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Corporate Housing News

Remote Security for Your Furnished Rental Home

  Landlords lose money when their rental properties go unoccupied, but they risk losing even more if the empty property is burglarized. And tenan read more

Virtual Tours and Your Corporate Rental

Do you know how to properly photograph your fully furnished rentals to their best advantage? Most property owners are unfamiliar with the long list of read more

Tips for Preventing Subletting in Your corporate apartment rentals

If you follow trends in housing, you see that furnished housing rentals and corporate apartment rentals have spiked over the past few years – pa read more

Go Bigger and Go Home – A Look at Real Estate Upsizing

Have you, like millions of others, watched the whole tiny homes trend develop? People downsizing their possessions to such a degree that living in hom read more

Trends and Changes in the Corporate Housing Industry

On a regular basis, we assess the trends in the corporate housing industry. In a Corporate Housing Report, we looked at the role of corporate rentals read more

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