Consider Corporate Housing for Rent During Your Move or Relocation

Corporate housing

Everyone who LOVES to move, raise your hand! Right, not a single hand went up because no one enjoys the packing up, unpacking, lifting and hauling, and other hassles of a move or relocation. This is why corporate housing for rent has become a popular choice for those who are in the midst of any sort of move or relocation. Whether for business or personal reasons, it can be difficult to find short-term housing that meets your needs. That means if you are a property owner, you will want to market your corporate rental as a better alternative. Of course, you’ll want to understand why short-term housing can be a hassle and corporate housing is not…let’s look at that.

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Whether you are seeking a rental for yourself or you have corporate housing for rent, you know that it has a major advantage over many other rentals – it is fully furnished. Turnkey housing is a dream to those whose lives are up in the air due to a move, relocation or temporary assignment, and when you market your corporate rental, one of the key factors to emphasize is the fact that it is move-in ready. For those looking at corporate housing for rent, location is a major issue, but the idea of going out and renting or buying furnishings, linens, kitchenware and other items is also of concern. The basic fact that corporate rentals are ready to move-in is a huge bonus.

Of course, another point that stands out whenever you market your corporate rental is that it can be taken for much longer periods of time than most short-term or extended stay options. And because corporate housing for rent is meant as a home away from home, it offers amenities (at no additional charge) that other solutions do not. Private, secure or even garage parking is common, as are laundry rooms with all of the necessary gear. Wi-Fi and internet access as well as streaming services or entertainment systems are also part of the deal. Cleaning services are also an option, and if this is part of the arrangement in a rental you own, make sure you market your corporate rental to those seeking such a pleasant amenity.

Corporate housing for rent

There are many ways to find accommodation during a relocation or move, but if you want something that is comprehensive, comfortable, turnkey, conveniently located and a better solution in general, it is corporate housing for rent that is the right choice. Turn to reputable sites offering CHBO properties whether seeking a rental or listing one you own, and optimal experiences are almost guaranteed.

How to Make Your Furnished Rental Property a Smart One

Make Your Furnished Rental Property a Smart One

Need help managing your furnished rental properties? Before you hire a property manager, let smart technology take the wheel. From smart thermostats and smart lighting to connected door locks and smart smoke alarms, installing connected devices lets you keep an eye on your properties from afar and improves security, helping you protect your investment.It also provides extra conveniences for your renters. Here are six simple smart home solutions to consider adding to your corporate rental unit.

1. Smart Door Locks

This is a must-have for any rental property. A smart door lock operates just like a normal lock (so no need to replace your door), but it has a big advantage: you can control it remotely. You can also create new “e-keys” or codes for renters from a smartphone app, and receive alerts informing you who has entered the property and when.

These features make it easy to give renters access without having to go to the property themselves. Plus, there’s no need to worry about re-keying when the tenants leave, as you can simply revoke the e-key or code. Remote access to the lock allows you to let service people in and out without you being there, and it can send you notifications to let you know who has been in your property and when.

2. Video Doorbell

A video doorbell pairs very well with a smart door lock, giving you complete visibility into the comings and goings at your property. This works just like a regular doorbell, except it has a camera inside it. When pressed, the doorbell can also ring a smartphone or tablet allowing you or your tenant to answer the door from wherever you are and see who is there, and – if paired with a smart door lock – let them in the house.

Additionally, video doorbells are an excellent security device as they can be set to activate on motion, so if someone approaches the door but doesn’t press the doorbell, you will still be alerted and can see a live video feed of the front door. For a fee, you can also view recorded footage of the door area.

3. Smart Security System

A security system is an important feature for any rental property, but the benefit of a smart security system is that they are entirely wireless, making installation easier and cheaper. You can have the property secured with professional monitoring when it’s vacant or monitor the property yourself using your smartphone.

In addition to the standard door/window and motion sensors, most smart security systems are compatible with other smart sensors that can ensure the well being of your property beyond the threat of a break-in. These include leak detectors, freeze detectors, temperature monitors and smoke detectors, so you can be alerted if there is anything wrong at your property at any time.

4. Smart Smoke Alarms

Even if a complete smart security system isn’t necessary for your property, consider installing smart smoke detectors. There are a variety of models available — some that self-test, provide a built-in nightlight, or act as a music speaker. But the main reason to get a connected smoke alarm is so you get an alert on your phone if they go off.

