CHBO Property Spotlight: Furnished Executive Home in Mullica Hill, NJ

Executive Furnished Home in Mullica Hill, NJ

This fully furnished five-bedroom, four and a half bath home sits on a private one-and-a-half acre estate in Casella Farms, a southern suburb of Philadelphia. An expanse of green lawn and immaculately landscaped surrounds imbue tranquility to the grounds; while the 3,700 square foot former model home is palatial and exquisite.

Furnished Housing Mullica Hill

Positioned in a private and quiet neighborhood just a few minutes from the New Jersey Turnpike, this gorgeous colonial is just twenty five minutes commute to the heart of Philadelphia and thirty minutes to Wilmington, Delaware; within easy reach of the regions largest employers like DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Cooper Health Care, AstraZeneca, University of Delaware, MBNA Consumer Services, The Cooper Health System, JP Morgan Chase, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical, Virtua-West Jersey Health System, Bancroft Rehabilitation Services, NJ Protocall, The Nemours Foundation, 21st Century North American Insurance Company, Agilent Technologies, MBNA Marketing Systems, Integrity Staffing Solutions, and Underwood Memorial Hospital.

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City Spotlight: Exploring Austin, Texas Through the Eyes of Furnished Apartment Hunters

All About Weird, Wild Austin

Moving to Austin? Texas’ capital is admittedly weird. It’s also the hottest relocation destination in Texas with high demand for furnished housing.  A pleasant climate and a great live music scene and lots of entertainment options, coupled with a strong economy, have created a boom. The University of Texas and the scene on Sixth Street has “hooked” more than 50,000 thousand students to this college town. Yet the city has preserved

The University of Texas and the scene on Sixth Street has “hooked” more than 50,000 thousand students to this college town. Yet the city has preserved it roots, and old mission style architecture can be seen side by side with skyscrapers and high-tech modern builds.  Hot, humid summer temps range from the 70’s to the high 90’s; but the winters are mild and inviting.

There is an artistic ambiance that is paired with a burgeoning technology and science scene. Founded in 1984, Dell Computer in nearby Round Rock was a harbinger of things to come, as the city has become a key destination for high-tech companies like Cognitive Scale, Ihiji, Golden Frog, Trendkite, Own Local, ActiveProspect, and many more.

Austin has grown 72% since 1990, the fastest growth anywhere outside of Las Vegas. The influx of residents has led to an increase in the supply of high quality housing; CorporateHousingByOwner includes some great options in furnished apartments. And while the town is growing fast, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other high tech hotbeds, and traffic isn’t yet at the same level either, and the apartments in Austin tend to match the affluence and tasteful style of its residents.

Fun and Entertainment in Austin

Austin is loaded with live music, led by the annual Austin City Limits festival and specializing in Texas country, bluegrass, and rock. Stevie Ray Vaughn got his start here, and Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin hail from here, too.  South Congress and Sixth Street are home to dozens of amazing restaurants, bars, and concert halls. The Moody Theater, The Zach Theater, and the Continental Club are examples of the dozens of top quality concert venues. Historical sites are plentiful and popular too. The State Capital, The Driskill Hotel, O. Henry Home and Museum, The Old Bakery and Emporium, Bremond Block and more highlight places to explore the history of the Lone Star state and its capital. River rafting, tubing, and small town ambiance beckon from the Hill Country; but outdoor fun can be had even closer at Zilker Park and the Zilker Botanical Garden, the Ladybird Hike-and-Bike Trail, Graffiti Park at Castle Hills, Mount Bonnell, and Mayfield Park Cottage. Lake Travis northwest of the city is a popular spot for water sports.

Where to Find Austin Furnished Apartments

 If you are you planning a move or relocation for work and need temporary housing, demand here is high – so you should move quickly to find the best property. There are dozens of available short term and extended stay apartments in Austin available on CHBO.

How Do I Price My Property As A Corporate Rental

The decision to rent out your property as a corporate rental can lead to a lucrative income stream. If you’ve chosen to list your property, there are many decisions to make such as minimum stay duration, what renovations are needed to get your home ready, what upgrades and decor may best meet client needs, and many others. But one of the most important questions is how to price your property appropriately. In making that decision, there are a lot of factors to consider.

What is your market value?

