List your home on for FREE if you live in the Atlanta metro area; help flood victims find temporary, furnished housing!

Prolonged rains in Atlanta, Georgia have caused massive flooding, leaving thousands of homeowners displaced and left to find alternative housing solutions.

To help find temporary, furnished housing for these displaced Atlanta residents, anyone offering a furnished rental property in and around the Atlanta metro area will be given a FREE listing, a website connecting homeowners offering fully furnished, temporary housing with renters in need!

Anyone offering a furnished rental property in the Atlanta metro area should contact a CHBOproperty specialist at 877-333-2426 to get their free month-long property listing coupon code.

Currently, CHBO has hundreds of furnished properties listed as available in the Atlanta, Georgiametro area, which can meet some of the demand for temporary housing created by the flooding.

Who should list their home through CHBO?

  • Anyone who has a home listed for sale that is vacant but still furnished (staged).
  • Anyone who owns an investment property, corporate rental or vacation rental in the Atlanta area.
  • Anyone who is not living in their home for the next several months who can offer their property as a short-term furnished rental (i.e. someone who lives elsewhere part of the year).

Who should rent through CHBO?

  • Anyone whose home has been damaged by the flooding or who has evacuated because of the floods in Georgia.
  • Any insurance companies looking to find temporary, furnished housing for flood victims.
  • Families with children and pets who have been displaced but don’t want to stay in a transient hotel – furnished temporary housing is the right solution for these families.

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