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Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, is one of the South’s most economically active cities. As such it results in a demand for furnished corporate housing in Baton Rouge for those traveling to the area for longer term stays. Baton Rouge continues to be a center for the petro-chemical industry hosting the second largest refinery in the US.  It however, is increasingly establishing itself as a major home to medical research institutions, technology oriented businesses and a location for motion picture production. Couple this with the influence of Louisiana State University, and the visiting professionals it attracts and it is understandable that there is a continuing need for quality accommodations for those visiting for extended periods. (CHBO) has been serving these travelers since 2006. 

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Registration at CHBO can be accomplished quickly and when completed much valuable information will be available to you. This information can be found under the Quick Links section of the owner’s dashboard. The Corporate Housing Handbook accessed using the Tools and Resources link will open up the world of corporate housing and what being a corporate landlord involves. There are a number of different listing packages that allow you to present your property in its best light. Want assistance in determining the right rent for you property? We can do a free property evaluation. On a one year contract if you have not secured a lease within the first 30 days of making your property available we will extend the contract for 6 months for no charge.

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