City Spotlight: Furnished housing in Jersey City, NJ

As the second most populated city in New Jersey, Jersey City has long stood as a commuter town for those working in Manhattan. However, though it does seem to fall beneath the shadow of the “Big Apple,” it has been growing into its own prominent location too.

Newport Marina (Jersey City)

After all, the Jersey City waterfront and central business district are truly thriving and play home to some of the world’s most recognized company names. Chase Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, ADP, ICAP, Verisk Analytics and UBS are but some of the firms operating there, and part of the reason behind the growing demand for Jersey City corporate housing.

Interestingly enough, the demand for Jersey City furnished housing may not come only from the larger companies with executives traveling to visit their headquarters there. There is also a tremendous amount of retail activity in this region, and the demand for Jersey City corporate housing might also easily be due to the enormous shopping districts flourishing in the city.

Finance is also a huge cause behind any increase Jersey City furnished housing demands and options, with Lord Abbett and Fidelity Investments both operating as major players in the city. Goya Foods is another firm that can create the need for Jersey City corporate housing, especially with the creation of a second headquarters and massive distribution network in nearby Secaucus.

A 2014 announcement that a 95 story building project is in the works also means that anyone with the need for Jersey City furnished housing is likely to find more and more opportunities. This project is supposed to include a major casino and help to grow the city exponentially. So, those who are involved in temporary construction and engineering jobs relating to this project will find they have a good array of short term rentals nearby.

The Geography of Jersey City

The city is divided into three major areas with many smaller neighborhoods scattered throughout. When looking for Jersey City corporate housing or a corporate rental, it is quite easy to find spots in the most convenient areas. The historic district is in the downtown area, and is full of charming low-rise buildings, but you can find Jersey City furnished housing in almost all of the neighborhoods – including Bergen-Lafayette and the Heights too.Whether you need it to commute across the water, preferring to stay in a more residential area than deep within New York, or you are working on a project within Jersey City itself, there are apartments, duplexes and condos, and private homes readily available. Furnished and prepared for short-term travelers, they are superior to any hotel or long-term business option.list-your-property-with-CHBO

In fact, if you are hoping for a home-like setting while working in the city or across the river in New York, paying a visit, or exploring your options for professional relocation, you will want to opt for the “by owner” rentals and Jersey City corporate housing. Comprised of actual homes within the safest and most convenient areas, Jersey City furnished housing is a perfect solution.

Suzette Sommer Tells Her Story About Becoming A Successful Landlord

In 2013, Suzette Sommer had never considered converting her home into an investment. In fact, she had never even thought of the possibility that her gorgeous house might be prime Seattle corporate housing. She did know, though, that she had lost her business, and that, in caring for her dying husband, she had come within a month of foreclosure.

Then she was inspired by a friend staying in a Seattle furnished rental. Suzette’s friend was waiting for her new house to be built, and, as she visited Suzette, she saw how luxurious and comfortable Seattle corporate housing could be. Immediately, she had a brilliant idea to get herself out from under a financial burden and to turn it around into a profitable investment.

Instead of giving up and giving in to foreclosure, Suzette says she got together enough cash to avoid foreclosure and to make some upgrades and minor renovations. This way, she converted the main house to a Seattle furnished rental and created her own mother-in-law suite in her daylight basement. With all new furnishings and appliances, the house was gorgeous and ready to be rented to corporate tenants.

To attract tenants and start profiting from her beautiful home, Suzette then listed her house as a Seattle corporate housing property with us at CHBO. Her first renter contacted her within just a few days, and she was on her way!

Today, Suzette makes enough money renting out the main portion of her home as Seattle corporate housing that she can more than cover her mortgage and utilities. Thus, she’s able to live for free in her own spacious basement apartment.

