Just WRONG! Corporate Housing Rentals are not “crash pads”!

I really hate it when people are just WRONG!Corporate Housing Expert

FACT: Corporate Housing Rentals come in ALL shapes and sizes.

FICTION: Corporate Housing is only for corporate travelers.

FICTION: Corporate Housing Rentals are Boring.

Truth: Corporate Housing Rentals are AMAZING and should be more than just a “crash pad.”

There are very few things is this world that are worse than ignorance. If you don’t know the answer it is okay to just say so, there really is no need to just make stuff up – really!

Recently a senior director of global mobility for some large credit card company decided to write an article about 5 tips when relocating. Tip #4 and I quote, “Don’t expect temporary housing to be a penthouse at the Ritz (But smile inside if it is!) This is why it’s called temporary-because you won’t stay there long. Yes, it probably won’t face east or have an ocean view.  It might not have shiny new appliances or hardwood floors. But you can expect a bed, a TV, and Internet access, and you’ll be able to wake up and go to work every day. It’s not intended to be a luxurious all-expenses-paid private villa.  Think of it more as a crash pad for the first few weeks, so you can concentrate on ramping up in your new position.”

OMG did she get it WRONG or What!!!

After I get over my frustration that she is just wrong, I guess I just have to feel sorry for her because of her ignorance. I find it hard to believe she has never been to the CHBO website or worked with any of the other AMAZING companies that I work with every day that offer incredible corporate housing rentals.

There are so many incredible corporate housing rentals on CHBO that any corporate housing renter who just settles for a “cash pad” I guess deserves to stay in a less than amazing property.

Take the CHBO Challenge and find an AMAZING Rental on CHBO – don’t settle for anything less!!!!!!

Take a look at Great Corporate Housing Rentals on Pinterest.

Oh look a Villa with a Pool and Pool Table…Pool table






Oh look a corporate housing rental with a View…Rental with a View

Investing: Avoid Scams – 7 must ask Questions

Over the years CHBO has worked a lot with Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. We have traveled across the country to present Corporate Housing real estate investment strategies at their Leadership Summits, we are a featured blogger on their online magazine and even serve on the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. We do all of this because we do believe real estate investing is something that every smart investor should do, however we also believe there is a large learning curve between wanting to make money in real estate and actually seeing money in the bank. For too long the “get rich quick” real estate infomercial has been taunting the unsuspecting investor.  Making Money with Rental Properties

Avoid Scams! Yes, We want you to invest in real estate.Yes, We have seen real results.  But all real estate deals must be researched, verified and quantified before you make the wrong deal. Remember real estate investing is a business and don’t treat it like a casual hobby.

This month there was a great article in the magazine “Seven Signs you are being Scammed,” pickup the current Person Real Estate Investor Magazine at your local store and read more…

Here are some questions to get your started:

Avoid Scams: 7 Questions to Ask Before you sigh up for than next Real Estate Investment.

  1. How long have they been investing in real estate?
  2. How many real estate properties do they personally own? (Verify it, don’t just take their word for it)
  3. How does their investment technique actually work and do the math?
  4. Is the program legal and does it work in the CURRENT real estate market?
  5. Referrals, What do other investors say about the program?
  6. How much does the entire program cost?
  7. Is there a money back guarantee?

Did you know CHBO has a Guarantee

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