How An Availability Calendar Helps Your Corporate Rental Stay Occupied

An accurate availability calendar demonstrates to potential tenants that you are a good at communicating and continually provide updated information. Corporate housing tenants don’t want to waste their time contacting multiple property owners only to find the properties have been leased. Time is a valuable commodity, and corporations are more likely to rent directly from private owners if the process is easy and efficient.

Don’t lose future corporate tenants by wasting their time if your property is not available. By keeping your availability calendar current you increase your annual occupancy rate by marketing now for the future. There are tenants that are able to plan ahead and would like to book a unit now for a future stay. For example, a salesman may know he comes to your city at the same time every year for a local convention. You may be able to capture his business now if he knows your unit will be available when he is in town.

You can place an availability calendar on your website, advertisement and on your CHBO account page.

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