CHBO vs. Other Furnished Rental Services

At first, in addition to CHBO, Suzette experimented with Airbnb and other corporate housing listing sites. She said, though, that “working with CHBO was the most profitable and convenient experience she had.”Suzette’s homeShe did not like that Airbnb would not let her screen potential renters, and listing on Zillow didn’t do her property justice, as she couldn’t differentiate her house from unfurnished rentals in the area. Because she has a Seattle furnished rental, and not an empty house, she is able to command higher rental rates from corporate tenants, and listing and advertising with CHBO has helped her do just that.

For more information on Suzette’s property, visit her listing, or you can find out about becoming a CHBO advertiser here.

City Spotlight: Detroit, MI furnished housing rentals

The Michigan city with the highest population, Detroit is the fourth largest city throughout the American Midwest. Sharing a border with Canada, it is also a uniquely metropolitan city with more than 70% of its inhabitants within the metro area. Because of its location and its many different types of businesses, there is always the need for Detroit corporate apartment options.Ditroit corporate housing

The Geography of Detroit

Situated on the Detroit River, it is a point that connects the Great Lakes to the Lawrence Seaway. It is also home to a major airport that serves as the hub for a long list of commercial lines. Its economy is the second largest in the Midwest, and it is home to three Fortune 500 firms. These major businesses in the city focus on health care, technology, finance and manufacturing.

Names such as General Motors, Chrysler, Quicken, DTE Energy, Little Caesars, and Shinola are but a few of the enormous firms with a presence in the city. Clearly, with so much corporate activity, there is going to be the need for Detroit furnished housing.
Currently, more than eighty thousand people work in the city’s downtown area, and these firms are in addition to a long list of large companies with more global profiles. For example, HP, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte are all present in the downtown area of Detroit, and also create the ongoing need for Detroit corporate apartment options.

Midtown Detroit is home to the central business district, another source for the growing need for Detroit furnished housing. Yet unlike many cities, the Detroit CBD is where a great deal of education and medicine are found. There is the Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System in the Midtown area, but so too is Wayne State University. Tech firms have taken hold in this part of the city and also create more demand for Detroit corporate apartment opportunities.

Many firms have opted to relocate into the downtown and midtown areas from the suburbs, and firms like Compuware, OnStar and Blue Cross Blue Shield are now also causing an increase in the need for suitable Detroit furnished housing convenient to the many different workplaces.

Currently, the largest residential area is the midtown region with an occupancy rate of close to 100%, and this has stimulated development, but also made it possible to find a Detroit corporate apartment on the perimeters of the busiest and most dynamic neighborhoods.

The options for Detroit furnished housing include private homes in the suburban areas, and many Detroit corporate apartment choices. The city actually has a high Walk Score that makes it one of the most walkable large cities in the United States. Roughly 2/3 of the populace will dine out or attend events within the city proper.

With much to see and do, and a thriving midtown and downtown district, those who need Detroit furnished housing are in luck. This city is on the ascendancy and has much corporate and business activity, along with many unique areas in which to enjoy a short-term lease on corporate or furnished housing.

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Why Corporate Housing Is Ideal for Incoming Government Officials

With the presidential elections coming up in November and local elections happening all over the US, there will be a lot of incoming government officials settling into their new jobs in Washington, DC come January. No matter who wins the presidency, because President Obama will be leaving, we will be looking at a whole new set of faces at the White House, as well as in the Senate and House of Representatives. For those coming to DC for the first time, there will be a transition period in which executive homes will be very helpful.


Make the Transition Smoother

Elected and appointed government officials coming to DC for the first time will eventually want to buy or rent homes on a more long-term basis. However, by choosing executive homes or furnished apartments, they can make the transition much smoother.

Instead of packing up all of their furniture and putting it in storage, or moving it into and then out of a short-term rental, they can move into a fully furnished apartment or house, where they can immediately settle in and start getting to know the area. This will give them the freedom to search for the best neighborhoods, school districts for their kids, and other details instead of making a mad dash to find a house and move in before they begin their term.

