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How to Become a CHBO Affiliate?

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Published Date: 2012-04-12

If you're a corporate housing company, Realtor or other real estate industry professional, listen up! Now you can get rewarded for referring people to CHBO. Our new affiliate program is called Share a Sale. If you sign up as a CHBO affiliate on, you will be given a unique URL. You can then use that URL link and share it with others you think might be interested in CHBO. When someone uses that link to purchase a rental property listing from the CHBO site, cookies track the visitor back to you and notify CHBO of the purchase.  CHBO will then give you a 15% commission from the purchase. The average commission earned from the purchase of a listing is about $40. A good way to drum up more sales is by sharing your CHBO affiliate link regularly with your client or reader base. For example, a real estate or corporate housing company or investment blogger might create a button ad for CHBO and post it on their website - the link would use their affiliate URL. Questions about the program should be directed to our CHBO team member, Jeremy, at 504-708-2223. CHBO Affiliate program

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