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Short-Term Rental Abuses Lead Many Property Owners to Consider Corporate Housing

DENVER, Sept. 29, 2015 - Property owners are becoming more aware of the disturbance short-term rentals are causing in their communities and seeking alternatives to rent out their furnished homes. As local ordinances rapidly change homeowners can consider offering their rentals as corporate housing, says Kimberly Smith, co-founder of (CHBO). Corporate Housing stays are 30 days or greater and less hassle to manage. This could be a quick answer to help alleviate some of the trouble vacation rentals are causing.

According to Smith, a large count of exodus from popular DIY vacation rental sites to her site is seen, allowing sole property owners to showcase their rental furnished properties.

Emily, user of CHBO, told she was not willing to rent her furnished La Jolla, California home to a complete stranger without doing complete tenant research.
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