Market Your Property as RNC or DNC Housing

Last week we talked about how thousands of citizens, policians, journalists and “entourages” that will soon be embarking on the Republican National Convention’s and Democratic National Convention’s host cities – Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC respectively.

If you own a corporate rental in one of those cities, think about ways you can begin strategically marketing your property now. It’s likely there will be lots of demand – so you’ll want to adjust your rental property accordingly.

Some tips:

1. Add keywords. In your property’s description, write “near” or “within XX miles of” the “Republican National Convention” and other keywords that might spark some interest in your property. Writing things like “Republican National Convention Housing” is a must. Remember, Google indexes many individual property pages, so keep it keyword rich!

2. Adjust your rates. Remember, there will be top demand for housing in these host cities, so adjust your rate to reflect such demand for your area leading up to the Conventions.

3. Begin now. Remember, there are many people planning, scoping and canvasing these cities in preparation for these momentousness events, so start marketing your property as a RNC or DNC Housing property available for rent now.

4. Keep your calendar open. Chances are if your property is close enough to the RNC and DNC action, you’ll want to try and keep your calendar open to accommodate visitors who are coming for several or more weeks. We obviously don’t want you to say “no” to other renters, but just be aware of these events and what that might mean for your rental property. Knowing and planning ahead is a powerful tool to maximizing your rental’s income potential.

5. Freshen your listing. You’ll want to put your property’s best foot forward, so freshen your pictures and make your property look “presidential” for the occasion. Competition to attract the best tenants will be fierce.

Good luck!

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