Your home’s market value is one important consideration. Typically, the rents that landlords set fall between 0.8% and 1.1% of the home’s value. For example, a home valued at $500,000 could charge between $4,000 and $5,500 per month.

Corporate Housing Pricing

Another factor are the services you choose to include. Many corporate rentals include cable or satellite TV, high-speed internet, paid utilities, and cleaning, landscaping, pool maintenance and other services. Should you decide to pass along the charge for regular maid service, for example, that needs to be included in the rent amount.

Whether your rental home is furnished or not is another key to setting the right price. An unfurnished home usually requires a one year minimum contract, but furnished homes usually offer rates for stays as short as a month. Rents tend to be higher when the stay is shorter. CREFCOA, the Commercial Real Estate Finance Company of America, offers a Gross Rent Calculator (GRM) for unfurnished properties that you can use as a guide for pricing your furnished space.

Furnished Housing Pricing

Furnishing the home is key

How you furnished your home is another part of the price. What sort of amenities or upgrades have you included? Is a washer and dryer included? How about a Jacuzzi, rainfall shower, new appliances, or game room, etc.? Is the property CHBO Complete? Are your property photos CHBO certified photos? What about the quality level of furniture and décor? Did you hire an interior designer? How you have furnished your home can be a major indicator of how much rent is appropriate.

Consider the external factors as well. What advantages or disadvantages come with your home’s location, in terms of access to both entertainment and commute to major employers nearby? How easy is it to access or to park? Can you walk to nearby offices or attractions? What is my home’s walk score? What sort of curb appeal does the property have? You can even consider local hotel room rates in determining the rent, with the understanding that hotel daily rates are much more considering they don’t require a thirty day notice to vacate and tend to be much more short term.

CHBO offers a rent calculator and can help to answer these questions. The calculator factors your home’s location, value, size, and furnishings and sends you a report. Once you’ve worked it and any other important factors, you are well on your way to setting the right rental price.

Why use CHBO to market your rental property?

There are many factors to consider when you decide to make your property available for rental. To whom will you market, for what duration of stay, and at what rental cost? How will you market the property? How will ensure it’s maintained and ready to turnover with each new guest? There are a lot of things to consider, and your decisions will have a major impact on the success of your executive rental. Fortunately, a decision to market your corporate rental with CHBO takes some of the guesswork and uncertainty out of this process. How?

Value of Corporate Housing by Owner

  • Corporate short or long term rentals are the best path to maximizing your rental rate. Traditional leases yield 8-10 times lower rent on average versus the rates that corporate renters are able to offer for high quality executive rental accommodations. Large companies looking for executive rentals seek a higher quality experience than a hotel can offer, providing a better of quality of life and a feeling of “home” for their clients, and therefore will pay a premium for executive rental properties that can deliver. Rates can be bench marked against local hotel nightly rates to ensure your property is appropriately priced.


  • Vacation rental sites can also yield higher rates, but with major drawbacks. Short stays of a week or less, compared to the corporate rental clients who tend to stay 30 days or even months at a time, mean more work associated with turnover as well as fewer booked days. Another benefit of corporate rental clientele is that the tenants present less risk. This is manifested in a couple of different ways. First, corporate or executive clients travelling on business take better care of your property as they are representing their employers or their company. Secondly, fewer rental guests means less turnover, less paperwork, and fewer instances that inventory will need to be replaced or new guests will need to be vetted.


  • There are more opportunities for exposure with corporate rentals. For example, traveling doctors or nurses, employee relocations, traveling salesmen and real estate agents, insurance adjusters, military personnel, and professors are among the large variety of clients needing high quality corporate rental properties.


CHBO’s network leverages years of experience in the executive rental market targeting large companies with the resources and high quality client base to help take the guesswork out of marketing your property and ensure success.  Get started marketing your property with CHBO today!

City Spotlight: New York City Furnished Housing

When it comes to finding great corporate rental properties in New York City, there’s a lot of information out there. Renters today are emphasizing quality of life as much as a good commute in finding that perfect rental. And changes to the law continue to affect the New York City furnished housing market. Keeping updated is key in order to find that perfect “Big Apple” corporate rental.

