Are You Overpaying for Free Vacations Rental Sites?

Are you overpaying for vacation rental? It’s easy to get confused as to which rental listing site is best for your rental property.
There is one rental site that seems to be confusing many of our members. This site advertises that you can list your rental home on their site for free. But if you read the fine print, you’ll soon realize that the site collects 3% of each accepted reservation to cover the cost of processing and then keeps an additional 6-12% of the booking fee!  Tenants pay the site and then funds are transferred to the landlord, minus the company’s cut, of course.
To highlight how this works, if your property rents for $2000/month, your “free” rental property listing is costing you $300 PER MONTH! (Based on a 15% cut).
The reason we wrote this blog post is to remind you that with CHBO, you pay just one flat fee rate. There are no hidden fees or percentages collected from your hard earned rental income. We allow you to maximize your rental income without hindering your success in any way.
Our goal is rather simple: To connect property owners with renters as quickly and efficiently as possible with no games or gimmicks.

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