Corporate Housing Must Know: The Walking Score

What is my corporate housing property’s walking score and how can that help me get my corporate housing rental property rented? Questions and Answers!


Rental Marketing about Walking Score

Is your neighborhood walkable?

How much fun is your neighborhood?

Must I have a car?

What is the quality of life around the rental?

How can I have fun?


They call it “Walking Score” or “Walkability” and it is not only great information to know it will help you connect with your next qualified corporate housing renter. There are also “Bike Scores” and “Transit Scores” all of these are easy to find on the internet and great additional information to add to your rental property marketing description.

Definition: Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking. Walkability has many health, environmental, and economic benefits. Factors influencing walkability include the presence or absence and quality of footpaths, sidewalks or other pedestrian rights-of-way, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, and safety, among others.

So how does a walk score work?

A property “Walk Score” is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address.

90–100 Walker’s Paradise:
Daily errands do not require a car.

70–89 Very Walkable:
Most errands can be accomplished on foot.

50–69 Somewhat Walkable:
Some errands can be accomplished on foot.

25–49 Car-Dependent:
Most errands require a car.

0–24 Car-Dependent:
Almost all errands require a car.

Learn more corporate housing rental marketing tips on the CHBO Blog. Just Search Marketing.

Corporate Housing Design: Mini, Micro Kitchen Appliances

If you have read any of the real estate news these days, especially in California, they say the Micro Apartment is all the rage. Gone are the days where space is abundant.  Now they are building 300 and 400 square foot apartments to provide housing for the next generation at affordable rates.  My first real estate investment was a 400 square foot Corporate Housing rental in San Francisco and it included everything from a washer and dryer in the unit, full kitchen and views of the city.  It really was a perfect rental for the professional corporate housing traveler who would be in the city for a few months and it had a terrific walking score.  If you own or rent real estate do you know the walking score of your property?

So what do you need to know about mico apartments and getting the kitchen ready? Kerrie Kelly is an award winning interior designer that gives us some of her tips about mini appliances and the kitchen…

Mini Appliances Can Make a Big Difference in Smaller Corporate Housing Rental Kitchens
By Kerrie Kelly

The kitchen is a major focal point for most corporate housing rental hunters, and for good reason. As U.S. News reports, the kitchen is one of the first things to catch a potential renter’s eye, and returns 66 percent of the investment for home sellers.

So much of what makes a rental a home happens in the kitchen. We cook and clean and socialize with friends and family every day in that space. So, whether you’re a property owner or a tenant, making the most of a rental kitchen is a solid investment of time, resources and effort.

Furnished Corporate Housing RentalOf course, kitchens in rental units are a little smaller than they are in single-family homes, but that really doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and efficiency. One great way to save square footage, as well as counter space, is to invest in smaller appliances.

Check out our top six corporate housing rental property mini masterpieces and see whether they work for you and your real estate.

The Not-Quite-So-Big Fridge
The first thing most people think of when they hear the phrase “mini-fridge” is that half-size refrigerator they had in the dorm at college. Most of our clients are unaware that there’s a whole line of refrigerators that exist right in between dorm model and the restaurant-sized model. A standard refrigerator is between 25 and 30 cubic feet, but you can get the same look and functionality on a smaller scale with one that comes in around 18 cubic feet. They come with gallon-drawers in the door, crispers, deli boxes, and a freezer-just like the one you grew up with, only about one-third smaller.

A Range of Ranges Rental Upgrades
Mini-ranges get a bad rap because, if you’ve seen one, chances are that it was in pretty sad shape. But today, mini ranges are available in any style or finish that you could want, with all the bells and whistles. Looking for a self-cleaning, stainless steel range and oven with convection capability? No problem. A standard range is about 28 inches across, and a mini is 24, so you’re not giving up much cook space, while gaining some crucial square footage in a tight kitchen. Add a stove top cover to maximize that counter space.

Toasting the Good Life
Toaster ovens have come a long way since your dorm days. You can now score a countertop or built-in model fit for a high-end kitchen. With up to 1800 watts of power, convection capability and digital interfaces, you kick it up several notches past your trusty pizza bagel and make everything from chocolate chip cookies to rib eyes and-oh yeah, actual pizza. If you entertain a lot, a good toaster oven makes a great companion to that mini-range.

