City Spotlight – Corporate Housing Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is one of the most beautiful, unique, and historically rich cities in all of Europe. For those who love city life, it has all the amenities and features of any large European capital – you’ll love it as much as Paris, Berlin, or London! The architecture is gorgeous, and there’s always something going on. Staying in Brussels serviced apartments could afford you access to innumerable cultural events and all kinds of museums, nightlife, dining opportunities, and more.brussel corporate housing

Of course, not everyone wants to live in the middle of a bustling metropolis, and this is what sets Brussels apart from many other European cities.

Traveling to Brussels in the near future? You may want to consider staying in one of the many Brussels serviced apartments we have advertised on CHBO. For those who do not prefer big city life, Brussels is actually much more manageable. There are plenty of places to live where you will have room to breathe, stretch your legs, and feel as though you do not live in a city at all if you want.

Another reason to love Brussels is that its relatively small population (176,124 people) represents 163 different nationalities. Why is it so much more diverse than other cities? Because it is home to the Capital of the European Union! You cannot walk down the street in Brussels without hearing multiple languages and seeing people from all over the world. This melting pot city offers a wonderful balance of historical and contemporary styles, as well as urban and rural appeal.

Staying in a Corporate Apartment in Brussels

The best way to experience any city – especially one as rich in culture and history as Brussels – is to really live in it, not just stay in a hotel. This is why so many people traveling for business or pleasure stay in Brussels serviced apartments. For less money than you would spend on a hotel, you can have a luxurious furnished apartment where you can really feel at home at the end of each day.

Plus, Brussels corporate apartments have the best locations. They’re situated in neighborhoods within an easy commute of the city’s most popular business districts, schools, and entertainment. If you’re thinking of staying in Brussels for a few weeks or months this year, check out our available Brussels serviced apartments and see how much better your whole experience can be!

City Spotlight: Reno and Sparks Corporate Housing, NV

Most people know that Reno, NV is often described as the “biggest little city in the world” and is the second most populated city in the state after Las Vegas. It is also set in a remarkably scenic area, high in the deserts that rest along the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and home to much more than a thriving gambling industry. Though the casinos, hotels, restaurants and shops that draw millions of travelers are major economic factors in the city, companies such as Braeburn Capital, EE Technologies, GTECH’s gaming division, and Bally Technologies have their headquarters here – and each creates a demand for Reno corporate housing and rentals.Reno skylineNearby, the smaller city of Sparks is considered part of the same metropolitan area of Reno and has really boomed since the 1990s. It is also a thriving casino town, but has a long list of light industries as well. Combined, these two areas create a demand for Reno corporate housing and Sparks furnished housing of all kinds.

The famous automaker, Tesla, has just built a plant here, and some of the largest employers in this region are not part of the gambling industry. You may need Reno corporate housing or Sparks furnished housing because of a relocation or temporary project related to the University of Nevada or St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, among a handful of others large employers in the region.

Of course, there are many cultural and outdoor sites throughout the Reno-Sparks area. From the beauty of Lake Tahoe nearby, to the Mt. Rose skiing and the many museums in town, you may want to use Reno corporate housing for a lengthy visit. The National Automobile Museum, the Nevada Museum of Art, and of course the famous Burning Man festival are all part of a visit or relocation here.

So, whether you are just visiting, considering relocating to the area, or on an extended and a lengthy work assignment, you will be able to easily find an appealing and high quality home away from home when you choose from the finer “by owner” rental options. Tucked into some of the most desirable locations, many are turnkey opportunities with stylish décor and furnishings and everything needed to enjoy a lengthy stay. Furnished or corporate rentals in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area are a great way to make the most of any visit to this dynamic, scenic and exciting area.

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Sea Captain Tells His Story About Becoming A Landlord

A sea captain at the time, Norman Sollid first became a landlord in 1980, when he, his wife, and their growing family moved out of their first home and converted it into a rental property. Though he would spend 20 years renting this house out to long-term tenants, it would be a few more years until he learned the benefits of Alameda corporate housing.

After the kids moved out and Norman retired, he and his wife decided that they wanted to split their time between their beautiful lakefront vacation home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and their original home back in Alameda. In the summers, they would live in the mountains, and they would winter in their bungalow in Alameda where they were closer to the city and all it had to offer.

Corporate Housing Alameda Continue reading

Pet Ideas, Facts and Corporate Housing Rentals

Yes, we love our pets. Yes, we travel with our pets. Yes, we need corporate housing rentals that can accommodate our pets. Every year in the Annual CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report we talk to CHBO property owners about accepting pets in their corporate housing rentals and last year 38% of property owners said they will accommodate your pets. Of these respondents 72% say they accept pets because it keeps their rental properties occupied.

