Fort Lauderdale Corporate Housing as Private Paradise

The southeastern coastal area of Florida is noted as a vacationer’s paradise, yet business of all kinds occurs there. If you find yourself traveling for work, relocation or an extended project, you may be dreading the typical extended stay experience. With this Fort Lauderdale corporate housing property, however, your work-related trip will include a welcome bit of paradise!

Set in the heart of the city, You are within the Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood which is, quite literally, moments from everything. Your views are of the private gardens surrounding this one-bedroom, apartment-style property. Sip morning coffee from the peace of a large, palm-shaded and optimally private patio. Take a quick dip in the lovely community pool, or walk to any of the cafes and shops nearby.

In fact, a morning or evening stroll may be one of your favorite parts of living in this lovely property. After all, you are steps from the waterway with its many boats and docks, the Galleria Mall is across the way, and every possible need (grocery, pharmacy, entertainment, dining, shopping and even nightlife) is also just minutes on foot. The beach is accessible from the grounds and you may feel as if you’ve gone on an extended holiday as much as an executive or professional trip.


You have secure parking on the premises, and are just a short distance from Sunrise Blvd, Route 1 and the Las Olas Blvd area (home to the CBD with its many high-rise office buildings). In minutes you can reach the PNC Center, New River Center, One Corporate Center, Broward Financial Center, the 110 Tower and all the rest.

Of course, an idyllic location and good surroundings are not all that this Fort Lauderdale corporate housing offers. The interiors are gracious and welcoming, including a great room with modern living room/entertainment space and dining area. The modern kitchen is contemporary and well-appointed and airy bedroom gazes out to the tree-shaded gardens and will be a wonderfully welcome retreat at the end of each day. As in the words of one recent guest, “The ‘aaah’ begins as soon as you enter the gate, and see the boats docked on the water out back”. Clearly, this Fort Lauderdale corporate housing is the ultimate hidden gem and is the ideal blend of business and pleasure!

Corporate Rental Scams Can Happen to You

Corporate Rental Scam

Whether you are offering home or apartment rentals to corporate clients, you may believe yourself immune to many of the rental scams at play. However, we want to remind all of our readers and clients that corporate rental scams are also a growing concern. This is why CBHO offers ongoing updates about potential scams as well as articles that serve as alerts to various scams and how we avoid them.Property Scam

In a recent article about scams relating home and apartment rentals, we looked at the issue of craigslist. The way it has panned out is simple – someone copies and pastes the information and images from your ads and then creates a unique listing on craigslist. They offer it up as a corporate rental, take the potential renter’s information (including application data) and do everything from identity theft to financial theft.

The CBHO listings can help prevent such corporate rental scams in many different ways:

  • Photos are coded with professional logos to eliminate copying and pasting
  • Precise locations are never provided in the basic listing, only basic and general area/neighborhood data
  • All listings are reviewed and designed to make scamming difficult to impossible

Though industry data shows that craigslist is not a popular choice among corporate travelers, your listings should still be as difficult to scam as possible. This is why the CBHO program is such a benefit to those with home and apartment rentals for corporate or extended stay clients.

Corporate Relocation Data Updates

Corporate housing Update

It’s that time again, and those eager to make the most of their participation in the CHBO Certified Program will want to have key points about the whole corporate rental market. A good source, and one we turn to time and again, is the annual Corporate Housing Provider’s Association report, and in a previous assessment of it we looked at the topic of relocation specifically.

Let’s do that again and gauge any recent changes, and how those might affect clients considering the use of the CHBO Certified Program for standard corporate rental options and relocations. First and foremost was this data point: “For the seventh successive year, relocation was the largest reason for using corporate housing in the U.S.”

corporate relocation

The average stay, however, declined to 78 nights, while the number of occupied units went up by almost 19% and revenue increased to more than $3.6 billion. With around 71k units, that indicates steady growth.

The Workforce Mobility Association, also cited in previous reports, said that “the average cost of transferring a current-employee homeowner is $90,017. A new-hire homeowner is somewhat cheaper, coming in at around $67,000. Renters are considerably cheaper to move, with a current-employee renter costing a little more than $20,000, and a new-hire renter costing slightly more than $17,000 on average.”

Firms also still find that home sale assistance costs (funds used to support homeowners making a move) remained steady, and that reluctance to move continues to decline.

How can this help you in terms of your corporate rental and the use of the CHBO Certified Program? If you take a few steps back from the data, one clear fact emerges – there is a consistent growth in demand for quality corporate rentals, and particularly relating to relocations. When you put your property into the CHBO Certified Program, it can be positioned as a home rather than an extended stay property. It will come as a turnkey solution rather than a sterile corporate rental in a long stay hotel.

Don’t overlook the trends – relocation is the main reason for corporate travel and you want to use every resource you can to show your properties as the ideal spot to stay as you transition from one area to another. The resources from CBHO can get you there easily and effectively.