Rental Vacancies Up. Time to Reassess Marketing Strategy

The Denver Post reports today that apartment vacancies are at a 4-year high in the Denver metro area. With many people out of a job or worried about their finances , apparently more and more people are choosing to live with roommates or move in with their parents to save money.

But rest assured that demand for rental homes will always exist. Finding a loan will be forever more difficult. And people will think twice about buying so quickly in the future. The rental market may recover much more quickly than some think…

But if you’re a real estate investor and are having trouble finding a quality renter, be sure to explore your options. Perhaps the home could be a good corporate rental? Or maybe you need to examine how competitive your rental rate is? We are operating in a different era and a different housing market, yet so many people are still pricing their homes and setting their rental rates using a 2006 mentality. Think objectively and outside of the box and you may just be able to turn things around more easily than you think.

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