Get to Work Instead of Worrying About Housing

If you have been elected or appointed to a new position in Washington, you likely want to get into your new office and begin your job so that you can make a difference for the people of the United States and especially for the people in your home state.

At the same time, you likely aren’t looking forward to living in a hotel room for a few weeks or months. You may not even have the funds to stay in a comfortable hotel, either. Instead, why not find a more affordable and comfortable option that you can call home.
Plus, if you will only be in DC for a few weeks or months out of the year, you may want to choose executive homes or furnished apartments so that you will save money on expensive hotel prices without signing a long-term lease on a house or apartment that would remain empty most of the year. Check out some of the best executive homes in DC today.

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Target Your Tenants’ Demographic

If you’re like a lot of investment property owners, you probably want to know how you can attract the very best tenants for your short-term rental properties. After all, if you’re renting temporary apartments in a luxury area, you want to find the kinds of tenants who can afford to pay your rental rates and who will be more likely to take care of your property, right?target-audience

In a lot of cases, finding the best tenants actually has a lot to more to do with targeting the right demographics than background checks. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t run background and/or credit checks on your potential tenants, but if you target the correct demographics, you’ll basically have pre-screened your tenants for income, lifestyle, etc.

Know Your Location

So how can you market your short-term rental to the right tenants? Start by taking a good look at your property and its location. Is your property located within an easy commute of a large financial district? If so, you may want to start focusing your advertising and marketing efforts on business sites and publications. And you may want to develop your brand on social media and your other online presences as catering to businessmen and women.

Write a Targeted Listing

How you write your listing could do a lot for you, as well. If your property is located near a hospital and you expect a large percentage of your tenants to be medical professionals who will be working long hours under a lot of stress, you’ll want to focus on how quiet, convenient, and peaceful your property is. If you’re in an area with a big draw for tourists, you’ll want to play up the location and how it is right around the corner from everywhere that your tenants want to be.

Basically, the better you know your area and your potential tenants, the better you can target your listing to them. If you target your listing correctly, then you can post it to social media and other platforms, and you’ll be on your way to getting more tenants and less vacancy time.

Expect Fewer Applicants But More Success

This might sound crazy, but if you focus your marketing efforts on your ideal tenants’ demographic, you’re going to get fewer applications – and that’s a good thing! Why? Because almost all of those applications will be qualified tenants who are looking for a short-term rental like yours in your area.
In other words, those other applications that you might get if you went with a broader marketing scheme would only make your property look like it’s more popular. A lot of them would fall through, or the applicants would flake out on you, and you’d end up with a lot of wasted time and energy going through applications and background checks that simply will not pan out.

Think of it like dating. If you know your type, then you can filter out people you know you won’t be attracted to. When you know your ideal tenants’ demographic, you can weed out a lot of people who wouldn’t qualify to rent your temporary apartments from you.

Advertise Where Your Tenants Hang Out

Finally, as you figure out your tenants’ demographics for your short-term rental, you should also do a little bit of research on the places where your tenants spend time, both online and in the real world. Pay attention to their preferred social media sites, the businesses they patronize, and other habits they have. Again, the better you know your tenants, the better you’ll know where to advertise temporary apartments to them and the more time your property will spend occupied instead of vacant.

City Spotlight – Corporate Housing Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is one of the most beautiful, unique, and historically rich cities in all of Europe. For those who love city life, it has all the amenities and features of any large European capital – you’ll love it as much as Paris, Berlin, or London! The architecture is gorgeous, and there’s always something going on. Staying in Brussels serviced apartments could afford you access to innumerable cultural events and all kinds of museums, nightlife, dining opportunities, and more.brussel corporate housing

Of course, not everyone wants to live in the middle of a bustling metropolis, and this is what sets Brussels apart from many other European cities.

Traveling to Brussels in the near future? You may want to consider staying in one of the many Brussels serviced apartments we have advertised on CHBO. For those who do not prefer big city life, Brussels is actually much more manageable. There are plenty of places to live where you will have room to breathe, stretch your legs, and feel as though you do not live in a city at all if you want.

