Blog Recommendation: Relocation Services Forum Blog.

I’ve been coming across more blogs on topics I find of great interest.  So I’ll be sharing some of these blogs with you as I find them.

The first one is called Relocation Services Forum. While the blog isn’t fancy, it does have some great content worth your time.

This blog first caught my eye when I spotted this article, Temporary Living for Relocating Employees – Corporate Relocation Guide. The article details all the things you must look for in a short-term rental property when relocating to a new city. It also talks about what might cause a delay in an employee relocating these days, such as a longer time frame to sell their home, a spouse transitioning off a job in his/her previous city, etc. If you’re working with relocating professionals, this is certainly an article to take the time to read to help you better understand what relocating employees are going through.

I’ll be doing more blog-spotting in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to share any good blogs I should check out too!

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