Find the Best Corporate Rentals in USA While Finding Pokémon

Chances are, you don’t need anyone to tell you that Pokémon Go is a new game that seems to have taken over the world. But, what you may not know is just what on earth it actually is, AND how it can help real estate professionals with furnished rentals or corporate rentals.

First, the game uses the familiar Pokémon characters, and the goal of the game is for the app user to capture and train the figures to fight others. The app actually blends Google Maps and a game to force users to walk about and explore the area in order to find and capture the characters.Pokemon Go - Corporate Rentals

Because the biggest audience for the game is the “millennial” generation – people currently in their late teens to late twenties, and because this is also one of the largest audiences for furnished rentals, it is easy to see how you might want to consider using the app to get attention from your strongest audience.

Of course, the big question then becomes “How do you use Pokémon Go to draw attention to furnished and corporate rentals?”Pokemon Go

Here are some very easy ways to achieve this goal:

Use Pokémon Go terminology in your social media and online descriptions. For example, you can use your regular bullet pointed list of features such as “Updated bathrooms” and “Hardwood flooring”, but then throw in that the neighborhood has several “Poke Stops”. You obtain the information about Poke stops, attractions, and even if some rare creatures were captured in the area by downloading the app.

Encourage neighborhood visits – When you have an inventory of furnished rentals and you know your audience is likely to be using Pokémon Go, simply enticing them to neighborhoods with your listings can introduce them to the appeal of that region. This works wonders when you have potential renters who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood and when you know that it is an appealing area that should help sway their opinion.

Link to businesses already using this trend – On social media, most urban businesses have started updating their social media sites with details about creatures found on their premises. Share or retweet these to your audience to get them interested in the furnished rentals in a city or neighborhood.Pokeball

There are so many ways to get “on trend”, but if you have corporate rentals and furnished openings, one of the simplest ways to draw attention is to piggy back on the widespread use of Pokémon Go updates and spots.

Corporate Housing Tip for Super Bowl XLIX

Phoenix Arizona Super Bowl

Corporate Housing has long been the lodging solution of choice for professional athletes as they get acquired or traded from city to city and now smart sports fans can find great Super Bowl XLIX lodging solutions through Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO).

In my mind the NFL season started this week as our favorite teams take the field in city to city weekly combat.  In 2015, Phoenix Arizona will welcome not just Super Bowl XLIX but also the annual Pro Bowl.  Where are you going to stay? Did you know the Super Bowl kickoff is in just 177 days?

Over the years we have always enjoyed renting furnished housing properties to athletes from the NBA to the MLB.  We have been able to meet most of their specific requests like huge televisions, to special requests like covering skylights, so they can sleep during the day or helping baseball players move from one city to the next as they get moved up and down from Triple A Ball.

Corporate Housing TIP:

So if you are a true sport fan, my guess is you will be spending a few nights in Arizona. So what is the tip?  Have you thought about renting a corporate housing property for a month or two?  Do you live in a city with lots of snow?  You may even want to rent a property in Arizona for 4 months or more.  The longer you confirm your corporate housing rental the lower the monthly rental rate!  Most corporate housing rentals offer a monthly discount for as little as a 3 month lease.

Yes, the entire town of Phoenix will be full if you wait to find a place to stay, but right now there is a large variety of amazing properties to rent. So take a few minutes and surf the web and book your winter holiday for a few months or more and avoid both the snow and the high rates of hotels.

If you are looking for football details checkout

If you are looking for housing in Phoenix checkout, Phoenix Corporate Housing Rentals.

Don’t hold it against me, I am still cheering for the Denver Broncos!

Real Estate Investing: Learn more at REI Expo

People are always asking me about tips and ideas for real estate investing and I have enjoyed getting to know the team behind the REI Expo and I thought you needed to know more about them.

REI Expo – Learn about Real Estate Investing

The REI Expo is an Educational & Networking conference that strives to bring together the real estate investor community. Our mission is to introduce potential & existing real estate investors to all areas of the industry in a positive environment to incREI Expolude products, courses, legislative awareness, strategies, and technologies. The Purpose of the expo is to provide a no pressure, positive environment where individual investors can grow, network, and expand their business.

Our next Expo is May 17th & 18th at the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington, D.C.

Mission of the REI Expo

To introduce potential real estate investors and/or existing investors to all areas of the industry in a positive environment: to include products, courses, legislative awareness, strategies, and technologies.


The REI Expo will be known as the premier real estate investor event nationwide and will be a place where all are welcome. It will not form “allegiances” or exclusive arrangements with any of the vendors, promoters, clubs, association, sponsors, or exhibitors. The REI Expo will put education and customer satisfaction above all else. The REI Expo will strive to further the real estate investing industry for a moral, ethical, and sustainable future for individual investors.


The purpose of the Expo is to provide a no pressure, positive environment where individual investors can grow, network, and expand their businesses.

Washington DC – May 17th – 18

Chicago, IL – July 26 – 27

Anaheim, CA – November 1 -2

And you can also learn more about the entire real estate rental investment process in my book: Making Money with Rental Properties

Making Money with Rental Properties