Dishwasher In a Drawer
This is one of our favorites in the mini department. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a smaller dishwasher built into your cabinetry. You can find them in 24- or 36-inch widths, and as short as 19 inches. They also come with all the features of a full-size unit, and can hold a minimum of eight place settings-about half the size of a standard model.

The Pull-Out Microwave
The same design principle mentioned for dishwashers has been aKitchen Designpplied to microwave ovens. Microwave drawers come in the same range of sizes as standard models-the only difference is that you pull the door open and the oven slides out like a drawer. Close it up, program your cooking instructions and walk away. That top access also allows you to stir food mid-microwaving without removing it from the oven. To top it off, they give the kitchen a very custom feel.

Diminutive Dryers
Now, here’s one I wish I did have back in those dorm days. Portable clothes dryers are generally about 25 inches square and obviously take a greatly reduced load of clothes compared to a standard dryer. But this can be a great perk in a rental where laundry is either off-site or down several flights of stairs. Remember, a few loads of laundry in the washing machine takes a lot less time than drying. These dryers allow you to cut your laundromat time in half, if you don’t mind running a few extra loads in the dryer.

What are your favorite mini masterpiece appliances in your apartment?

Kerrie Kelly writes on kitchen appliances, big and small, for Home Depot. An award-winning California-based interior designer, Kerrie relishes in helping owners with small spaces think big, like when it comes to mini-refrigerators. For Home Depot’s selection of mini refrigerators, including styles referred to by Kerrie, visit the website.

Your Listing Description SUCKS

Without renters, your property sits empty. Not only does that mean you’re not making any money off it, but it means that property is actually costing you. You’ve got a mortgage payment to make, insurance, utilities, and the list goes on. An untenanted property is a serious drain on your finances, and you might actually be sabotaging your results with a lackluster listing description. You’ve got one chance to grab the attention of those interested in short-term apartments – the description. If it sucks, then so will your results. Not sure how to breathe some new life into that description? Let us shed some light on the situation.

What to Describe

If there’s one thing that plagues the majority of property owners when listing short-term Writing listing Descriptionapartments, it’s the failure to describe the property adequately. Sure, you’ve got the high points covered, but that’s not enough, not by half. Here’s what you need to do.

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Get Local and Get to Know: Houston Corporate Housing

In a city the size of Houston, Texas, it’s a simple matter to locate corporate housing options and luxury apartments. There are literally thousands of options available. It’s the largest city in Texas, and that means “big”. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? With 2.19 million people living within its boundaries, Houston’s actually one of the largest cities in the entire country (the fourth most populous in the US).

Houston Corporate Housing features some of the most appealing luxury apartments and other corporate housing rentals in and around Houston.

Houston is a hub for virtually every industry on the planet. It’s one of the busiest port cities on earth, and it’s also a center for technology, aeronautics, space exploration, healthcare, transportation and energy production to name just a few. Corporations in the Houston area are bringing in more and more employees, as well as hiring temporary workers. In addition to corporations and big businesses, entrepreneurs and small businesses are also gravitating to the city like never before thanks to Texas’ booming economy and business-friendly policies. Each of these individuals requires a place to live during their stay – that’s where Houston corporate housing comes in.

At CHBO, we specialize in helping connect businesses and travelers with property owners. Our rental tools help owners learn about the corporate housing industry, the growing demand, and the problems inherent with short-term rentals (under 30 days), which can leave them paying excessively high hotel taxes (just look at the situation in New York and San Francisco to see the devastating effect companies like AirBNB have had on the industry).

CHBO highlights unique, diverse and high-quality temporary housing options throughout Houston and the surrounding area. From executives to small businesses, finding corporate housing has never been simpler. Whether you’re looking for a basic option or prefer to peruse luxury apartments, CHBO connects you with the ideal owners.

There are numerous reasons why companies choose corporate housing in Houston, but one of the most common is for monetary savings. Given the high cost of living in the city and the ability to obtain luxury apartments and other forms of corporate housing through CHBO at a fraction of the cost involved with other extended stay rental options, it’s no wonder that so many business owners and decision makers choose this solution.

Featured CHBO Power Owner: Nino Properties

Founded in 1984, Nino Properties has remained true to their purpose – providing a true home for those seeking corporate housing in Houston and the surrounding area. From apartment leasing to residential real estate and even nationwide temporary executive housing, Nino Properties delivers. Nino Properties

Current listings for Nino Properties range from a luxury condo in Midtown to the Amalfi at Hermann Park, the Lofts on Post Oak, Egret Bay, Sterling Green Condominiums, a one-bedroom in the Galleria area and much more.

