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Miami, often referred to as the Capital of Latin American because there are over 1400 companies that have their headquarters for Latin American operations based there has seen a significant demand for corporate housing in Miami. In addition it is the 4th largest urban area in the US with a population of approximately 5.5 million. It is a major center for finance, commerce, entertainment and international trade. A large number of international banks and financial institution are located in Miami. AIG, Cisco, American Airlines, Exxon, FedEx, Kraft, Oracle and many other major corporations have a large footprint in the Miami metro area. It is quite natural that a significant number of travelers will be looking to find above average corporate housing where they can reside while conducting business that will keep them in the Miami area for an extended period. Corporate (CHBO) has provided turn-key housing for these individuals since 2006.

Visitors can find lodgings in such diverse areas as Bricknell, Virginia Key, Port Miami, South Beach, Civic Center, Coral Way, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables to name just a few.

Like to Reach The International Traveler with Your Corporate Property?

Make it a point to register today and find out more about the potential for tapping the international market of corporate travelers that CHBO can help you reach. What would be the most appropriate rent for your listing? We can help you determine that. In addition we provide a substantial amount of useful information in our free CHBO handbook for the aspiring corporate landlord. The benefits associated with the advertising investment are manifold. Although we cannot give you absolute assurance that your property will achieve immediate occupancy we are confident enough to offer additional compensation if it does not.

I have been doing business with CHBO for many years, however, as years progress I am glad to say that I am proud to say and be one of the pioneers to have my property listed on your website. It only gets better by the day. I am really impressed with your speed and professionalism. - Property Owner, Miami, FL

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