Another reason to love Brussels is that its relatively small population (176,124 people) represents 163 different nationalities. Why is it so much more diverse than other cities? Because it is home to the Capital of the European Union! You cannot walk down the street in Brussels without hearing multiple languages and seeing people from all over the world. This melting pot city offers a wonderful balance of historical and contemporary styles, as well as urban and rural appeal.

Staying in a Corporate Apartment in Brussels

The best way to experience any city – especially one as rich in culture and history as Brussels – is to really live in it, not just stay in a hotel. This is why so many people traveling for business or pleasure stay in Brussels serviced apartments. For less money than you would spend on a hotel, you can have a luxurious furnished apartment where you can really feel at home at the end of each day.

Plus, Brussels corporate apartments have the best locations. They’re situated in neighborhoods within an easy commute of the city’s most popular business districts, schools, and entertainment. If you’re thinking of staying in Brussels for a few weeks or months this year, check out our available Brussels serviced apartments and see how much better your whole experience can be!

City Spotlight: Reno and Sparks Corporate Housing, NV

Most people know that Reno, NV is often described as the “biggest little city in the world” and is the second most populated city in the state after Las Vegas. It is also set in a remarkably scenic area, high in the deserts that rest along the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and home to much more than a thriving gambling industry. Though the casinos, hotels, restaurants and shops that draw millions of travelers are major economic factors in the city, companies such as Braeburn Capital, EE Technologies, GTECH’s gaming division, and Bally Technologies have their headquarters here – and each creates a demand for Reno corporate housing and rentals.Reno skylineNearby, the smaller city of Sparks is considered part of the same metropolitan area of Reno and has really boomed since the 1990s. It is also a thriving casino town, but has a long list of light industries as well. Combined, these two areas create a demand for Reno corporate housing and Sparks furnished housing of all kinds.

The famous automaker, Tesla, has just built a plant here, and some of the largest employers in this region are not part of the gambling industry. You may need Reno corporate housing or Sparks furnished housing because of a relocation or temporary project related to the University of Nevada or St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, among a handful of others large employers in the region.

Of course, there are many cultural and outdoor sites throughout the Reno-Sparks area. From the beauty of Lake Tahoe nearby, to the Mt. Rose skiing and the many museums in town, you may want to use Reno corporate housing for a lengthy visit. The National Automobile Museum, the Nevada Museum of Art, and of course the famous Burning Man festival are all part of a visit or relocation here.

So, whether you are just visiting, considering relocating to the area, or on an extended and a lengthy work assignment, you will be able to easily find an appealing and high quality home away from home when you choose from the finer “by owner” rental options. Tucked into some of the most desirable locations, many are turnkey opportunities with stylish décor and furnishings and everything needed to enjoy a lengthy stay. Furnished or corporate rentals in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area are a great way to make the most of any visit to this dynamic, scenic and exciting area.

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Sea Captain Tells His Story About Becoming A Landlord

A sea captain at the time, Norman Sollid first became a landlord in 1980, when he, his wife, and their growing family moved out of their first home and converted it into a rental property. Though he would spend 20 years renting this house out to long-term tenants, it would be a few more years until he learned the benefits of Alameda corporate housing.

After the kids moved out and Norman retired, he and his wife decided that they wanted to split their time between their beautiful lakefront vacation home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and their original home back in Alameda. In the summers, they would live in the mountains, and they would winter in their bungalow in Alameda where they were closer to the city and all it had to offer.

Corporate Housing Alameda Continue reading

Pet Ideas, Facts and Corporate Housing Rentals

Yes, we love our pets. Yes, we travel with our pets. Yes, we need corporate housing rentals that can accommodate our pets. Every year in the Annual CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report we talk to CHBO property owners about accepting pets in their corporate housing rentals and last year 38% of property owners said they will accommodate your pets. Of these respondents 72% say they accept pets because it keeps their rental properties occupied.

