I’m not sure.. Maybe I could try.

What properties work for corporate housing? Who rents corporate housing? Is the marketing going up or down? What don’t I know? These are normally the first questions I get if I am talking to a reporter, a business associate or a property owner. Mostly I just like to answer with stories. I also like to tell about the stories that most people don’t think about.

Renters – Last week an insurance company needed a new home because a family’s home heating oil leaked and their home is going through an environmental cleanup. This week a new mother-to-be needed a place for her parents when they visit when the baby is born. Find other stories: https://www.corporatehousingbyowner.com/Testimonials

Property Owners – This week we posted a new case study about a couple who bought their dream condo 3000 miles away and needed income to keep it.
Find other stories: https://www.corporatehousingbyowner.com/success-stories

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