Getting Your Corporate Rental Ready for an Effective Corporate Housing Photography Shoot

Photography for corporate rental

Most of us are familiar with the classic 1950s film “Sunset Boulevard,” and the famous line, “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.” In fact, we might jokingly make that same statement when posing for a photo, but how do you get your corporate rental property ready for its closeup? How do you do corporate housing photography so it looks its very best, but in an accurate way?

That is tougher than it might seem. After all, holding a camera at the wrong angle or using poor lighting can make your fantastic great room or kitchen look small, dumpy and unappealing to potential renters. Below, are a few preliminary tips to use in preparing spaces for corporate housing photography, but after doing those we have a few more suggestions:

Photography for corporate rental
  • Increase the sense of space by eliminating unnecessary furniture and décor
  • Replace obviously worn items
  • Never photograph with pets in the picture
  • Do a top to bottom cleaning of the corporate rental, and consider hiring experts to tackle it as they address issues most of us overlook (i.e. lime stains, spots on mirrors/windows, and so on)
  • Think “consistent” from room to room, this includes the colors used, the styles used, and so on. It also means thinking about consistency in alignment, such as uniform chair heights, even lampshades, plump cushions, straighten curtains, and so on
  • Remove personal photos and décor as well as religious or political items that could irritate or turn off potential renters of the corporate rental
  • Go minimal with décor
  • Invest in concealed waste bins such as under the cabinet bins
  • Conceal wiring with the gadgets designed to manage them effectively, but without creating interference or problems in performance of the devices they connect to (consult an expert if the property is full of high tech)
  • Check every light and ensure everything works and provides optimal/beneficial illumination (indoors and out)
  • If there is an outdoor area, stage this as well by hiding garbage bins, stowing yard tools, removing cars from garages and/or parking, sweeping walks and paved areas, cleaning a pool, and doing gardening as needed

Yes, this is a lot, but it can make the difference between aesthetically appealing corporate housing photography and those that attract zero attention.

Then, think about angles, lighting, time of day, views and so on. All of your hard work can be ruined by putting the camera at the wrong height and missing that sunny corner of the corporate rental during the sunny time of day.

Don’t forget that clients of CHBO can have their property professionally staged and photographed. This can streamline the process and generate the best images for your listings. You can learn more or book your corporate housing photography, here.

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