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Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. It was where our first Continental Congress met, the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution drafted.

There is so much history contained in the city that it is almost overwhelming – the Liberty Bell, cracked when brought to Philadelphia but still used to call lawmakers to sessions and announce public meetings and proclamation to citizens – is a national icon and located not too far away from Independence Hall, another national treasure.

The National Constitution Center and nearby Valley Forge provide still more in-depth glimpses at how the United States of America was fought for and created by the Revolutionary soldiers and our Founding Fathers, including Philadelphia’s favorite son, Benjamin Franklin.

In addition, Philadelphia offers a variety of local fares that have the entire country licking its lips. First and foremost the famous Philly Cheesesteak, which you absolutely must try with Cheez Whiz.

Philadelphia has world-class museums and restaurants, and is home to many major Fortune 500 corporations, such as AmerisourceBergen, Aramark, Campbell’s Soup and DuPont. Plenty of foreign corporations have their headquarters here, where it is much more affordable than New York City, and more are on their way. Philadelphia also has a rapidly expanding startup and tech scene, rivaling any city on the East Coast for new and innovative businesses.

We have Philadelphia corporate housing and furnished apartments in every neighborhood of Philadelphia, including Bella Vista, Callowhill, Cedar Park, Fairmont, Logan Square, Old City, Market East, Pennsport, Society Hill and University city – as well as many more areas.

Our Philadelphia Furnished Housing are Clean, Convenient and Accessible

We have worked hard to provide a variety of corporate and furnished apartments in the Philadelphia area to meet your needs, but we can guarantee a few things – all of these apartments are clean, with modern amenities, fully updated appliances and all the furniture that you will need for your stay.

We also guarantee a safe environment, well-suited to doing work, enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon or having a night in with your family or coworkers. Our professional and friendly property managers will be at your service for any questions or concerns, as well as repair or maintenance work that you need.

Check out One of Our Satisfied Customers

Sue and Frank offer two furnished condos at the historic “Piers at Penn’s Landing” at Pier 3. These high appointed condos are ideal for a traveler coming into town for business or pleasure. Nestled in the historical maritime district of Philadelphia, guest are walking distance to many attractions. Relax and enjoy the beautiful views this location offers on your next trip.Philadelphia Corporate Housing









These owner’s has been established with CHBO for many years.

Check out these to wonderful units here and call (610) 613-6853 for reservations.

Why Come to Philadelphia?

Alright, you’re thinking, I know Philadelphia has a storied history. But why would I want to be there today? Aside from the vibrant cultural scene and thriving business climate, there are many other reasons you might want to call Philadelphia home, either for good or for the short time that you need to.

Families Are Flocking to Philly

After years of retreat to the suburbs, families are finally returning to Philadelphia in droves. The city is safe and friendly for children, especially in so-called ‘hot’ neighborhoods such as Bella Vista. One mother cited the abundance of parks and museums in Philadelphia as a great reason to raise her children here.

Converted Warehouses are All the Rage

In a nod to its industrial past and its hip future, Philadelphia has plenty of cool reconverted warehouses offering workspaces as well as living spaces. If you want to work in a place like this – or perhaps have us find you a corporate apartment or furnished rental in one – then contact us today.

Say Goodbye to Your Car

Cars are expensive – insurance, gas, upkeep and parking spaces – and maybe you have decided that you just want to ditch yours. There are not many cities in America where this is easy – but Philadelphia is one of the few. We have an excellent public transportation system that is efficient and reliable and can take you almost anywhere.

The system here is run by SEPTA, or the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Buses, subways, rail lines and even electric trolleys go everywhere that you will need to go.

Our Rentals are Superior

When you rent with us, you can be certain that you will have everything you need – adequate space, convenient access to the places that you need to get to, and a staff that will be delighted to help you get acquainted with our city.

Whether you are a business seeking a Philadelphia corporate housing for a few months while your employees are in town on a business trip, a young professional seeking an apartment as you start your new career in Philadelphia, or a young family needing a place to stay as you save for your future and contemplate buying a home in Philadelphia, we will find you the exact Philadelphia furnished housing that you need. And it will be clean, modern and well-maintained.

There are lots of Philadelphia corporate housing and furnished apartment brokers that will claim to be the best. But we do not ask you to rely on what we say about ourselves – just read what our customers have said about us. Happy hunting.

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