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CHBO Helps Couple Land String of Quality Tenants During Relocation to Abu Dhabi

CHBO Helps Couple Land String of Quality Tenants During Relocation to Abu Dhabi

Diane Nobles and her husband got some exciting news in 2007 - they would temporarily be moving to Abu Dhabi (UAE). Diane's husband was offered a prestigious teaching position at the University of Abu Dhabi and they decided to jump on the opportunity to live overseas.

The only catch was that they had a condo in Marietta, GA (just outside of Atlanta) that they didn't want to give up. Rather than sell it, they decided to rent it out as a furnished, corporate rental. This way the couple would have a home to return to after their stint in Abu Dhabi was up.

"I was very happy about his teaching position but also knew that I would have to find tenants to live in my condo because we would not be able to afford a mortgage in Georgia and another in Abu Dhabi," she says.

The Challenge to Find Quality Renters

Diane had first tried renting her fully furnished condo through Craigslist, Yahoo! and another roommate-find site. She did find some renters, but they left a bad taste in her mouth.

"I had one tenant who actually sold some of the furnishings in my condo and tried to pawn them for money. He also refused to pay rent and I had to finally evict him and press charges," she says. "After that debacle, I wanted to find a rental company that I could trust and who I knew would help me find qualified tenants for my condo."

That's when Diane did some research online and found (CHBO), a website dedicated to connecting landlords offering furnished, short-term rentals with those in need of temporary housing. She decided to give it a try two years ago, and she hasn't looked back since!

"CHBO was the best avenue to make sure my condo was rented to the right kind of tenants, ones that I feel comfortable leaving my condo in the hands of while I'm away," she says.

In fact, since using CHBO, Diane says she has rented her condo to professional people who were relocated or doing business in Atlanta.

Managing Your Property While Half Way around the World

Diane says that it can sometimes be a challenge to manage your property while overseas; that's why she has a trusted property manager onsite. She simply manages tenant leads through CHBO and her property manager handles the day-to-day stuff.

Diane says doing it this way is easy, as long as you have someone you trust behind you.

She adds, "Choose a company like CHBO to help you find qualified and lasting tenants who will take care of your property as if it were their own, that's what we did and will continue to do until we decide to retire and return home."

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