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How One Woman Turned to Corporate Housing When Life Threw a Curveball.

They say that the ups and downs of life have a funny way of working out. That's exactly what happened for Denver photographer, Lisa Turner.

After 20 years, Lisa reconnected via Facebook with a high school flame. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship (he in New York, she in Colorado) for more than a year before getting married and buying a home together in Denver.

However, as most of us know, the best-laid plans don't always go as planned... and trying to coordinate a lot of moving parts can sometimes go awry.

To qualify for a home loan, the couple needed proof of income. Lisa was self-employed with fluctuating income, and her new husband was just settling into a new job in Denver. In order to get a loan, Lisa's husband would need to show two month's worth of paystubs.

Simultaneously, Lisa's home lease was up. Her landlord would only allow her to renew for a full year, not month-to-month like Lisa desired.

Rather than move into another place to bide time, and likely run into the same restricted lease terms, Lisa searched for a fully furnished, short-term rental on (CHBO).

On CHBO she found a flexible landlord who agreed to lease to her on a month-to-month basis.

"It was refreshing to go to a corporate rental and have the flexibility we needed so we could leave when we needed to leave," says Lisa. "Plus, we liked the idea of putting our stuff in storage and just bringing with us the essentials we needed to tie us over for a few months before we were able to close on a house. We think of it like having two half moves vs. two whole moves."

Lisa says that corporate housing not only "bought" her the few months she needed to get into the home of her dreams, but also it gave her a positive experience during a very busy and stressful time in her life."

"We're quite comfortable living in the rental we found on CHBO. It has everything we need from laundry supplies, pots and pans and linens," says Lisa. "Best of all, we didn't have to set up anything. The TV, Internet and all those hassles you have to set up when you move were ready when we got there."

The exciting part is yet to come - Lisa says she'll be moving into her new home the week before Christmas.

"We've missed our things during the transition, but when we get into our new home and unpack everything from storage, it will be like double Christmas for our family," she says.

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