Converting inquiries into rentals!

You may get lots of people emailing and calling you to inquire about your furnished rental property, but are you effectively converting those inquiries into full-fledged rental customers?

Here are some tips to help convert a rental prospect into a customer:

Respect each lead. You never know how a lead will turn out so never let any stones go unturned. If you don’t call back a lead because you don’t like their rate or pet you may be missing out on the perfect renter who is willing to make compromises to work with you!

Call. Whenever possible get a potential lead on the phone – email is nice and fast but great renter relationships are developed through personal connection. Take the time to better understand their needs over the phone and you’ll find that they will do a better job at taking care of your property and they will likely stay longer too! Also, return calls promptly. Chances are the prospective renter is sending out several queries – you want to be the first to snag the lead!

Ask for referrals. Don’t just focus on converting this one lead, but see if you can use it to build future renters as well. If your renter is connected with a company, remind them to have their housing coordinator register for free as a CHBO Corporate User and have them bookmark your property for future employees.

Remember, ensuring that your rental property continually rented takes some time, but if you make the extra effort with each and every lead, it’s likely you’ll be a successful corporate housing landlord! Good luck!

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