Successful corporate housing property owners have discovered that pets can get their properties rented and at higher rental rates. Last year CHBO properties that accommodated pets charged on average $68 dollars in additional monthly pet rent and rentals traditionally included a non-refundable Pet Fee and Accidental Rental Damage Protection to cover any possible damage that could be caused by a pet.

As a provider of a monthly corporate housing rental I would encourage you to review the Pet section of the Annual Report to learn more. This report can be found in your CHBO Tool Box after you Register for FreeToday, Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer shares her insight about making your corporate housing rental more pet friendly…

Pet-Approved Patio Accessories for your Corporate Housing Rental

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Pet Rentals In sunny California, summer hasn’t quite packed up yet, so we are excited to get even more use out of our patios and decks adding to the great experience our corporate housing tenants have in their private corporate housing residential monthly rental. That also means more wear and tear to our outdoor furniture and accessories, especially for those of us with pets and renters with pets. Protect your furniture (and your sanity) by looking for furnishings, finishes and accessories that are pet-proof and can be used all year long, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Start from the Bottom

Chances are you selected your outdoor space’s terrain before you thought about renting the property to a renter with a pet. Most surfaces should be just fine for pets. However, some can be a bit time-consuming to care for and require more maintenance throughout the year. Do you have gravel or pebbles landscaping your backyard? You’d do best leaving it behind and opting for a solid surface instead. Not only can gravel or pebbles get stuck in pool filters or other backyard appliances if kicked around, but they can make a mess when your pups are exercising in the backyard. Instead, pour or lay concrete for a beautiful, flat walkway that’s easy to clean and maintain. Continue reading

CHBO City Spotlight: Milwaukee, WI Corporate Housing

As the fifth largest city in the Midwest, and the biggest in its home state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is famous for many reasons. Tucked along the shore of Lake Michigan it is a historic and scenic spot, but it is also the economic heart of a major metropolitan area known as the Milwaukee-Racine-Wakesha district. This is why it is home to the headquarters of an astonishing six of the Fortune 500 companies, and why a furnished apartment in Milwaukee is something in demand.

Corporate housing in Milwaukee may be necessary for such firms as Johnson Controls, Harley-Davidson, Joy Global, Northwestern Mutual, Manpower and Rockwell Automation. However, there are also a long list of other major firms that are based in the city too. For instance, Briggs & Stratton is here along with Wisconsin Energy, Master Lock, GE Healthcare and American Signal Corporation, among others.Milwaukee cityBecause the region ranks fifth in the entire country for its large number of major firms, it has many service agencies as well. Banks, publishing firms, financial services firms, and staffing agencies make up a huge part of the economy, and these too may create the need for a long or short-term furnished apartment in Milwaukee.

Healthcare also comprises more than a quarter of the workforce, and these firms also create an ongoing, and growing need for corporate housing in Milwaukee. Aurora Health Care, Froedert Health, GE Healthcare, and the Medical College of Wisconsin are but a few firms that might have employees in need of a furnished apartment in Milwaukee.

Naturally, the brewing industry has a huge portion of the city’s economy and some of the most famous names still operate in the area. They too create the demand for corporate housing in Milwaukee, though their facilities tend to be on the outskirts rather than downtown districts.

The city itself is divided into the north, south, east and west sides with an astonishing range of neighborhoods scatter throughout. When looking for a furnished apartment in Milwaukee or a corporate rental, it is quite easy to find spots in the most convenient locales. The CBD or Central Business District is in the downtown area, but you can find corporate housing in Milwaukee in the primarily residential neighborhoods too.

In fact, if you are hoping for a home-like setting while working in the city, enjoying a visit or simply considering it for professional relocation, you will want to opt for the “by owner” rentals. These are actual homes set in convenient areas and providing the most comfortable and appealing base to enjoy during your stay.

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CHBO City Spotlight: Memphis, TN Furnished Housing

The famous city of Memphis, TN has been given many nicknames. It is the “Bluff City” for its location above the Mississippi River, the Blues City for its links to this form of music, the Barbecue Capital of the World and the birthplace of Rock and Roll. Millions around the world know it as the home of Elvis Presley, but it is also where the world’s second busiest cargo airport is found, where three Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters and where a long list of corporations have major operations, and each of these entities creates a need for housing. If you need a furnished apartment in Memphis, you are in luck.Memphis cityThere are so many reasons that furnished or corporate housing in Memphis is required. Traveling employees of FedEx, International Paper or AutoZone may need a furnished apartment in Memphis, but so too might staff for the entertainment and film industry. In the past decade, a long list of movies has been filmed in the city, creating an entirely unique demand for housing.