New york City spotlight

Those looking for short-term “AirBnb” style properties were dealt a blow in October 2016 by Governor Mario Cuomo, who banned rentals for less than thirty days of entire homes or apartments in apartment buildings. “Couchsurfing” or room rentals are still permitted as well as apartments where there are less than three units, but in terms of corporate appropriate rentals this has a big impact on supply, as it was estimated that 72% of AirBnb rentals in New York City were illegal in 2014. This means it is a great time to supply furnished housing in New York City – if the term is thirty or more days.  For renters, it will be important to ensure your hosts are operating under the law.

In terms of locations, New York City provides an array of neighborhoods and lifestyles to please anyone seeking furnished housing. Beyond the need to be close to work, finding neighborhoods with amenities matching the needs of clients is of high concern. Great family neighborhoods stand out in terms of density of parks and family friendly activities, and are a bit quieter at an affordable price. Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights, Gramercy, and Battery Park all fit the bill for those seeking corporate furnished family housing.  The suburbs are a natural fit for families and Kensington, Syosset, Great Neck Estates, and Jericho are highly rated areas for families.

If you’re looking to stoke a creative spark in New York City, neighborhoods like Kips Bay or Greenwich Village will paint a perfect picture. These are quieter neighborhoods with their own small community feel, influenced by nearby universities like NYU.

If you’re single and looking for a more active lifestyle, the New York City corporate real estate market has you covered. Hell’s Kitchen, the Flatiron District, Gramercy, the Financial District, and Nolita are all up-and-coming or established areas full of lively nightlife, great restaurants, and shopping. For those aiming for a similar, but even more upscale housing, go no further than NoHo, SoHo, Dumbo, or Tribeca, whose central locations and celebrity sighting quotient make them a more expensive but go-to option for those seeking prime furnished housing.

Whatever your taste or need for corporate housing in New York City, there’s an area that suits your need. There’s more urgency now for local owners to open up supply and for renters to find a good spot, but as that happens renters will more easily find that great NYC furnished housing rental.

Trends in Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing is an ever-changing market. While there will always be a market for great locations and great values, economic and generational trends have a big impact on demand.  As our society and the people in it change and grow, our needs and wants change with it. One of the keys to success for corporate housing owners is to understand and adapt to these trends.

Corporate Housing Trends

One trend is a greater level of certainty in choosing a rental property. Today’s corporate clients are more likely to remain in housing longer while making sure they’re satisfied with their housing choice. More and more time is being spent in researching nearby schools, neighborhoods, entertainment, and conveniences. To best adapt, you should play up the advantages of your specific property, whether it is a short commute to work, a scenic location, great schools, or local entertainment.

More specific to that last point, today’s tenants are more aware of work-life balance, and this is leading to a greater awareness of the types of recreational options that are found in the area. When describing entertainment and recreation in the area, be sure to note a variety of different types of recreation around your property. For example, point out parks, trails, beaches, bike paths, notable restaurants, shopping, fitness centers, museums and art galleries, etc. to give interested renters an idea of the types of fun and relaxing activities your home’s area has to offer.

Millennials surpasses Generation X

In 2015, Millennials eclipsed Generation X as the largest part of the workforce. Many of today’s corporate rental tenants are Millennials. As a generation, they have experienced greater access to different styles of housing than generations before. Millennials also tend to be more individualistic on the whole; and this has led to greater demand for uniqueness in rental housing. The “one size fits all” approach isn’t working, so consider unique architectural and interior design styles and decorative elements.

Another aspect is the ever-increasing amount of information out there. Corporate renters and clients have access to a wealth of information on housing options, and are spending more time researching options online. It is important, therefore, to stand out by emphasizing the good points about your rental and being more visible online via SEO and Content marketing. CHBO can help to make sure your property is as visible as it can be in major search engines.

One thing is certain, times change. As an owner of corporate rental property, it is vital to look for trends like these and adapt your property to meet the needs of your audience.


Executive Home in Mullica Hill NJ – CHBO Property Spotlight

Executive Home in Mullica Hill NJ  – Fully Furnished Five-Bedroom Corporate Housing

This fully furnished five-bedroom, four and a half bath home sits on a private one-and-a-half acre estate in Casella Farms, a southern suburb of Philadelphia.  An expanse of green lawn and immaculately landscaped surrounds imbue tranquility to the grounds; while the 3,700 square foot former model home is palatial and exquisite.

