3 Ways Short Term Rentals Will Always Be Better Than Hotels.

If we were to quickly summarize the three ways that short term rentals are always better than hotels, our list might look like this:

  • More privacy
  • More space
  • A lot more money in the pocket

House for rent logoAfter all, furnished rentals are usually properties that initially were built as homes or as seasonal homes for people who enjoy vacationing or staying in an area. Unlike the hotel-based corporate apartments commonly used, privately owned corporate housing (also described as corporate housing by owner) tends to look and feel nothing like a hotel. The furnished housing of this kind will include apartments, condominiums, townhouses, single-family homes, and more.

Naturally, that means that someone in need of long or short term housing has the option of staying in a place that feels like home. That may not seem like a big deal, but in an article in The New York Times, experts looked at the psychology of moving and relocating and summed it up like this: “Whether one moves frequently or almost never, moving is an intensely emotional experience.” And whether we admit it or not, a long stay away from home is a lot like moving and/or relocating.

So, furnished corporate apartments come with the instant advantage of offering you the ability to feel at home. However, there are still those three points listed above.

Privacy Please!

When you enjoy time in a corporate apartment, you are not going to experience the same lack of privacy that a hotel demands. After all, while you can book a maid service with almost any temporary furnished apartment, you get to decide just who and when this happens.

A hotel, on the other hand, tends to have daily cleaning staff, which you don’t know or meet, and this forces you to act accordingly. Whether you lock up belongings in the safe in the room, tidy up (yes, a lot of us tidy up for the cleaning crew!), or just get frustrated by the lack of privacy this causes, you can avoid it all in corporate housing.

More Space

In addition to the more sound-proof walls that ensure a sense of privacy and home, living in corporate housing also tends to guarantee more space. Full-sized appliances, fully stocked kitchens, larger living areas, separate bedrooms, and even laundry machines in the units are par for the course. Not only does that allow you the option of living your life just as if you were at home, but it means a great deal more living space than any standard hotel room – even business suites.

Of course, you can also shop around corporate apartments and housing options to find accommodations of almost any size. Though the industry statistics around corporate housing show that four bedroom units are not in high demand, it is easy enough to find full-sized homes as well as smaller one bedroom flats or apartments. The point is that you can find the kind of living space you require and even shop for the best pricing.

And this brings us to the final point, which is that you will tend to save a lot of money when you choose furnished rentals over standard hotel or even extended stay suites.

Save Money

A report in USAToday indicated that some of the world’s leading financial experts choose corporate apartments for their staff. “For longer stays, a corporate apartment can be more economical than a hotel … the U.S. Coast Guard began housing reservists in corporate apartments following 9/11. In the first year alone, the Coast Guard saved $3 million over hotel costs.”

Though the experts did say that it is usually stays of three weeks or more that prove to be the most cost effective, even shorter stays still put extra money in the pockets of those who choose them. This is because they allow residents to handle all of their own cooking, cleaning, laundry and entertainment. The corporate housing that features laundry machines in the unit, a full kitchen, and a good entertainment system cuts costs (both company and out of pocket) while also ensuring that the inhabitant enjoys a higher quality of life.

Whether looking for an accommodation for a longer term business trip, during a lengthy holiday or family visit, because of medical care, or for any other reason, look into furnished housing first. You will find that you have a much wider range of options, with many set in the most desirable areas and location. These properties provide you with a homelike experience, save you plenty of money, give you enormous amounts of free space, and often exceed hotels in their amenities, extras, and general experience. Why not explore short term rentals online, and plan a stay today?

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  1. Patricia
    December 30, 2015

    One thing i like about short term rental is the space inside. It much bigger than the hotels or in other words its like staying at your home because of the amenities available inside.

  2. Hannah
    September 24, 2015

    When me and my friends travel, and our business is just within the city, we prefer renting over hotels. You feel much more at home on rental houses than hotels. And speaking of privacy, I was still in bed when the maid got inside without even knocking. I don’t know if that was her mistake of not informing me or what but that wasn’t cool. My friends also had similar experiences that’s why when we go for a trip, we prefer getting a rental house.


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