Nino Properties also specializes in ensuring that property owners are able to find the perfect tenants, with short-term leasing from month to month, and even multi-month agreements.

Featured Houston Property:

This gorgeous one-bedroom, one-bath property is available for just $2200 per month, with a $1500 security deposit. It’s located in Houston’s Central Galleria with shopping, dining and nightlife options jusHouston Corporate Housingt steps away.

It also has access to a resort-style pool, fitness center and a clubhouse and business center. Learn More

Featured Houston Property:

This incredible home offers four bedrooms and two baths. It’s completely furnished, from cookware to bed linens, too. And at just $2350 per month (3 month Houston Corporate Housingminimum), it’s a steal. The yard boasts four mature oak trees, and there’s even a 64-inch TV in the living room, as well as a covered patio with a grill in the back yard. Learn More


“I am a CHBO member and thanks to your website, both of our properties here in Houston are rented. I need to know what is generally accepted as a percentage increase in rent. We have kept our rental amounts per month stable because our tenants have renewed their leases. It is time to increase since it has been over 2 years. What is a fair and industry standard rental increase by percentage. Thanks, Lucy Caire” – Property Owner, Houston, Texas

Do you have a story about renting or living in Houston, Texas? Share your thoughts with us in our LinkedIn Group.

Property Management: Creating a Furnished Executive Rental

How do I get started turning my rental into a corporate / executive furnished rental? Here at CHBO we get this question every day. From a big picture perspective we always suggest reading the CHBO Real Estate Corporate Housing Report and The Corporate Housing Handbook to give the best overall details.  

But don’t get lost in all the details and how many forks are expected when your tenant arrives. Start by applying common sense. Think of yourself as the business executive who gets paid well and has a lot demanded of them. Then think of this person being asked to travel to a new city to live for months at a time with high expectations on the success of their project. What would you want your rental property to look like? What little touches would make your stay better than average. So it is simple, start by thinking about your client and then think about your rental.

Sometimes the little touches make all the difference. Today we are going to dive into paint color and what works and what will set your furnished executive rental apart from other rentals and get your property rented…

How to Get Your Furnished Executive Rental Property Exterior Paint Color Right
by Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Especially in the case of executive rentals, an exterior color palette is crucial. It’s the first thing your potential tenants see, and it welcomes them to imagine the possibilities of making a home there. To maximize the features of the surrounding area, there are many factors to consider, including the neighboring homes. With a little planning and research, you’ll find a color scheme that really makes your rental shine.

Furnished HousesWork with what you’ve got: Take a step back from your house and make note of any interesting architectural elements. First, consider the elements of the home that are not going to change: the roof, chimney, fencing, driveways, landscaping etc., and look for colors and tones that will help you to bring those elements together. How about the trim? If you don’t have much, it’s really worth considering adding window casings and exterior shutters to make the house look more like an executive home, and to make it more architecturally interesting.

Accentuate the positive: You absolutely want to find a color scheme that draws attention to what sets your house apart. Trim, door casings, exterior shutters, railings-it’s all fair game. When you find a color that makes them pop, you won’t believe how much curb appeal you add with so little cost and effort.

Keep up with the Joneses: Of course, you want your house to stand out, but you don’t want it to clash with the surrounding homes. Drive around the neighborhood to get a good sense of the parameters you’re working with in choosing a paint scheme.

Don’t forget that front door makes your executive rental: Nothing is more welcoming that a front door that makes a strong statement with color. Once you’ve picked your overall color scheme, look for contrasting colors that don’t clash. Black, red (but a pick a few shades darker than your first choice), and lime green are our current favorites, but obviously those colors won’t work everywhere.

Furnished Monthly LeasingLook at the light: With an exterior color palette, it’s especially important to buy a few quarts of paint and experiment. You want to look at the house throughout the day, as the light changes, to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

Play some tricks on your eyes: Light and color play lots of tricks with our eyes, and some of those tricks can be used to your advantage. For instance, if you’re working with a deep lot, painting the house a lighter color will bring it forward, visually. If you’re going for a greater sense of privacy and seclusion, a darker shade might work best. Make a house look taller by painting it a lighter shade near the top, or shrink it a bit for a cozier feel by going darker as you go up. If you decide to go with gradient painting, definitely hire a professional to get the job done right!

