Employers Not Covering Relocation Costs – MSNBC.com article

CorporateHousingbyOwner.com’s founder, Kimberly Smith, was featured in a fantastic article that posted on MSNBC.com on Sunday.

The article talked about how employers are not covering relocation costs these days – or they’re providing a measly few thousand dollars to cover some costs and leaving families to cover the rest.

Other points from the article:

  • Fewer companies are considering out-of-town applications thereby limiting job prospects for talented individuals. This is because companies can’t afford to relocate employees so they aren’t even looking at those resumes.
  • 19% of companies have admitted they have cut employee benefits in the last six months; 17% eliminated corporate relocation programs altogether.
  • Declining home values and stalled home sales are playing a role in a company’s unwillingness to relocate employees. They don’t want to get saddled with an underwater mortgage and individuals getting relocated are struggling to sell their homes in a timely fashion.

You can read the full article online and see what Kimberly has to say on this topic – a worthy read indeed!

MSNBC.com:  Moving for a job? Be prepared to pay the price. Fewer companies offering relocation assistance to potential hires.

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