With a population of more than one million, it is the largest city and metro area in the entire state. It features a thriving downtown area that sits right along the water, and this has received nods from such publications as Forbes, for its positive growth. It is also a major tourism area, and large numbers of travelers also take advantage of corporate housing in Memphis to enjoy a longer holiday in this travel-friendly destination. Spots like Elvis’ Graceland, the famous Beale Street location, and the National Civil Rights Museum are just some of the attractions here.

The city also has a fantastic park system that includes the Riverwalk neighborhood, and each year is full of festivals and special events that include film festivals, musical celebrations and more. These too generate the demand for a furnished apartment in Memphis.

So, whether you are looking for corporate housing in Memphis because you are part of large firm and are headed to this dynamic city for an extended stay, or you have decided that a furnished apartment in Memphis is much better than a hotel, you have a lot of options. One of the smartest moves is to look for “by owner” properties as you search for corporate housing in Memphis. These are turnkey homes with all you need to enjoy a comfortable stay in one of the best neighborhoods in this amazing city.

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City Spotlight Louisville Corporate Housing, KY

The presence of such enormous entities as the University of Louisville, UPS, and Kentucky Fried Chicken make the city of Louisville, KY a place with a high demand for housing. There are corporate employees, medical personnel, and a diversity of others who wish to find a suitable furnished apartment in Louisville during their long-term stay. Home to major corporations, hospitals and universities, the need for quality corporate apartments in Louisville is growing. Because it is also where one of the largest inland ports is located in the United States, it has an ongoing need for apartments and rentals.LouisvilleFor those who require a corporate housing in Louisville, there will be many high quality options. You will be able to choose from a range of fine residential districts as well as the trendy downtown neighborhoods. All of them put you within easy reach of the key employers. There are corporate apartments in Louisville ideal for those who need to be near to the University of Louisville’s enormous downtown medical campuses are located. For instance, if you must commute to the Humana campus, it is easy to find a furnished apartment in Louisville that puts you nearby.

Employees who must travel to the Ford factory, the GE Consumer and Industrial facility, the popular whiskey manufacturing plants, or even the different R.J. Reynolds sites will be able to locate corporate apartments in Louisville as well. Visitors to the city may also be able to easily find a furnished apartment in Louisville along the Bardstown Road district, which is home to the thriving cultural scene.

The corporate apartments in Louisville also make it easy for visitors to quickly reach the popular West Main District to enjoy the man museums and cultural destinations. Whether you spend a Saturday at the Science Center, or you wish to dedicate a few hours to the Louisville Slugger Museum, or watching the Louisville Cardinals take on rivals at the downtown KFC Yum! Center, your long-term rental may put you within minutes of the sites.

Those paying a visit to the city in order to tackle a work related project, scout out the options before relocating, or just to enjoy a lengthy holiday in Louisville,  have some truly excellent options. Tucked into the best neighborhoods, the different “by owner” rentals provide a home-like setting that is convenient, safe, comfortable and close to it all.

City Spotlight Furnished Apartments in El Paso, TX

Sitting alongside the Rio Grande is the “sun city” of El Paso, TX. Rated as the safest large city throughout the United States, it is the 20th in size ahead of both Atlanta and Boston. Part of a broader metropolitan area, it is a thriving place with major businesses, industries, culture and sports.El Paso TexasCome to the Fortune 500 firm Western Refining, as well as Helen of Troy Limited, it is also a city in which leading firms like AT & T, Boeing, Verizon and Prudential also maintain major offices. In fact, 70 of the Fortune 500 firms have a presence in El Paso. It is a city with a huge number of military personal too, and it is why furnished apartments in El Paso are always in demand.

Furnished housing in El Paso is essential to the 8,000-plus military personnel, DEA offices and other federal agencies that bring temporary staff, but the many quality furnished apartments in El Paso are also needed by the civilian firms that number in the hundreds as well. Of course, there are also major educational outlets throughout this city and from the University of Texas to Tenet Healthcare and University Medical Center, there is a constant need for long-term housing.

There are several defined neighborhoods in the city, with the downtown and central El Paso districts featuring the oldest areas rather than the more modern high rise districts. Historic sites are found here, and yet it is also close to places like Fort Bliss and the landmarks of the Sunset Heights area. Northwest El Paso is an open place of affluent homes and country clubs, West Central is home to the universities and some historic districts, while the northeast is a popular spot with military personnel. The eastern area of the city is currently a high growth place with nice views and a lot of residential properties.

