Don’t underestimate the power of staging photos

Remember most of your potential tenants will not personally see your property before they rent it and are going to be making their lodging choice directly from the photos you have posted on the CHBO website.

A good way to get potential renters to take notice is through staging photos. Staging photos are pictures of your home with the table set and the lighting just right for the mood. If you have a pool, you’ll want the picture to include lounge chairs, towels and lemonade. Such a photo can put people in the mood and help them imagine what it would be like living in your home.

Property #3909 is a perfect example of how a great staging photo can really get a property rented – check it out!

PS: While you are viewing this property notice this property has the “Power Owner” logo and just by clicking on the logo you can see all the properties this owner has on the CHBO site. The “Power Owner” program is one of the complimentary marketing programs offered on CHBO.

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