Flying South for the Winter? Snowbirds Consider Turning Your Home into a Corporate Rental

If you are heading down south for the winter season, you should consider renting out your winter home as a corporate rental. While you bask in the sun and enjoy the warm weather, you could be bringing in income on your vacant home back up north.

If you are open to the possibility of being a landlord and interested in covering mortgage costs or bringing in a supplemental income on your property, then marketing your home as corporate housing while you’re out of town for the colder months may be just the thing for you.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Corporate tenants can be individuals looking for temporary, furnished housing while they tour with a theatrical company, conference or sports team. They can include relocating employees or most frequently a business consultant on a temporary job post.

What Makes a Property a Good Corporate Rental?

Good corporate housing is typically furnished with all of the bells and whistles one would find in their own personal residence or full service hotel/extended stay. Properties located in urban and business areas, as well as ones near hospitals and universities often do well as corporate rentals as they are attractive to business executives and other individuals looking to secure a temporary home near their new jobs or assignments.  If your property is located in one of these areas, it may be well suited to be marketed as a corporate rental. Additionally, individuals may need a corporate rental in a suburban area if they have kids (schools) or pets (yards). The great thing is that the face of corporate housing has broaden to others in need of a specific type of lodging option not offered by other lodging choices.

How Do You Get Started Marketing Your Corporate Rental?

If you are a homeowner looking to market your furnished rental, Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO) is a great resource that will connect private homeowners with individuals and companies in need of short-term housing.  At CHBO, private owners advertise their rentals, while those in need of housing search the site’s large database of available properties.

So Snowbirds, are you thinking about  turning your winter home into a corporate rental and listing with CHBO? If yes, remember to register on CHBO to gain access to the tools and resources you’ll need to become a great – and profitable – landlord.

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