Positioned in a private and quiet neighborhood just a few minutes from the New Jersey Turnpike, this gorgeous colonial is just twenty five minutes commute to the heart of Philadelphia and thirty minutes to Wilmington, Delaware; within easy reach of the region’s largest employers like DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Cooper Health Care, AstraZeneca, University of Delaware, MBNA Consumer Services, The Cooper Health System, JP Morgan Chase, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical, Virtua-West Jersey Health System, Bancroft Rehabilitation Services, NJ Protocall, The Nemours Foundation, 21st Century North American Insurance Company, Agilent Technologies, MBNA Marketing Systems, Integrity Staffing Solutions, and Underwood Memorial Hospital.

Mullica Corporate Housing

The sharply angled gables, the stucco and stone construction, and the precision of the landscaping and decorative elements stand out beautifully against the open vista. Families will appreciate the basketball court and playground set. Enter via the massive two-car garage, or by the stately front entry with arched transom window. A grand staircase and balustrade of wrought iron greet you. Walnut hardwood floors interspersed with Persian rugs serve a transitional decorative style that fuses clean lines and modern bright colors with traditional, ornate decorative pieces that give the entire home character.

An elegant sitting room flows to a formal dining area seating eight with Swarovski chandeliers. Leather seating, mounted LCD Smart TV, a gas fireplace, and a piano give the soaring den a welcoming feel, and a separate sunroom off the kitchen with leather sofas, another LCD TV and even a drum set illustrate the ample 3,700 square foot space. A huge kitchen has seen many upgrades such as stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, and wine refrigerator and features a massive center island with plenty of storage plus stool seating for six. A full office, converted from a bedroom, and a laundry area round out the ground floor. Upstairs, three whimsically colorful bedrooms and full baths are built for comfort. The master bedroom is luxuriously large with massive king sleigh bed under tray ceilings and upgraded spot lighting, and walk-in closet. The tiled master bath has a privacy toilet, garden tub, jack-and-jill sinks, and a walk in shower.  Internal stairs and a large external staircase lead to a humongous finished basement with plenty of space to transform to suit your needs. A fifth bedroom with full bath is located here.

Mullica Furnished Housing

The lighting is upgraded throughout and the home is ENERGY STAR rated. There is a built-in security system, sprinkler system, and large capacity water heater. The property is managed by Long and Foster, and there is an online portal for payments and submitting maintenance requests.

If you are interested in this furnished rental, visit, Corporate Housing by Owner or call 415-720-3828.

5 Tips To Manage Your Corporate Rental Remotely

A corporate rental property can be a great way to make additional income, but there’s just one issue – property management can be a challenge even when you’re local. Managing the safety, security, and maintenance of a property can require specialized expertise and hands-on maintenance.

Homes are made up of complex and interdependent systems that need monitoring and, at times, urgent attention. You must have a proactive mindset and be available to clients when issues and needs arise. And all that is if you are local. Remote corporate rentals have the same level of complexity, with the added difficulty that you aren’t there to attend to these needs. Fortunately, whether your corporate rental is a few hours distant or across the country, you do have options for remote property management.

Property manager remotely for your corporate rental

Your can either to hire a property management company, or manage it remotely yourself, assembling a “team” of local contacts. Property Management companies are abundant in most areas. If you choose this route, be sure to contact at least three to get a baseline idea of expected charges. These firms will either staff or aggregate service provider contacts from landscapers, repairmen, snow removal and maid services that can take care of cleaning, preventative maintenance, and emergency repairs. You benefit from the convenience of a one-stop shop that handles your corporate rental, and from the economies of scale that a firm can provide. Plus, they can help in screening tenants and are typically available 24-7. However, there is a regular fee for this management that will have a measurable impact on your investment. Whether you choose to hire out a property management company, or manage your remote rental property yourself, here are five tips that can help you manage your rental successfully.

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Updated Ways to Style Your Patio Umbrella This Spring

Spring has arrived! With its sunny skies and warm weather, backyard parties, dinners and pool days will start popping up on your tenants’ calendars. What better way to set them up for entertainment success than with a curated outdoor scene? One of the most important design elements of a backyard is the patio umbrella. Offering respite from the sun and a major style statement, patio umbrellas have made a very welcome comeback. Below are some of our favorite ways to style and accessorize patio umbrellas for spring.

