How You Can Get a Black Friday Deal on a New House

Corporate housing

Black Friday. It’s the day that consumers wait for in order to get a fantastic deal on their favorite services and products. For those who are searching for a home, you might be questioning whether there are any deals available for real estate. Making offers on corporate rentals and visiting open houses may not be something that is a priority, but it may be worth your time. While most people are looking to celebrate the holidays, there are often extra rentals out there and it’s a great time to get a deal.

Corporate housing

Important Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights

Tenants rights

As many people who own furnished housing rentals understand, the relationship between themselves and renters can be tricky if things go wrong. That is why anyone with luxury furnished apartments (as well as those renting them) are advised to understand their rights as renter or landlord.

There are some basic rules that apply to furnished housing rentals and all other rentals. As an example, federal laws protect anyone from civil rights violations where housing is concerned. What that means is simple: You cannot refuse to rent luxury furnished apartments to interested parties based on their race, nationality, gender, religion, familial status, age or disability. In other words, there is no discrimination allowed where furnished housing rentals are concerned.

Tenants rights & corporate housing

State and local laws, however, are what really dictate the vast majority of tenant rights, and landlord’s rights too. If a landlord needs to take steps on something a tenant is doing or has done, they must turn to the state and local laws to know what to do about the issue. The same thing applies to the tenant who feels their rights might have been violated. As an example, in California, there are local (but not state) laws about rent control.

Tenants can demand livable conditions. Though you might rent luxury furnished apartments, if you are not quick in making repairs that affect the property’s livability, you may be violating a tenant’s rights. The shower that is not repaired for two days or the heating that is not addressed for a week are both examples of a tenant’s rights being violated.

The tenant must pay the rent, regardless of any conflicts. You may have never thought of this as an issue when you began to offer furnished housing rentals, but it is always a risk. Landlords can always pursue an eviction at the moment they cease to get rent from a tenant – regardless of the reason that tenant may be withholding payment.  As an example, one of your luxury furnished apartments might have a hole in a wall and your renter may say it was an aggravation and then refuses to pay rent. That is a violation of the landlord’s rights and the tenant must pay.

Finally, in any furnished housing rentals, the lease is not the law. While you might think that a tenant who damages something in one of your luxury furnished apartments should be legally obliged to pay for it, in most states, that is not the law. You must create your lease documents according to the laws as they apply in the state in which the housing is available. As an example, the renter might break the faucet in the bathroom when doing something foolish or irresponsible. As the landlord, it is our responsibility to fix it, even if that repair costs you money and is not your fault. You cannot write in the lease that the tenant must be responsible.

As you can see, there are many complex issues associated with tenant’s rights and it is in your best interest to know as much as you can before you offer a property for rent.

A Pet-Friendly Furnished Apartment Living Guide

Pet friendly Apartments

Did you know that the pet supplies industry is in the billions of dollars every year? In fact, many pet owners say they are likely to shop for presents for pets when they are away in addition to picking up gifts for human family members. That is why there are now so many pet friendly apartments for travelers to rent. Of course, housing statistics also prove that millenials are now buying homes more and more because they want to be able to live with pets and have room for pets to roam. That too means that any pet friendly rentals are going to get attention.

If you have a CHBO Certified property and are eager to make the most of your premium listings, you may want to consider transitioning some of your properties into pet friendly apartments. More and more often, travelers (whether for business, pleasure or any other reasons) want to bring their pets with them. In fact, some find they must as they just cannot board or find a temporary home suitable to their beloved friend’s needs.

Pet friendly Apartments

Because so many hotels have yet to adapt a pet friendly model, you can really build an advantage for your CHBO Certified property by making it a welcoming space for pets. Be sure you provide resources for those with pets, such as a guide with local veterinary facilities (particularly any 24 hour options or alternative providers), places with dog parks, pet supplies stores and so on.

Traveling to Pet Friendly Apartments

If you are a traveler, you can easily search through the many CHBO Certified property listings and quickly find a large number of pet friendly apartments. Living in them is quite easy as most owners have taken steps to ensure that pets remain safe and feel welcome. A first step is to look specifically for CHBO property listings and ensure that the pet friendly apartments have the space and layouts needed for your pet or pets. As an example, a tiny apartment may not be suited to the family with two large dogs.

Also consider the location. You can easily find a certified property in a more suburban rather than urban or city center location, and this might be advantageous to all. A short commute into a business district, industrial area, medical facility or tourism area is worth it if you can have a secure yard for a dog to romp and enjoy.

Ask your property owner about the local resources essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy, and also consider a microchip if you are going to be a frequent traveler. Animal control officers and animal rescue groups always have scanners and can help reunite you and your pets quickly if they are chipped.

Remember to keep your pet’s medications, basic health information and any travel approvals on hand, too.

You may be surprised at the number of people who now travel with pets and the number of pet friendly apartments and rentals welcoming them for short or long stays.