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Minneapolis Corporate Housing

Minneaoplis/St Paul, the heart of a population center of over 3.8 million is the 2nd biggest metropolitan area in the Midwest and is one of the nation’s economic hubs. The need for corporate housing in Minneapolis in this area has been addressed by (CHBO) for years. A number of Fortune 500 companies make their headquarters here, among them Target, US Bancorp, Xcel Energy, Ameriprise Financial, Thrivent Financial and the 3M Companies. These alone account for a good deal of the quality furnished housing demand. However, couple this with an extraordinary number of other major firms that have a presence in the area along with the University of Minnesota, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and several major healthcare operations it becomes clear there is and will continue to be a need for longer term stay accommodations.

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Think your furnished property would lend itself to satisfying the needs of the corporate traveler?  CHBO can help you understand the market and then assist you in achieving the kind of occupancy and returns that make economic sense. By registering and taking advantage of the resources available through CHBO, not least of which is the Corporate Housing Handbook, you’ll have begun the journey to realize your goals. Your listing will be available to thousands of national and international corporate travelers.    When you have decided to take the plunge you will be presented with a number of different listing packages and you can select the one most appropriate for your property. CHBO provides guidance on what rent to ask for your rental with a free rental assessment. The CHBO guarantee is offered to assure you of a commitment to your success.


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