Reducing Summertime Energy Costs in Your Corporate Rental.

Ah air conditioning! When the temperatures start to soar it’s time to crank up the AC. But how can you ensure your tenant is keeping your corporate housing cool while leaving you with a huge utility bill?

While we love our tenants, they can sometimes be big energy wasters because they don’t treat rentals as their own home and this includes over using electric, air conditioning and other costly utilities.

Kimberly Smith, president of Corporate Housing By Owner recommends “Giving your tenant a utility allowance based on last year’s rates and if they go over that amount, they are responsible for the additional costs.”

Be sure to leave a tip sheet on how to conserve energy and advise them to keep blinds drawn, turning lights off when not in use and turning the temperature up when they leave the property.

Helping your tenant form a few good habits won’t have you sweating it when the electric bill arrives.

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