Sandra Bullock takes home the Oscar; and corporate housing played a role

Few people may realize that corporate housing touches so many facets of business…. even Hollywood!

While most people think furnished housing is simply for traveling executives and relocated families, it also played a role in The Blind Side – the movie that lead Sandra Bullock to win her first leading lady Oscar.

Last summer we found out that the production crew with The Blind Side was looking for temporary housing in Atlanta. You see, the house they wanted to use for the movie was currently occupied. In order to use that house in the movie and for filming, the production crew needed to find temporary, furnished housing for the homeowners to use for a few months.

The crew used Corporate Housing by Owner to find a beautiful five bedroom home for the displaced family.

Congrats to Bullock for a job well done – we at CHBO are proud to have had a small role in the success of the movie!

Photo: CBS News.

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