How to Address Travel Insurance Objections with Corporate Tenants

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As the owner of fully furnished apartments for rent, you are aware of the benefit to your tenant when they purchase travel accidental rental damage insurance. However, getting a tenant to understand that can be more complicated. Couching your tenants through their options may be something you have to do, and we have some tips.

CHBO Property Spotlight: Luxury Furnished Home with Sunset Vistas Las Vegas

Las Vegas At Night

Las Vegas may bring to mind bright lights and big city, but this Las Vegas corporate housing option is far from the norm. The four-bedroom home is located in a natural setting in the Red Rock Canyon area and has beautiful views you’d never find on the strip. This home offers a large private backyard that looks out on Red Rock Conservation Area for something far away from the typical Vegas hustle and bustle. It’s large enough for the whole family and unlike any other housing you will find in the area.

There’s no need to worry about a long commute from the property, either. Everything from Zappos, Amazon, IBM, and the University of Nevada is only a few minutes’ drive away. Numerous casinos, hospitals, medical centers, and sports teams are also right in the vicinity, so you can do what you came to Las Vegas for and be back at your Las Vegas corporate housing in no time. Those who want to spend time at the strip can reach it in under half an hour. The same goes for several casinos, resorts, and the famous Summerlin Medical Center.

While the location is out of this world, there is plenty going for the home itself. This Las Vegas corporate housing is a two-story dwelling that offers four and a half bathrooms along with the four bedrooms. The home itself is in a luxurious gated community to offer the utmost in security, privacy, and tranquility. The living room boasts a piano, fireplace, and beautiful furnishings to make you feel right at home. On the ground floor, you will find a gourmet kitchen, dining room, and a decked-out family room. The second floor holds the bedrooms, each with a private bath, along with an office and balcony.

Las Vegas 2019

Outside the home you will find plenty of parking, many mature trees, and more to truly feel as if you are away from it all at your own home. With convenience to almost everything and all the amenities you could want, this is one home you do not want to sleep on. You can enjoy the fun of the city while having your own space away from it all when you like. If you want to reserve this home for a short-term rental while in Las Vegas, get in touch with David and Denise before someone else snatches it up.

How to Do New Year’s Right, According to ‘CHBO’

New Year Eve Celebrations

If you watch movies that feature a New Year’s scene, and particularly those in which a large group counts down to midnight, you’ll often find that some sort of romantic twist is also incorporated into the moment. As one writer said of this tradition in so many movies, “New Year’s Eve is a big deal, a natural moment for a significant revelation about where you are in your life. And of course it isn’t. The New Year’s Eve party is the party that you want to be so great that it can’t help but be a disappointment in the end.” That’s why the team at CHBO want to help you learn how to do New Year’s Eve right, even if you’re in one of their premium furnished apartments.

CHBO is a resource for those seeking corporate housing for rent (as well as those offering it), and they believe that it is furnished apartments of this kind that can help you get that unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience. It won’t matter if you are thinking about hosting an amazing party or just enjoying a quiet night at home, when you choose their options for corporate housing for rent, you’re taking the first step to success.

Why? First and foremost, they make furnished apartments available in almost any location imaginable. Looking for some corporate housing for rent in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods or a high-rise in Manhattan? There are many ideal furnished apartments to choose from. Perhaps you want corporate housing for rent in a suburban or rural area a short distance from a city or other destination? Those are also an option.

New Year Eve Celebrations

So, start with a property in a place you have dreamt of spending time and you’ve set the stage for a good New Year’s Eve. After all, it will be fully furnished with premium entertainment equipment, a quality kitchen, and all kinds of amenities.

Then, host a perfect gathering of friends or colleagues. Start the party around 9PM, make it a BYOB or even no-alcohol celebration, watch the ball drop, and wind things down by 1AM and it is sure to be a hit.

If you let Hollywood tell you how to do New Year’s Eve right, you’ll find yourself disappointed. Instead, YOU set the stage in a beautifully appointed property in a fantastic location, and start the new year properly and in style!