City Spotlight: Minneapolis Furnished Housing

Moving to a new city can be more than a little bit intimidating, especially if you are only moving for a few months or a year. You’ll be there too long to stay in a hotel, but you won’t be there long enough to really settle in and make it worthwhile to move all of your furniture or buy new furnishings and appliances. That’s why, if you’re headed to Minneapolis for work, you should consider one of the many Minneapolis corporate housing options available through Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO).Minneapolis furnished housing

These houses, apartments, condos, and townhomes are all fully furnished and ready to move in the minute you arrive. They offer the latest appliances and amenities, and they’re within easy commute of most businesses in the city. As you consider your options for housing, take a moment to learn a little bit about Minneapolis and what you have to look forward to while you’re living here.

Minneapolis – Need to Know Info

The Midwest’s second largest metropolitan area, Minneapolis/St. Paul is home to an estimated 3.8 million people. It’s also one of the nation’s most prominent economic and business hubs, making it a big destination for numerous corporations. Several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, including US Bancorp, Ameriprise Financial, Target, 3M, Xcel Energy, and Thrivent Financial.

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DIY Rental Style: Designing the Perfect Corporate Housing Rental

How to Design a Corporate Rental Property that is a Must Have Place to Live: 5 DIY Kitchen Sinks to Consider for Your Corporate Home Style

Life is really too short not to have fun or live in a property that is not fun.  As consumers we are conditioned to take what we can get, rather than asking for what we want.  If you are a property owner with a rental property, take a little time and money upfront to design a “Must Have” rental.  Then, take great photos, so potential renters can see all your hard work, and finally enjoy keeping your corporate housing rental always full.  Today Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer, talks about the possibilities of what can be done with the kitchen sink…

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Sinks are a fairly basic element of kitchen design, so why are they so hard to choose? Depending on which style and material you decide on, sinks can be serious investments, and they can dramatically impact the look and feel of your space. To make the decision less daunting, we’ve come up with a few things that you need to know about kitchen sinks in order to make the most educated (and stylish) choice for your corporate home.

1. Basins and Bowls

designer sink at corporate rental propertyOne or two basins? Or what about three? Do they have to be the same size? These are some of the most basic questions we’re asked about kitchen sinks and their basin

configurations. First, you need to look at how much space you’re working with and what that space will be used for. A deep solo basin is great for simple cooking prep but difficult if you’re juggling clean pots and dirty pans. Two separate basins allow for separate tasks to be performed at the same time, but they might be small and difficult to use when it comes to handling larger dishes. Figure out which configuration will be most useful in your space and you’ve nailed the first step.

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5 Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing by Owner

As a property owner or investor, you will always perform regular assessments of your various holdings to be sure they are generating adequate returns, performing as expected, or if they need to be handled differently to adjust for trends. Because property investment tends to mean holding the asset rather than attempting to sell it, you usually want to hear that trends indicate positive changes in the future.

Fortunately, anyone who has a stake in CorporateHousingByOwner will be able to enjoy some terrific news from reports and statistics about corporate housing trends. With the advent of furnished housing websites, people are traveling more and opting for a “home away from home” experience instead of a standard hotel.

Consumers are choosing furnished rentals for short and long term needs. Nowhere is this more obvious than with corporate apartments. Unlike the vacation oriented sites in which property owners offer short corporate housing by owner logoterm housing in a private home setting, furnished corporate apartments are becoming the preferred accommodation of choice for long term rentals.

A 2014 report from CHBO revealed an impressive range of facts about the entire corporate apartment and short/long term housing market, and from this data, owners can glean many significant facts. Key among them are five very obvious reasons to select corporate housing by owner when you have temporary furnished apartments available.

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3 Ways Short Term Rentals Will Always Be Better Than Hotels

If we were to quickly summarize the three ways that short term rentals are always better than hotels, our list might look like this:

  • More privacy
  • More space
  • A lot more money in the pocket

House for rent logoAfter all, furnished rentals are usually properties that initially were built as homes or as seasonal homes for people who enjoy vacationing or staying in an area. Unlike the hotel-based corporate apartments commonly used, privately owned corporate housing (also described as corporate housing by owner) tends to look and feel nothing like a hotel. The furnished housing of this kind will include apartments, condominiums, townhouses, single-family homes, and more.

Naturally, that means that someone in need of long or short term housing has the option of staying in a place that feels like home. That may not seem like a big deal, but in an article in The New York Times, experts looked at the psychology of moving and relocating and summed it up like this: “Whether one moves frequently or almost never, moving is an intensely emotional experience.” And whether we admit it or not, a long stay away from home is a lot like moving and/or relocating.