Choose! The easiest way to begin narrowing colors is to look at different shades of color on the same paint chip. Consider whether the lighter shade at the top would make a good trim or body color, and vice versa. The contrast gives the house a crisp, clean appearance, and the attention to detail makes it seem cared for and homey. Remember that the trim, casings and exterior shutters take up quite a bit of real estate on the facade, and that you want to welcome your tenants rather than overwhelm them.

What colors are you thinking of for your executive rental property? What will make the right lasting impression to find the corporate renter you want?

Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning California interior designer who writes on home styles and design for Home Depot. The author of the popular DIY style book Home Décor: A Sunset Design Guide, Kerrie seeks to provide inspiration, as well as top-notch practical advice, to homeowners. Home Depot’s wide selection of doors and windows, including styles that Kerrie writes about, can be viewed on the company’s website.

Get Local: New Orleans Corporate Housing

Get Local: New Orleans Corporate Housing

The Big Easy has never been better, and it’s never been easier to find New Orleans corporate housing. The city is seeing huge demand from a number of different industries. That means growth and profitability, but it also means the new for New Orleans temporary housing for professionals in those industries. From the movie industry to oil to downtown’s new medical corridor, that need has grown considerably.

New Orleans Corporate Housing delivers the right listings for your needs, giving you access to houses, apartments and condos throughout NOLA and the surrounding area.

What’s more New Orleans than enjoying a stroll down Bourbon Street, or visiting the French Quarter, and then returning to your home for some hot coffee and creole cooking? Whether you love gumbo, crawfish etouffe or something else completely, it’s all here in NOLA. Of course, New Orleans is also home to a diverse and growing number of industries. Medicine, oil, entertainment – it’s all here.

Of course, you’ll need a place to stay while you’re in town, whether you’re here for a month or a year. New Orleans corporate housing is available in a range of suit any needs, from independent business owners and contractors to the entertainment industry and business travelers working for Fortune 500 companies alike.

While the Big Easy might not be as expensive as New York City or San Francisco, it’s more expensive than many people believe, particularly when you start considering New Orleans temporary housing. Gas, groceries, mass transit – those costs all come out of your pocket. The right housing can make all the difference, ensuring that your budget goes further.

For owners, CHBO helps you improve your budget by ensuring that you’ve got renters for your home, apartment or condo, and that you’re not pitted against short-term rentals in town.

Of course, Corporate Housing By Owner is also dedicated to helping property owners get their houses, condos and apartments in front of the right audience. We’ve helped numerous owners and managers throughout New Orleans not only list their property, but to keep it tenanted over time. Property owners face serious challenges in today’s marketplace, and are being forced to compete with a wide range of new platforms (including AirBNB). With a focus on 30-day rentals or longer, CHBO is different, and ensures both security and profitability.

Featured New Orleans Properties:

Classic New Orleans Vibrant BywaterNew Orleans Furnished Housing

Located with easy access to everything that greater New Orleans has to offer, this home is expansive and affordable. At just $1,950 per month with a $950 security deposit, it’s a gorgeous yet convenient place to call home during your stay in NOLA.



Marisa loved her stay at this property so much, she said, “We loved our stay at Gretchen’s place in the Bywater SO much we ended up staying for 7 months! The Bywater is a quiet, artsy neighborhood with really excellent restaurants and nightlife within walking distance. We were also biking distance from the French Quarter (which is the perfect distance if you are going to be in New Orleans for longer than a weekend). The house was exactly as described and as seen in the photos. We loved the unobtrusive updates that made the house feel clean and modern while still preserving all the original charm of the historic New Orleans shotgun style. The one thing that doesn’t come across in the photos is how tall the ceilings are. We already miss our sweet house in the Bywater and our amazing host Gretchen!

French Quarter Classic

Who wouldn’t want to be front and center in the French Quarter? When it comes to New Orleans corporate housing it doesn’t get much better than this.Corporate Housing New Orleans

At just $2,650 per month, renters get professionally designed interiors, including original works of art and modern furnishings, and some of the most impressive views imaginable.


Featured Client Testimonial:

Key to NOLA stated, “New Orleans has experienced an extraordinary demand for corporate rental housing. Clients include households who rent temporarily while looking for a more permanent home in New Orleans as well as business and leisure travelers who are here for months at a time. As a real estate brokerage specializing in corporate rentals, Key to NOLA is entering the new year with nearly 100% occupancy.”

