Corporate Housing Landlords Need to Practice Grace Under Fire

I’d like to introduce myself as a new contributor to the Corporate Housing Trends blog. My name is Dawn and I’m a corporate housing property management specialist for and AvenueWest Corporate Housing.

Because corporate housing properties are constantly welcoming new clients into their fully furnished, Internet/phone/cable-ready realms, it’s important to recognize that this high turnover, fast-paced business can be stressful to some.

Between late night emergency phone calls and the occasional complaint calls, if you’re going to be a successful do-it-yourself landlord, you need to recognize that there is a solution to everything… you just have to find it. You need to sometimes think outside of the box and roll with the punches. Never let your tenant see you sweat. What I have found over the years is that there is no one-size-fits all formula that solves all property management issues that arise – but there IS a solution that you may not have thought of yet.

In my future blog posts, I will help you recognize that the problems and situations you face are not new – and I’ll help you overcome these situations with finesse and grace! Stay tuned….

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