Advertisers and renters are talking about CHBO. The highest compliment paid is the referral from your friends and family. From time to time we hear from those who have located or listed a property through the CHBO. Your testimonials are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you. View and watch the testimonials left by our users over the years.


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Our experience this past year has been excellent... both with the people at CHBO and with the renters we have acquired through listing at CHBO. Thank you for the help this past year and look forward to coming back. Pam Lehnert

We are landlords in Denver and had a pretty hard time finding tenants for our furnished condo….. until the day my dear colleague Shauna Long told me about your webpage. Our pretty condo is beautiful - it was just not so easy to advertise it and expose it to our target group. We have got clients with CHBO because Shauna referred your service to us and it worked out very well. Better than expected! Our experience with CHBO is great! Easy to set up, great support and we have found tenants within 1 week. Thanks so much Shauna for helping!!!

Thank you for your site. It has been a great marketing tool over the last year for my loft in Atlanta. I will be in town next week. Do you have time to meet..maybe over coffee, lunch? I would like to chat about your corporate management company and future business endeavors. Let me know if you have any availability Mon - Wed. Thank you, Keshia

I love the new site. Sexy. It's a great service Eric. Thanks for everything.

I am a CHBO member and thanks to your website, both of our properties here in Houston are rented. I need to know what is generally accepted as a percentage increase in rent. We have kept our rental amounts per month stable because our tenants have renewed their leases. It is time to increase since it has been over 2 years. What is a fair and industry standard rental increase by percentage. Lucy Caire

Dear CHBO, We are not needing the service this year. We are focusing the long term senior housing and had reduced the numerous of short term stay units since last year. But we have had the excellent service from CHBO for last five years and will coming back whenever we need it. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the follow up. We just got our first 3 month rental....Owner, Seattle, WA 03-27-2014

Great work on the revamped CHBO Site. Looking forward to you guys going public sometime soon. So some of us who may love to invest could buy some shares :)

I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.

CHBO literally changed my life. For over a decade I had rented out our cottage for $1k/month on a long term lease and lived in a larger home on the same property. After learning from a CHBO consultant the cottage could fetch from $2k to $2650 on the short term market, I invested $20k in the turning it into an abode that "felt like a 4-star hotel only homier. Since the first day it was available it has rented for no less than $2k and as much as $2.5k/month. One time depreciation allowances for many of the items in the improvement allowed me to write off more than half the improvements and pay nearly zero fed and state taxes. lt also allowed carry forward losses applicable to next year, lowering my adjusted income by thousands. The main house has rented for nearly $5k every month but one since I put it up on CHBO. The combined income from both properties is close to six figures, which allows me to live in our former vacation home in the Sierras and work solely on an Internet startup with two friends. Without CHBO, this would not have been possible. So thank you Eric Smith and CHBO!