So, furnished corporate apartments come with the instant advantage of offering you the ability to feel at home. However, there are still those three points listed above.

Privacy Please!

When you enjoy time in a corporate apartment, you are not going to experience the same lack of privacy that a hotel demands. After all, while you can book a maid service with almost any temporary furnished apartment, you get to decide just who and when this happens.

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City Spotlight: Atlanta Corporate Housing

Whether you are headed to Atlanta, GA for relocation, a business trip, or a longer than normal stay, you will want to have some information about the city, the best things to do while in town, and the top options for Atlanta furnished rentals. At CorporateHousingbyOwner, we strive to help you find the best, furnished rentals to stay at while in Atlanta or the region. In this spotlight, we are going to be sure you understand the very best that Atlanta makes available, but more importantly, we’ll make sure your stay is the best possible through a look at the top Atlanta corporate housing options.

Basic Details on Atlanta

Atlanta, GA (according to Forbes) is a top business city and a primary transportation hub in the southeastern United States. As the home to the world headquarters of some of the most recognizable brands and names, including Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta Air Lines, Turner Broadcasting and Home Depot, it is most definitely an international Atlanta Citydestination and home to the 17th largest economy in the world. Rated as the fifth best place for business and careers, it is the most populated city in the state and ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and an impressive source for high quality corporate apartments.

With the world’s busiest airport, and as a hub for major rail lines, the city is also an impressive center for media with CNN, Turner, and even the Weather Channel calling the city home. Its GDP is an impressive $298 billion, with some of its major industries including technology, financial services, and telecommunications.

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Property Manager – A Want or Necessity?

According to one of our recent reports at CorporateHousingbyOwner, we discovered
that around 82% of property owners are taking care of their own property management.
While it’s certainly possible to do, is it always a good idea? Do you really need a property manager? Let’s look at the pros and cons of working with property managers,
tips on finding a great property manager, and how you can take care of some of the
management on your own if you need to.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Having a Property Manager

Trying to manage your fully furnished apartments for rent is not an easy task, and
working with a property manager does make the entire process far simpler. A good
property manager can ensure you do not have any vacancies for extended periods, and
they can screen tenants, take care of all of the maintenance, collect rent and take care
of all of the other duties of running the property. Most will handle all of the marketing of
the property for you as well.

Those who have furnished apartments for rent but who have other fulltime employment
often find it difficult to ensure their rental properties get as much attention as they
deserve. This often leads to “less than desirable” properties that soon become difficult
to rent out as corporate housing. Consider all of the different tasks the property
manager will be able to handle for you. They can place the rental ads, take care of
repairs and fixes around the house, and ensure it is ready for the next tenants looking
for a short term rental. This will give you time to take care of other things, such as your
family, social life, and your current job.

Property Manager for corporate housingWorking with a property manager also means that you will not have to worry about the
tenants. Whenever they need anything or have an issue, they will go through the
property manager instead of you.

Of course, this does come at a price though. Property managers need to receive
payment for their services, naturally. The amount will vary depending on the particular
manager you choose, and they may charge service fees in addition to a percentage of
the rent that you charge the tenant each month. You could forego using a property
manager to help with your furnished apartments for rent and potentially make more
money. However, it will come with quite a bit more work.

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City Spotlight: San Antonio Corporate Housing

If you are going to the San Antonio area for work or relocation, you will want to make sure that you know a bit about the city where you will be staying, and how to find some of the best San Antonio Corporate Housing. CorporateHousingbyOwner helps make finding a wonderful place to call your temporary home nice and easy. In this city spotlight, we’ll look at all that San Antonio has to offer, including information about the city and things to do while you are there, as well as some fantastic San Antonio corporate apartments.

Some Information on San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is one of the largest cities in the United States. It currently ranks as the seventh most populated city in the country, and it is the second most populated city in Texas. It’s also one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and many businesses have set up shop there. The need for quality San Antonio corporate housing is higher than ever, and this need is only going to continue to rise. In addition to being a popular location for businesses, the US armed forces have a number of facilities in the area. Some of these include Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, and Randolph Air Force Base.

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Furnished homes and Apartments – Best Choice for Travelers 

According to our 2014 Annual Report, we discovered that the greatest number of independent corporate housing real estate rentals is one bedroom rentals which represent 41% of those surveyed, while around 29% said that their properties featured three or more bedrooms. In the full service corporate housing field, things were a bit
different with 50% of the rentals being one-bedroom units. Those who are traveling alone find that small apartments and condominiums tend to be the best choice when it comes to their needs for furnished homes.
Both the independent and the full service corporate housing sectors tend to have their 
own niches that they fill. Independent services can cater to those who need to have 
larger spaces, while full service corporate housing seems to have smaller units that are 
ideal for those who are traveling alone. 

