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Susan H. Finds Success Marketing Her Property as a Corporate Rental via CHBO New Platinum Package

Susan H. says she “loves” her condo nestled in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia. It’s the place she has called “home” for the past 18 years, and where she raised her now college-aged daughter.

Susan was faced with the possibility of having to part ways with the home she loved dearly. Her aging mother’s health was declining. After much thoughtful discussion with her mother and siblings, Susan agreed to move in with her mother so she could care for her daily.

Not wanting to sell her home, nor wanting to pack up everything and put it in storage, Susan began to research her options. She wanted to move back to her home one day – but didn’t know when that day would come. The thought of her home sitting idle for many years was unnerving to Susan.

Susan has traveled many times for business and was familiar with corporate housing. She realized she could offer her home as a furnished corporate rental to someone in need of a fully furnished, short -or long-term housing arrangement. After doing research online, Susan says Corporate Housing By Ownerr, (CHBO) kept popping up. She decided CHBO was exactly what she needed to market her home and find a renter.

As someone new to the world of corporate housing – and new to CHBO – Susan says she wanted to do everything right… and fast!  That’s why she signed up for CHBO’s new Platinum Package, which enabled her to fast track her property listing. Short on time, Susan completed her package by working with a professional photographer, which was located nearby, one of the many features offered (at an extra cost) to CHBO members.

Kimberly Smith, co-founder of CHBO, says that professional property photos can make a huge impact on a property’s marketing success. 

“People base their judgment on your property listing within seconds of viewing the photos. In my opinion, attractive, professional, high-quality photos allows CHBO users to show their properties in the best light, attract the highest quality tenants, and earn maximum rental income on their properties in the long-term,” says Kimberly.

Within a few weeks of listing her property on CHBO with the professional photos, Susan found a tenant. She says the tenant originally discovered her property from a Google search, where her CHBO listing popped up.

“My tenant allows me to keep my home while I care for my aging mother,” says Susan. “The money I collect in rent helps me pay my mortgage and other fees associated with homeownership. I might even have my home paid off – or nearly paid off – by the time I move back.”

While having someone cover the costs of maintaining her Mount Laurel home was important to Susan, even more important, she says, was finding someone who appreciates and cares for the home as she does.

“I feel like I found the perfect tenant. He recently texted me to say he loves living in my home and that it’s the perfect place for him,” she says. Susan adds, “CHBO makes it so there’s no rush for me to move back, yet gives me the peace of mind to know it’s there when I’m ready to come home.”

Susan offers a few tidbits of advice for anyone looking to offer their home as a corporate rental:

First, she says you have to be particular about your renter. She says she spoke to a few other people before choosing the tenant who now resides in her home. “You just know when you find the right tenant,” she says. “You want that person to treat your home as you do.”

Second, she says that pricing your property so it is “rentable” is key. Because Susan was renting her place as a fully furnished, fully equipped property, she priced her property a bit higher than the going rate for unfurnished rentals in her area. Her competitive rate helped her rent her property quickly.

Third, she says having CHBO take photos for her enabled her to quickly get her property up on CHBO.  “I was ready to quickly rent out my home even though I didn’t have any corporate rental experience. CHBO made the process quick and easy,” she says. Plus, she adds, “The photographer was so sweet and the photos are excellent!”

How CHBO’s Platinum Package Works

  1. Users can sign up for a CHBO account on the CHBO website, where they have the option to sign-up for the Platinum Package.

  2. Once a user signs up for the Platinum Package, CHBO will set up a time for a professional photographer to arrive at the user’s home.

  3. Prior to the photographer’s arrival, the CHBO user will need to prep his or her home for the photo shoot. Users should contact CHBO for photo shoot preparation tips and best practices.

  4. The photographer will arrive at the CHBO user’s home at the designated time and will spend about 30-60 minutes snapping photos of the property, taking 30+ photos of the property in order to provide plenty of visuals to the user.

  5. After the photo shoot, the photographer will size the photos to the exact CHBO requirements and will submit the photos to CHBO directly, where the photos will then be uploaded to the CHBO user’s property listing. Additionally, the photographer will provide a full set of the photos to the CHBO user for use without restrictions.

  6. Once the photos are uploaded, a property is ready to go live on the CHBO website.

  7. In addition to the professional photography, the Platinum Package includes a 12-month highlighted listing, a 6-month sponsored listing, and a 3-month featured listing on the CHBO homepage, offering the user maximum exposure for their corporate rental property.

Contact CHBO with any questions.

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