Successful corporate housing property owners have discovered that pets can get their properties rented and at higher rental rates. Last year CHBO properties that accommodated pets charged on average $68 dollars in additional monthly pet rent and rentals traditionally included a non-refundable Pet Fee and Accidental Rental Damage Protection to cover any possible damage that could be caused by a pet.

As a provider of a monthly corporate housing rental I would encourage you to review the Pet section of the Annual Report to learn more. This report can be found in your CHBO Tool Box after you Register for FreeToday, Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer shares her insight about making your corporate housing rental more pet friendly…

Pet-Approved Patio Accessories for your Corporate Housing Rental

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Pet Rentals In sunny California, summer hasn’t quite packed up yet, so we are excited to get even more use out of our patios and decks adding to the great experience our corporate housing tenants have in their private corporate housing residential monthly rental. That also means more wear and tear to our outdoor furniture and accessories, especially for those of us with pets and renters with pets. Protect your furniture (and your sanity) by looking for furnishings, finishes and accessories that are pet-proof and can be used all year long, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Start from the Bottom

Chances are you selected your outdoor space’s terrain before you thought about renting the property to a renter with a pet. Most surfaces should be just fine for pets. However, some can be a bit time-consuming to care for and require more maintenance throughout the year. Do you have gravel or pebbles landscaping your backyard? You’d do best leaving it behind and opting for a solid surface instead. Not only can gravel or pebbles get stuck in pool filters or other backyard appliances if kicked around, but they can make a mess when your pups are exercising in the backyard. Instead, pour or lay concrete for a beautiful, flat walkway that’s easy to clean and maintain. Continue reading

CHBO City Spotlight: Milwaukee, WI Corporate Housing

As the fifth largest city in the Midwest, and the biggest in its home state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is famous for many reasons. Tucked along the shore of Lake Michigan it is a historic and scenic spot, but it is also the economic heart of a major metropolitan area known as the Milwaukee-Racine-Wakesha district. This is why it is home to the headquarters of an astonishing six of the Fortune 500 companies, and why a furnished apartment in Milwaukee is something in demand.

Corporate housing in Milwaukee may be necessary for such firms as Johnson Controls, Harley-Davidson, Joy Global, Northwestern Mutual, Manpower and Rockwell Automation. However, there are also a long list of other major firms that are based in the city too. For instance, Briggs & Stratton is here along with Wisconsin Energy, Master Lock, GE Healthcare and American Signal Corporation, among others.Milwaukee cityBecause the region ranks fifth in the entire country for its large number of major firms, it has many service agencies as well. Banks, publishing firms, financial services firms, and staffing agencies make up a huge part of the economy, and these too may create the need for a long or short-term furnished apartment in Milwaukee.

Healthcare also comprises more than a quarter of the workforce, and these firms also create an ongoing, and growing need for corporate housing in Milwaukee. Aurora Health Care, Froedert Health, GE Healthcare, and the Medical College of Wisconsin are but a few firms that might have employees in need of a furnished apartment in Milwaukee.

Naturally, the brewing industry has a huge portion of the city’s economy and some of the most famous names still operate in the area. They too create the demand for corporate housing in Milwaukee, though their facilities tend to be on the outskirts rather than downtown districts.

The city itself is divided into the north, south, east and west sides with an astonishing range of neighborhoods scatter throughout. When looking for a furnished apartment in Milwaukee or a corporate rental, it is quite easy to find spots in the most convenient locales. The CBD or Central Business District is in the downtown area, but you can find corporate housing in Milwaukee in the primarily residential neighborhoods too.

In fact, if you are hoping for a home-like setting while working in the city, enjoying a visit or simply considering it for professional relocation, you will want to opt for the “by owner” rentals. These are actual homes set in convenient areas and providing the most comfortable and appealing base to enjoy during your stay.

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