If you have never experienced life in New Orleans, it’s a “must” for everyone. Whether you’re interested in seeing Mardi Gras firsthand, or want to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning business boom, now’s the time, and CHBO makes it simple and easy.

Have you had any experience in New Orleans? Whether you’ve taken advantage of the many options for New Orleans corporate housing, or you’re a property owner with experiences to share, we welcome your input. Leave your thoughts.

2015 Trends: Real Estate and Corporate Housing

Top Real Estate and Corporate Housing Predications for 2015

What are your goals for 2015?  Looking for the right investment? Wanting to increase your revenue? Want to save for a rainy day? These are all noble new year’s resolutions. So what does that actually mean and what does it look like and how are we going to get there?

Corporate Housing Real EstateReal Estate Investing: Houston looks like the best bet for investors this year with San Francisco, Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth a close second.

Predictions: According to CHBO Real Estate Corporate Housing Survey respondents, the outlook for 2015 is the best yet! In fact, the number of respondents who say the future looks “much better than last year” rose to 23%, up an incredible 7%.

More good news… 47% say they predict that 2015 will be either much better or a little better than 2014 – up 11% from the previous year.

Only 4% say they believe 2015 will be less profitable – down from 6% of respondents who believed that 2014 would be less profitable.

Those who say they are “not sure” about the future also dropped to all time low of 11%. It appears those “not sure” about 2014 have become very positive about 2015.

Get started with the basics: Idiot’s Guide – Making Money with Rental Properties

Profit: 2014 was the most profitable year yet for Real Estate Corporate Housing Landlords! Successful real estate corporate housing property owners tell us this CHBO Annual Report provides useful industry information, trends and new ideas that allows them to increase the annual returns they get from their rental properties.

If you are new to corporate housing rentals, you may want to know what other corporate housing property owners think about profitability. Great news, 93% of respondents report their properties are profitable or breakeven.

Continuing an encouraging trend, positive responses are on the rise with a drop of 7% of those respondents reporting that they only broke-even. In fact, over the last 4 years, there has been a huge 18% drop in property owners who say they just breakeven with their rentals and 5% drop in unprofitable rentals.

First Time Buyers: Best 5 markets in 2015 according to Stan Humphries the chief economist of Zillow, will be Pittsburgh, Hartford, CT, Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

What are your Investment Goals: Is your goal to build equity in your rental property?  Create a positive monthly cash flow?  Create a large tax deduction?  Have a property you can use from time to time when you want to get out of town?  Or rent it for a while and just sell it for a profit?

Now is the best time to become an educated real estate investor and to learn how to maximize your investment portfolio with a real estate corporate housing rental. CHBO can help guide you on best practices. Give us a shout!

Get Local: Buenos Aires Corporate Housing

City Spotlight: Buenos Aires

It might be the capital and largest city of Argentina, but there’s a lot that makes Buenos Aires stand out beyond that. It’s an incredibly beautiful city, bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and home to some of the most amazing events and sights in the Western Hemisphere. The city has grown in recent years to become not only a hub for international trade, but one of the premier destinations for travelers of all types.

The Growing Need for Buenos Aires Corporate Housing

Back in 2003, Buenos Aires saw just 3 million international travelers. Fast forward to today – the city has hosted almost 6 million travelers. That growth is expected to continue at roughly 3.3% each year through 2030 according to the United Nations. Many of those are vacationers, but a significant percentage are business travelers in town for 30 days or longer, and all in need of Buenos Aires furnished rentals. CHBO provides travelers with access to Buenos Aires corporate housing by partnering with property owners and managers throughout the city and surrounding area. It’s never been simpler to find the perfect place to call home while in town, whether you’re heading to Argentina for business or pleasure.

Why the sudden surge in travel, though? One of the most commonly cited reasons is the monetary situation. Argentina is still struggling after a particularly tough recession, and the nation’s currency has seen significant devaluation. While that’s bad news for locals, it means that international business travelers can make their money go farther (by as much as 30%).

