Tips for Taking Great Real Estate Photos!

Don’t let your property end up in the hall of fame for bad real estate photos! Nothing turns off potential tenants more than bad pictures.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get a winning shot:

1.) Clean up: Photos serve as a window into your property and nobody wants to see a big mess. Go from room to room and make sure that each room is neat and tidy. Be sure to clear off counter tops, remove distracting items and hide any exposed wires.

2.) Lighting: Avoid shooting rooms in direct sunlight. This strong light can cast shadows.  Soft lighting conditions are best. Try taking photos at dusk and turn your lamps on. Try not to turn on overhead lighting.

3.) Odd Shaped Rooms: If you have a small or strangely shaped room, try taking the photo from just outside the room, or shoot from a corner inside the room looking out.

4.) Exterior Shots: When taking photos of the outside of your property, early morning or early evening offers the best lighting. So pick the time of day that shows off your property and landscaping the best.

5.) Don’t Forget the Amenities: If your complex has a fitness center, pool, lounge or any other convenience a tenant is welcome to enjoy, be sure to snap a few shots of those features as well. This will give your prospective tenant photos of the complete package.

Do you have any other tips for taking great real estate photos?

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