Why Choose a Smaller Apartment?

A one-bedroom, and in some cases a two-bedroom unit, is generally a perfect solution 
for those who are traveling on their own for a number of different reasons. First, the 
smaller units tend to have lower prices than larger units in the same area with 
comparable features. Second, the solo traveler does not need to have as much space. 
They aren’t traveling with other coworkers or family, so the extra space is unnecessary. 
 Sitting lounge in corporate rental
Having a smaller unit also means that it’s generally easier to keep clean. When you are 
renting furnished homes, you have to remember that it’s not the same as staying in a 
hotel. You will not likely have a housekeeping service that will come in and clean the 
property for you. Having a smaller place does not mean you have to skip on features 
though. You will discover that many of the best small units are still in fantastic buildings 
that have amenities such as pools and fitness centers you have access to. They are generally in good locations as well. 
The smaller one-bedroom units will still have kitchens, and many will also have a 
washer and a dryer in the unit. If they don’t have a washer and dryer in the condo, they 
will likely have a laundry room in the building. The kitchen will still be large enough to 
make all of your meals. 
Renters want to be comfortable for their extended stay, and the size of the apartment is 
not always the most important factor. Most don’t mind having a place that might be a bit 
smaller than their current home, as long as the furnished home they are renting has all 
of the same comforts.

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City Spotlight: Austin Furnished Housing

Will you be traveling to Austin for work in the near future? If so, and if you are staying more than a few days, you will want to look into finding quality Austin furnished housing that will provide you with a place to call home. CorporateHousingbyOwner can help you locate some fantastic potential properties to rent while you are in the area.

Need to Know Austin Info

Austin, Texas is the capital of the state, and it’s the 11th most populated city in the United States, and the fourth most populated in Texas. It also happens to be the second largest capital city in the country. The area is popular with businesses, as well as vacationers. It’s also known for music, art, and creativity. The area is also home to a substantial amount of high tech companies, as well as biotech and pharmaceuticals. Some of the companies based in the area include National Western Life, Sweet Leaf Tea Company, and Freescale Semiconductor. The GDP for the area was around $86 billion in 2010. With the growing economy, more and more will be traveling here for work, so the need for quality Austin furnished housing is going to keep growing.

What Can You Do in Austin

No one wants to work all of the time! Fortunately, when you have some time off, you can head out of your Austin corporate housing and find an array of wonderful things to keep you happy and busy. Let’s look at some of the things that you might want to do while in town. There are a few activities that are unique to Austin that you will certainly want to experience. Head to Congress Bridge at dusk, and you will see around 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge. Visit Hamilton Grotto or Barton Springs Pool and go swimming to beat the heat. You can visit Mount Bonnel, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, go hiking, and experience the Zilker Botanical Garden. In addition, there is usually live music playing somewhere in the city no matter when you are traveling there. Check out some of the concert options, such as Austin City Limits, but keep in mind that many of the smaller bars and clubs also have live music. Of course, you will find a number of interesting places to go shopping and to grab a bite to eat as well. Some of the top restaurants that you may want to try are Eddie V’s Edgewater Grille, Franklin Barbeque, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, and Hopdoddy. These are just some of the great places to eat and fun things to do when you are working in the area. Experience as much as you can.

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Property Style DIY: Great Corporate Housing Rentals

Great Corporate Housing Rentals have Great Bathroom Style!
Have you read The Corporate Housing Handbook? If you have, you already know that the bathroom is just as important as any other room! If you haven’t taken a look, it is in your Dashboard Resource Center. Never, under any circumstance is dirt or mold acceptable in a great corporate housing rental property and as you will see in the following article, by award winning designer Kerrie Kelly, you can have an amazing bathroom with very little investment. All it takes is a weekend and some DIY fun!

6 Reasons You Should Install a Freestanding Bathroom Vanity

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID
Photos provided by

A bathroom makeover is one of the most satisfying weekend projects you can take on. It’s a small space, it’s a budget-friendly project, and it’s one that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor almost instantly.

A fresh coat of paint, some new window treatments, and fun linens and accessories will do wonders, but if you want to make a Designer Bathroom in corporate rentalchange that really stands out, consider replacing your built-in bathroom vanity with one that’s freestanding.

Fear not! It’s a much simpler project than you might think, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reinvent the appearance of an important space without the chaos that comes with a major renovation. From sleek and modern to elegant and ornate, there are plenty of freestanding vanity options to create a beautiful bathroom that’s both functional and fashionable.

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