This creates a unique opportunity for both Argentinians and for business and pleasure travelers. Vacationers and business people interested in Buenos Aires corporate housing can find luxurious accommodations available for far less than they would pay in other nations around the world. However, Buenos Aires homeowners and property managers will see an influx of foreign capital, which is far stronger than the local peso. The immediate upshot of this is that both sides win – travelers save money, while property owners earn more than would be possible by renting to local residents. CHBO is proud to play an important role in bringing both owners and renters together to make the most of this unprecedented situation.

Buenos Aires corporate housing gives travelers the opportunity to stay in the heart of the city, close to the ocean or any other area of town, and enjoy direct access to everything here. From the downtown business corridor to the recreation opportunities available to the east and south, there’s so much to explore in this Argentinian city.

Featured Buenos Aires Corporate Housing Listings

Central San Telmo

Looking for a lot of space for not a lot of money? This four-bedroom in San Telmo gives you a prime location for business and leisure travel, and it only costs $3175 per month. This is one of the most complete Buenos Aires furnished rentals, with comfortable furnishings throughout the entire home. It’s never been easier to find a corporate rental with enough space for a business team. A security deposit of $500 is required, as is a onetime administrative fee of $45. Buenos Aires Furnished Rental


Central Recoleta

At just $1750 per month, this one-bedroom one-bath apartment delivers old world charm coupled with one of the best locations for business travelers. Leisure travelers will also benefit from the nearby shopping and dining options. Everything is within walking distance from this convenient property. It includes a one-time administrative fee of just $45.Central Recoleta corporate rental


Featured Client Testimonial:

CHBO is proud to be a trusted partner for owners and managers around the world. From Buenos Aires corporate housing to temporary fully furnished apartments in other Argentinian cities, to locations in Europe, Asia and a presence in virtually every major American city, we strive to bring together owners and those in need of longer-term rentals. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed, and nothing makes us happier than reviews from our users.

Geri said, “Thank you, happy to report that we have our first tenants. They really like the house and even said that it would be worth every penny of the $3995. Great news and they are going to rent for the entire month of November. Now I’m going to learn how to do a credit check. So far, so good. I may be calling with questions. Thanks CHBO.

Featured Power Owner: 

“The city of Buenos Aires is a haven for corporate housing. For years now, it has been host to high-level executives from multinational companies, world-class businessmen from all around the world and ambassadors and attaches from several different embassies. Companies and embassies can be found all around the city, which is why our strategically located apartments in areas such as Recoleta, Palermo and Barrio Norte fit each of these categories perfectly when it comes to corporate housing.” – Max Gö

What do you think about the outlook for Buenos Aires corporate housing and the unique situation being created by the monetary devaluation? Do you have any personal or professional experience renting in Argentina? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Facts: Corporate Relocation Trends and Workforce Mobility

Did you happen to catch the most recent Mobility Magazine?  As relocation continues to be the number one reason people need to stay in corporate housing it is always a good idea to watch the numbers, see the trends and know what is going on.  Mobility Options for corporate travelers

Why? Really it is simple:

Need + Mobility = Corporate Housing Renter


Understanding Relocation Trends and Workforce Mobility

Annually Weichert Relocation does a Mobility Survey and they asked “What external factors are driving the demand for a more agile workforce.”

This is how the corporations surveyed responded:

78% Talent Shortage

62% Competitive Nature of the Industry

47% Overall Economic Conditions

42% Increased Project Work

27% elocationeal Estate Market

16% Reluctance Toward Permanent Relocation

8% Regulatory Changes in the Industry

Translation:  A more “agile” workforce means more need for corporate housing.

Of course it makes logical sense to stay in a corporate housing rental if you are only going to be in a new city for a few months.  But what if you are doing a permanent relocation?  One of the trends we are seeing here at CHBO is the need for people to “Test Drive” a neighborhood.  You would never buy a new car without a test drive to see if you like the way it feels, if you can see around any blind spots, or simply to see if it works.  So why do most people just buy a house without understanding more of the details.  Before you buy you should know if you like the local grocery store, know how long your commute will take and maybe even what noise happens in the area at night.

If you are relocating, take the time to find a corporate housing rental on CHBO that is in the area you want to buy.  Take a few  months to actually live in the neighborhood to find answers to your questions and ensure you are making the most educated buying decision possible.

Read more about Corporate Relocation…

Luxury Rentals: What should the Closet Look Like?

The truth is when I travel for a day or a month I really want to stay in a cool property. Even if my trip is to a city like San Francisco for me it adds to the trip to live like a local. I am not interested in being boxed into one little hotel room away from all the charm. I want to be greeted by the front deskman, walk to the bakery for my morning coffee and join the bar down the street for Monday Night Football. 

