Housing for the Democratic National Convention In Demand.

With less than three months left before the Democratic National Convention hits Charlotte, North Carolina, housing needs in the heart of the city’s center are in peak demand.

According to Charlotte city officials, travelers serious about attending the DNC will be booking their trips shortly after Memorial Day (now!)- and the demand will get heated as convention-goers firm up their plans along the way.

Democratic National ConventionIf you have a corporate rental in Charlotte and it’s listed on CHBO, here are some tips to preparing your property and yourself so you can fully maximize your rental’s potential during this historic event:

1) Get your CHBO listing in tip-top shape. Make sure it includes great keywords like “Democratic National Convention” or “DNC”. Include your property’s proximity to the city center or transportation. Renters primarily want to be close to uptown or near the light rail line. And don’t forget to spruce up your pictures or add pictures that show your readiness for convention-goers.

2) Research pricing in the area. You want to find the right price for that particular week leading up to and during the event itself. Check local hotel prices and other rentals in your area to come up with a fair rental rate. Some experts say that rental prices will range from $2,500 to $4,500 per week for a one-bedroom and one-bathroom property.

3) Upgrade your property’s listing wisely. You don’t want to be the only rental property not occupied during that time. Maximize your visibility by purchasing an upgrade, such as a highlighted listing that will highlight your listing in the search results, or a sponsored listing, which will feature your listing at the very top of any search results on CHBO.

4) Market your property as much as possible. Word of mouth is powerful and the more people who know your rental property is available at that time, the more attention it will get. Consider sharing your property’s CHBO listing page with your Facebook friends – and Tweet about it too using strategic hashtags to attract the right kind of attention to your property and to get the best renter possible.

Remember, you can find corporate housing in Charlotte simply by searching CHBO. Good luck!

PS – If you’re property is in Tampa, Florida, remember, the Republican National Convention is coming to town August 27-30. Make sure your Tampa rental property is ready and available to accommodate RNC requests!

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