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Walkscore - Walk Score helps you find a walkable place to live. Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. This data is provided by It is optional to have the walkscore label display on the listing details. The walkscore of a property is displayed on the listing details page if the advertiser has elected to display the score.

Here is a link to the WalkScore methodology : Scores are based on this methodology.

If amenities on Walk score are missing or inaccurate, they can be updated by following these instructions:

  1. Go to WalkScore Website and type in the address in “Get YourScore” search bar
  2. Click on the "Map" button or map to bring up the big "What's Nearby" map
  3. Click “Add a Place” button just below the map
  4. Fill out the fields in the pop-up screen: category, place name, address, phone, website, etc
  5. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
To edit or remove:
  1. Select the amenity to be removed on WalkScore Website by clicking the information button in the amenity details bubble
  2. Click "EditPlace"
  3. Edit details or click "Remove Place"
  4. If removing, select a reason for removal
  5. Sign in with either a Gmail or Facebook account – click “Submit”
Walk score for individual addresses is updated every six months on a rolling basis using the most current amenity data available, including places added by Walk Score users. If you have questions, let me know.

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