When I talk about Corporate Housing or Luxury Rentals I always like to stress it is a “Lodging Choice.” I choose to stay in a residential luxury rental in a true residential setting. I choose not to stay in a commercial hotel in a commercial setting.  What do you choose?  Oh and yes it is way more fun to stay in a luxury corporate housing rental that has all theFurmished houses fun stuff like big TVs, Views, Custom Closets and local charm.

Take a look at CHBO Luxury Rental property # 11527 it has a pool and a pool table :)


Tips and Tricks: Corporate Housing Luxury Rentals big or small must have Clever “Closet” Solutions

by Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Tucking all kinds of living spaces—home offices, laundry rooms, media rooms— behind closed doors, where they can stay below the radar until needed, is what maximizing space is all about. If you’re in a small space or a rental, these are definitely amenities you don’t have to give up.

The secret is all behind those closet doors—and it’s time to let the secret out! With the right closet storage and organization equipment, you can make that extra closet into so much more than just another place to store your stuff.

To make the most of the rest of the space you have, let’s start by maximizing the closet you’ll actually use to store your clothes. Whether you’re working with a walk-in or a reach-in, closet organization systems are easy to find and install. Of course, you’ll want to check with the property owner before making any changes, but because closet organization can easily double the storage space in a closet, this is an upgrade most property owners will approve of. Alternatively, there are storage “bells and whistles” that can be hung over a door to maximize spots for shoes, scarves and belts permission-free.

Take stock of what you need to store, and organize accordingly. Plan the number of shelves, baskets or rods you need before you start the procCorporate Rental Tipsess. Then, work on a system that makes sense to you. We recommend a consistent hanger style for efficiency and a soothing, organized look. Keep pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters and coats grouped together, and arrange clothes from light to dark. Find a shoe storage system that keeps your shoes in the best shape possible. We like a shoe shelving system best, but clear plastic boxes or the original box with a quick photo attached to the outside also serve your shoes very well.

Mini Home Office
Tucking away a home office in a spare closet is an increasingly popular option for many of our clients. Use every square inch of that space and, again, plan according to how you actually work. Two nicely finished filing cabinets with a finished slab of wood to fit the entire length of the closet make the most of that space, and provide all the at-hand filing space most home offices require. A simple twin track shelving system rising from the desktop to the ceiling, and the clever and custom use of baskets, boxes and cubbies, gives you plenty of storage and saves room for printers and computer equipment on the desktop. A consistent, preferably light, paint color will enlarge the space visually and reduce the tendency to feel claustrophobic.

Laundry Room
A laundry room is probably the upgrade with the greatest ability to make your rental feel like a home. Best of all, it’s a pretty simple project—and you enCorporate Rental Ideasd up with a laundry room that plenty of folks in more traditional homes would envy. A small, stackable washer and dryer run on a standard 110v outlet, leaving you the rest of the space to create a folding station with hampers and plenty of storage for detergents, an ironing board, and even a drying rack. A hanging rod is another great solution to keep your ironing needs down. You can take clothing right out of the dryer and place directly on the hanger instead of wasting a step folding first. Talk with the property owner about building these items in, or creating a movable version that you can take with you when the time comes.

Media Room
A stylish sofa sleeper, a couple of comfy arm chairs, and clever use of closet space can transform that guest room into a hyper local cineplex. A low media cabinet placed in a standard reach-in closet gives you plenty of room for the screen size of your dreams and all the audio and video equipment you need. The shelf above can easily be transformed into storage for all your media. Technology has advanced so much in recent years that surround sound no longer requires you to be literally surrounded by speakers. A home theater sound bar stays with the television but throws sound all over the room, delivering that opening night theater experience. Take it all to the next level with some heavy curtain panels in a dark color, pop some popcorn in the microwave, sneak a few sweet treats in, and you and the gang will be enjoying the latest releases any time you please.

We’d love to hear your tricks for making your rental feel like home!

California-based interior designer Kerrie Kelly writes on décor, including organizing and maximizing the value of living spaces, for Home Depot. Kerrie’s best tips on closets and closet door utilization are focused on making the most of the space each living area. Kerrie is the author of the book Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide. For a wide selection of doors, including closets doors, available at Home Depot, you can visit the website.

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