Divorced and in need of temporary housing? Corporate housing rentals can help

Sadly America saw a once happily married couple, Jon and Kate Gosselin, fall apart on camera last night. The Gosselin’s announced on their TLC reality series, “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” that they will be splitting for good.

The Gosselin’s are not alone. In fact, we have worked with many individuals going through the uncertainties and difficulties of a divorce. That’s because when a couple splits, inevitably one party is left to fend for their own shelter. The party looking for home usually ends up in a hotel or a friend’s couch because they don’t want to rush and buy a home if they’re uncertain of where they need to live and the kind of house or apartment they’re going to need for the long run.

So during this emotionally charged time we find a lot of divorcees turn to corporate housing. A corporate rental is furnished and the lease goes month-to-month as to not tie someone into a long term housing situation or breaking the bank. The property is fully furnished and includes a full-sized kitchen, bed and bedroom linens, cable and Internet, and all the creature comforts of a home.

While a corporate rental is not a long-term solution, hopefully it can provide comfort, privacy and dignity to the divorcing party left homeless.

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