And throughout, there are plenty of furnished apartments in El Paso for those who need to find reliable, appealing and convenient housing. Whether you are a military family about to be relocated here or someone who is simply exploring your options, furnished housing in El Paso is a smart foundation. Corporate clients of furnished apartments in El Paso also have great options as they can choose from the many neighborhoods, allowing themselves simple commutes and access to great restaurants, shopping, and activities. Whether you want something downtown or in the more natural areas of the region, El Paso housing has it all.

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City Spotlight Baltimore Furnished Apartments, MD

The historic coastal city of Baltimore, MD is the home to the sixth fastest growing port along the Atlantic coastal area of the United States. This is not surprising since the city has a long history as a port town. It is the second largest port along the entire eastern seaboard, and yet is only part of the economy of the city itself. The largest city in the state, Baltimore is also home to major engineering, technology, science and math firms. Whether in the universities or tech companies, the city ranks as fourth in the list of new tech “hot spots”, and corporate housing in Baltimore is a major issue.Baltimore-Maryland-USAKey employers include Johns Hopkins Hospital, the famous sportswear maker Under Armour, Legg Mason, the famous spice maker McCormick & Company, Royal Farms and T. Rowe Price among others. The tech sector, however, is one of the fastest growing and creates a nearly constant demand for furnished housing in Baltimore.

Of course, the port is also a busy place with thousands of employees, including those who require furnished apartments in Baltimore. The tourism industry brings nearly 25 million visitors into the city too, and again, many opt for furnished housing in Baltimore rather than a stay in a hotel.

More than a quarter of a million workers travel into and around the city each day, and it has a fantastic transportation network. This is good news to those eager to find corporate housing in Baltimore because it means that a vehicle may be unnecessary during a long-term stay in the city.

As a key component in the Baltimore-Washington corridor (which is home to more than seven million people), the furnished housing in Baltimore might also prove a useful option for anyone who finds themselves working with groups throughout this region. Commuting to the nation’s capital or back and forth between sites in this area is made easier when you can use your corporate housing in Baltimore as a convenient, safe, and comfortable base.

When choosing your furnished housing in Baltimore, though, it is wisest to consider the “by owner” option. This is because they provide a home-like setting, often in residential districts and buildings. Presenting a turnkey accommodation that will allow you to do all your own cooking, enjoy amenities like yards and gardens or pools and fitness centers, and more, it is the best way to enjoy a long-term stay in the city.

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City Spotlight: Nashville Corporate Housing

As the fifth largest city in the southeastern part of the U.S., the capital city of Nashville, TN has long been known for its impressive culture, attractions, and its music. In fact, it carries the nickname “Music City” for the amazing number of musical sites in the area. However, it is not just recording studios and performance venues that shape the music industry in the city.Nashville Tennessee downtown skyline

For instance, Gibson guitar makes its home here and is among the top employers. In addition to music, many other industries call the city home, and in 2013, Forbes labeled it as one of the best cities for business and careers. It is why Nashville furnished apartments is in big demand, and why you will want to explore options for Nashville furnished housing on a lengthy visit.

Key employers in the area include the many components of the $6.4 billion music industry in the city (which has created close to 20k jobs). It is also focused on tourism, and huge numbers of hotels, restaurants, and attractions bring millions into the area each year. The HCA or Hospital Corporation of America is here (and is the largest private owner/operator of hospitals on the globe), as is Nissan of North America. Bridgestone tires is in the city, as are several other Fortune 500 firms that include Tractor Supply Co., UBS, Dollar General, Dell, and Community Health Systems.

Healthcare is also huge in Nashville, and has created a high demand for Nashville furnished housing too. This is to accommodate demands from firms like Acadia HealthCare, BioMimetic, Caremark Rx, and over 300 more! In fact, estimates state that around 200k jobs in the area are directly linked to healthcare. Vanderbilt University and Medical Center is the area’s leading employer, and St. Thomas Health ranks in the top ten too.

The city was named as the top city for economic growth potential in 2015, and it has a very active real estate market too. Investors have already poured into the city making truly remarkable Nashville corporate housing readily available.

So, if you are in need of Nashville furnished housing during a short term gig in the music industry, a longer project in a healthcare firm or automotive company or you want to enjoy living like a local during any sort of stay, consider a “by owner” rental rather than traditional, hotel-based corporate housing. You will be thrilled by the options you have in Nashville furnished rentals.

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