Cool and Contemporary

One of our go-to styles, contemporary backyards are casual yet refined. To bring your patio umbrella into the 21st century, choose teak outdoor furniture. This water-resistant finish is perfect for poolside tables and chairs and adds warmth and dimension to the scene. Sprinkle in streamlined elements like tall hurricane vases and Edison bulb string lights for a California-esque scene. Situate your patio umbrella between two chairs and sit back, relax and enjoy your modern musings.

Concrete Floor Cozy Patio Area With Table Set And Patio Umbrella

Resort Chic

Want to make your tenants’ outdoor scene feel like a vacation spot? Dress up the backyard pool area with mid-century silhouettes like lounge chairs and a cantilever umbrella in creamy hues. Accent the space with natural woods for an unfinished-yet-refined look. Don’t forget the tiki lights!

Mountain Motif

Not every outdoor scene will be set in the suburbs or along the shoreline of the ocean. If your corporate housing is situated near a lake or in the mountains, take advantage of the lustrous outdoor scenery and build on the surrounding cabin style. Use a fire pit with stone surround as your centerpiece. Add in two red Adirondack chairs, a stack of wool blankets in a wooden basket, twinkling string lights and a casual outdoor umbrella, and voila! A beautiful, cozy, cabin-inspired outdoor scene ready to enjoy. Now, who has the marshmallows?

Sitting Room Area On Screened Walkout Deck With Patio Table, Umb

Tailored and Traditional

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? As the saying goes, if traditional style is more your tenants’ speed, then help reinforce it with a classic outdoor setting. Elements like wicker chairs, gas fireplaces and cool blue-and-green color palette are perfect for traditional outdoor spaces. Round out the look with a classically shaped patio umbrella, a glass-top side table or two and plenty of outdoor candles for a space that feels like home.

Mediterranean Mode

A classic look, Mediterranean style focuses on deep, saturated colors, dynamic iron work and lots of ornate detailing. Bring this look into your corporate housing’s outdoor space by opting for an iron bistro set featuring dark orange or tan cushions on the intricate chairs. Perch your patio umbrella next to the dining scene and include hurricanes of varying shapes and sizes for added depth. A Mediterranean-style backyard, which combines rustic and traditional design, is a great choice for the classic yet dimensional tenant.

From fresh and contemporary to classically styled, there are so many outdoor looks to create around a beautiful patio umbrella. How will you be styling your outdoor space this spring?

Wooden Walkout Deck In The Backyard Garden Of Blue Siding House.

Kerrie Kelly, ASID, of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is an award-winning designer who writes for The Home Depot about both exterior and interior spaces. She provides useful advice on topics such as picking an umbrella option to match your design style and updating your patio with pops of color.

Things to Know for Extended Business Trips

Business TripAre you someone who travels often for business? If so, your usual routine may involve a quick trip to a city or even a foreign destination, and during the few days or nights of that visit, you are unlikely to have much time to explore or even get your bearings. There is, however, a tremendous difference between this sort of business trip and what is commonly called an “extended” business trip.

While your number one priority is likely finding an appealing extended stay housing arrangement, there are other things to know about extended business trips than the best furnished rentals. Below are some extremely useful tips for those who will relocate for a longer-than-usual time.

  • Downtime is a thing – When you are booked into extended stay housing, it becomes a home away from home in a way that a hotel or other accommodation never does. Because you will have authentic “downtime” while on an extended business trip, it is best to look for furnished rentals with items like WiFi and entertainment systems that help with downtime and with staying in touch with family. While you might envision yourself doing the job and even exploring the area, also picture yourself in your extended stay housing…what will you be doing in downtime or spare time? Make some plans.


  • Plan to cook – One great thing about furnished rentals for extended business trips is that they keep you out of restaurants. After a few days or weeks of eating many meals “out” being able to cook in your own, comfortable and well-appointed kitchen becomes a treat. It also gives you a chance to explore local markets, local favorites, farmer’s markets and more. This also keeps a lot of coin in your pocket!


  • Think location – Your extended stay housing gives you a chance to live among locals, so also plan on acting like one. You’re sure to enjoy sightseeing, but again, after a while it can wear thin. That means you then get to visit the local cafes and pubs, find authentic businesses to give your patronage, and even publications to read. Find good local parks and trails and really think like a “local” while there.

Furnished rentals give that rate chance to be “at home” even when you’re not at home. Use the tips above and really enjoy every moment of your extended stay, whether you are working or just exploring the area and settling in temporarily.