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Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is partnered with various companies to syndicate rental properties on our site to other non CHBO websites. 

This helps your corporate rentals to gain more exposure. Over the years, CHBO has established some great partnerships through real estate related websites. If you purchase a listing package or already listed, your listing will be automatically syndicated to the following sites and available to millions of potential renters.   

The following websites are owned by CorporateHousingByOwner, Inc. to help market properties by city and niche search terms. The property listings are syndicated directly from the main CHBO website. If you purchase a listing package or already listed with CHBO, you have the option to have your listing(s) automatically syndicated to the following websites and available to potential renters. Updating/editing your listing's is only needed through the main CHBO website. To activate your listing to be syndicated to all of these providers, follow these steps.

*As of 09/2019, CHBO listings will not be syndicated to, and for the following cities: Portland, OR and the state of Colorado.

The following websites are powered and owned by Corporate Housing by Owner.

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