Unless they’re connected to a security system,regular smoke alarms only alert the occupants of the house to danger. If there’s no one in the house and a smoke alarm goes off, you may not know of the incident for hours. Invest in some smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms so you can feel confident that you’ll be notified the moment an incident occurs.If the home is going to be unoccupied for a period, considering placing a WiFi-enabled camera various rooms, so if an alarm is triggered you can check in and see what’s going on, and call the emergency services if needed. And if it is part of a full security system with professional monitoring services, the authorities will be notified immediately as well.

5. Smart Thermostats

A regular programmable thermostat is a great way to reduce the energy use of your HVAC system, but in a rental property —when occupancy is not as predictable — a smart thermostat can save you a lot of money.

Thanks to its connection to the internet, a smart thermostat can be programmed and adjusted remotely, so you can change the schedule to save energy if you know the property will be unoccupied. Some higher-end models will “sense” if anyone is in the home and adjust themselves to keep the space comfortable without wasting energy. Be sure to choose one that can be controlled easily on the device and doesn’t require the tenant to download an app in order for you to use it.  

6. Smart Lighting

Reduce energy costs in your rental units with smart lighting. Smart light bulbs, smart light switches paired with LED bulbs,and motion sensors can all help save energy while also giving your tenants added convenience. Walking into a room and triggering the lights to turn on automatically is an excellent feature — one that is sure to impress tenants.

Plan carefully to achieve the right lighting in each room. Lights triggered by motion sensors make the most sense in the kitchen and bathrooms, while remote-control smart light bulbs with dimming capabilities work well in bedrooms and living areas.

The advantage of the connected nature of these lights is that you can remotely control them and set up schedules to save energy or simulate occupancy for security when the property is empty.

Installing smart home devices in your rental property will help boost its security, make it easier for you to manage, and potentially save you money. Just be sure to keep your tenants in mind when selecting products, and don’t install something that will require them to reads manual, download an app, or call you multiple times just to figure out how to turn on the lights. Thankfully, today’s systems make it easy for you to do just that.

Jennifer Pattison Tuohy is a freelance writer and editor covering the intersection of sustainability and technology for XfinityHome. She writes about the smart home, mobile phone-technology, consumer tech, small businesses, and green living for a variety of newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

New Year’s Eve Party in Small Apartment?

New Year. Celebration 2019

Whether your idea of a “big” New Year’s Eve party involves a large number of guests and loads of food or you mean a party with a “big” attitude, lots of music and a very late night (that might even see you still celebrating as the sun rises), you need to know how to make it work in a smaller corporate apartment rental.

After all, an apartment rental agreement or corporate apartment contract may mean you have to be very aware of your neighbors or the neighborhood. You may not be able to use a lot of parking on the premises, limiting the number of guests.You may even have to meet limits on the number of people in the apartment itself.

New Year. Celebration 2019

So, how do you host that big party if you are worried about upsetting your landlord or neighbors and putting your apartment rental at risk? The good news is that it is much easier than you might imagine, even if your corporate apartment is a tiny space.

Here are our expert tips for enjoying that Big New Year’s Eve Party in that smaller apartment:

  • Begin at 9PM – As the baby bear in the classic fairy tale would say, this hour is “just right”. Not too early that everyone gets too tipsy or bored and not so late in the game that you feel the party ends as it just begins.
  • Make it BYOB – If you ask people to bring their own alcohol, it is likely that very few people will become tipsy, let alone rowdy. Go ahead and tip a glass of champagne for a midnight toast but keep things low-key by limiting alcohol consumption in your apartment rental.
  • Play music and the TV – Make sure anyone who wants to see the ball drop can do so, and watch the events leading up to it,but also be sure you have some good music playing throughout the night. You may not want lots of dance music that upsets the neighbors, but some background tunes make for good conversation and sweet slow dancing.
  • Have a cutoff time – If you are in a corporate apartment and invite a small crowd, clearly state that the party ends at 1AM, AND be sure you have a local cab or private car service ready to take tipsy friends and colleagues’ home.

You can do a New Year’s Eve party that feels big but is small and doesn’t even disturb the neighbors!