for the long term. If you stay in Jacksonville corporate housing, you’ll be in the best neighborhoods, and you won’t have to deal with moving or buying furniture and other necessities.

Of course, there are a few things you should know about Jacksonville before you arrive. For example, if you’re interested in shopping, dining, and nightlife, you’ll want to stay near the Jacksonville Landing on the St. Johns River. Or, if you’re interested in a truly unique and high class golfing experience, you might want to stay near the Epping Forest Yacht and Country Club.

Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States, spanning over 874 square miles, so you’ll want to consider where you’ll be working and where you’ll want to spend your time outside of work when you move here.

Things to Enjoy in Jacksonville

If you have kids, you’ll have plenty of great entertaining and educational opportunities, including the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Art and nature lovers will enjoy the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, as well as Little Talbot State Park.

Whether you’re looking for nightlife, art and culture, education, or fun in the sun, Jacksonville has it, and you can find Jacksonville corporate apartments near all of your favorite sites and attractions, as well as near the city center and commercial districts.

Great Corporate Housing in Jacksonville

With CorporateHousingByOwner, you can find Jacksonville corporate housing that will meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home where you can live with your spouse and kids until you get settled or you’re looking for a luxury apartment in the heart of Jacksonville near all of the best nightlife and entertainment, CHBO has the perfect Jacksonville corporate apartments and houses for you. Check out the quality properties we’re listing in this fine city today!

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Low Cost Insider Design Ideas for Executive Furnished Rentals

As you know here at CHBO we are all about getting quality photos of your executive furnished rental to ensure you are able to find the right tenants a quickly as possible and keep your property rented. But, before you can take amazing photos, there a few low cost insider design tricks that can make all the difference. Today CHBO is able to share with you some of these tips from Kerrie Kelly a professional interior designer…

More Photo ideas from CHBO.

5 Low Cost Mirror Tricks for a Amazing Modern Executive Furnished Rental Bathroom

By Kerrie Kelly, ASIDExecutive Furnished Rental BathroomA well-placed mirror gives a bathroom sparkle and a bright, open feeling, essential to set the tone for your day without breaking your bank. As designers, we use mirrors in many different ways, but none are as important as the way they are placed in a bathroom. The size, shape and orientation of the mirror makes the most of a room’s natural light, enhances views, opens up a small space and adds a boost of style to already-placed decor. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate mirrors into modern design.

1. Full-Length Mirror

In a modern setting, nearly anything goes. Create a cool and contemporary bathroom with the addition of a full-length mirror. Placing the mirror in an optimal spot, like between two windows or near a bay of natural light, tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger than it might be in reality. By either casually propping a full-length mirror against a neutral wall or framing and hanging it, you can create a bathroom that is bright, stylish and totally unique.

2. Fabulously Framed Mirror Continue reading

How Millennials Are Changing Real Estate Today

We’re seeing a major change in the world of real estate right now, and its due in large part to millennials, who are coming of age and entering the workforce. As they get beyond their college years and look to their options for renting or buying property, these young professionals are changing the world of real estate in a few very interesting ways.Millennials Are Changing Real Estate Today

They’re More Mobile

In years past, people would get out of college, get a job, and settle down. Today, though, millennial workers are looking all over the country for new career opportunities. They’re more interested in working an interesting and lucrative contract for a few months, staying in a corporate apartment, and then moving on to live and work in a new city somewhere else. They don’t see the need to put down roots immediately, so they’re more likely to rent, and because they’re on the move they’re looking for furnished apartments for rent on a short-term basis, not just long-term rental apartments or houses.

Technology Is Their Friend

When moving to a new city for work, millennials are less likely to go in person to find a home to rent or buy before making the move. Why? Because they know that it’s hard to judge where they’ll want to live in a single weekend and trying to nail down a lease or close on a house from afar can be a nightmare. Instead, just like everything else in their lives, they turn to technology as their best friend for their move.

Basically, instead of wasting a weekend trying to find a place to rent in a hurry, they can go online and find furnished apartments for rent for a few weeks or months. Then they can make a smooth transition without any need to move a lot of furniture or put a huge rush on finding the right place.

They Want to Be Close to Work and Play

Finally, millennials want a fast commute to work, and they want to be in the middle of it all when they move to a new city. They’re more likely to go for spacious furnished apartments for rent in a city center than single-family houses in the suburbs, making a corporate apartment the perfect solution for almost any young professional moving to a new area today.

All this is great news for corporate apartment owners, as these are the short-term rentals of the future, and you can expect more and more millennial renters in the coming months and years.

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