City Spotlight: Miami, FL Corporate Housing

The need for Miami corporate housing has always been strong, and is just getting stronger. The list of large or global companies with headquarters in the city is enormous, and comprised of active firms in the world of finance, commerce and industry.  Fortune 500 firms appear on the list in addition to a surprising number of Latin American firms and multinational corporations. Names such as AIG, Cisco, Exxon, FedEx, Sony, WalMart, Microsoft, Univision, Carnival Cruise, Perry Ellis, Symantec and many others help to create a constant demand for Miami corporate apartments and housing.

Miami corporate housing

Of course, the city is also a center for entertainment, tourism and international trade, and this too will create the need for Miami corporate housing of all kinds. Of course, it is not just any convenient Miami corporate apartment or basic housing that most clients will require. As major players in global affairs, the quality of the Miami corporate housing has to meet the demands of clients, and this means that properties have to be within premier neighborhoods and close to the many appealing destinations that make it such a dynamic city year round.

Modern Miami

It is too simple to think that the economy of Miami is limited to just a few main industries. It is a place of global activity, and this too can mean that a Miami corporate apartment or Miami corporate housing will be required by those involved in such industries as television production, which has a major center in the city, as well as music, the building industry, real estate, shipping, and travel. The Port of Miami alone has more than 175,000 employees and is the 11th largest port of its kind in the United States; it is also where more than four million passengers traveled in a single year alone.

However expansive business and industry might be in the city, there is a major or central business district. The geography of Miami shows that there are four key districts – Downtown, North, South and West Miami. The Downtown area (which is the eastern area of Miami) is where the central business district is located. It features the largest collection of international banks in the entire nation, and there is a high demand for Miami corporate housing in this area. Yet, the neighborhood is also home to many major tourism areas, and so a Miami corporate apartment will be in demand here and nearby.

Just consider that the Downtown area is also where you find the South Beach location and the city’s major medical and research areas too. Historic areas are in the southern part of the Miami, and many more residential areas are found to the west. North Miami is where the Midtown district is located, and it is a region of many residential properties too. Here is where you can easily find a Miami corporate apartment among the many high rise properties.

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Whether you are visiting Miami for a business purpose, visiting for the long term or exploring it as a potential site to relocate, the use of “by owner” rentals is a wonderful way to enjoy premium housing throughout your stay.

Value of Corporate Housing: Open Windows

Smart travelers value corporate housing because they have the power to open their windows.

Over the years, here at CHBO, we love to talk about the value of corporate housing for you the traveler. In fact, I just spent the day with a group of leaders helping Value of Corporate Housing: Open Windowsto produce a prime-time video on the values of corporate housing. We talked about the larger square footage of a corporate rental compared to a hotel room, we talked about the added health values of having a full-size kitchen vs something else, we talked about community and neighborhood connectedness and all those traditional great reasons to stay in a corporate housing rental.

However, after traveling a lot over the last few weeks it occurred to me I have a new favorite corporate housing value that had never occurred to me!!!! I have a new lodging value and a new travel passion – I love to OPEN WINDOWS!!! Yep, I love to be in control of my environment, I love to breath fresh air and I really appreciate the ability and power of just being able to open a window.

Open WindowsYep, it is just that simple. One of those little every day items we take for granted until it is taken away from us.  One of those freedoms we never knew we had until we just didn’t have it anymore.

So, my November “Value of the Month” for reasons to stay in corporate housing vs a hotel is simply the ability and the freedom to open your window in the place that you are calling home for the night, the week, the month or the year.

Since we are now entering the cooler months of the year it is not uncommon for larger commercial buildings like offices or hotels to turn off their air conditioning and if you are like me you love to have it on the cooler side when you sleep. How frustrating is it when Opening windows in corporate rental propertyyou are locked in a small little hotel box and can look out the window at the snow on the ground but have no ability to let even a little cool air into your little box 🙁 I know, bummer, right!

So seize your power of lodging choice, think furnished residential corporate housing when you need a place to stay and don’t take chances with just a shared furnished rental, get the standards you expect from a lodging solution and book a corporate housing rental property.

Seize the day, and open your window!!! My new favorite value of a
corporate housing rental.

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3 Ways Short Term Rentals Will Always Be Better Than Hotels

If we were to quickly summarize the three ways that short term rentals are always better than hotels, our list might look like this:

  • More privacy
  • More space
  • A lot more money in the pocket

House for rent logoAfter all, furnished rentals are usually properties that initially were built as homes or as seasonal homes for people who enjoy vacationing or staying in an area. Unlike the hotel-based corporate apartments commonly used, privately owned corporate housing (also described as corporate housing by owner) tends to look and feel nothing like a hotel. The furnished housing of this kind will include apartments, condominiums, townhouses, single-family homes, and more.

Naturally, that means that someone in need of long or short term housing has the option of staying in a place that feels like home. That may not seem like a big deal, but in an article in The New York Times, experts looked at the psychology of moving and relocating and summed it up like this: “Whether one moves frequently or almost never, moving is an intensely emotional experience.” And whether we admit it or not, a long stay away from home is a lot like moving and/or relocating.

So, furnished corporate apartments come with the instant advantage of offering you the ability to feel at home. However, there are still those three points listed above.

Privacy Please!

When you enjoy time in a corporate apartment, you are not going to experience the same lack of privacy that a hotel demands. After all, while you can book a maid service with almost any temporary furnished apartment, you get to decide just who and when this happens.